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Consciously Lying about 9/11

Sydney Indymedia is running the usual 9/11 conspiracy theories. The article states:
There is now an enormous amount of scholarly evidence and expert testimony that a) clearly demonstrates the official 9/11 story is a sham, and b) supports the millions of New Yorkers who, according to a recent Zogby poll, believe that top US officials "consciously" allowed the attacks to happen and that we desperately need a new investigation now.
Excuse me?

Delving a bit deeper shows the source for most of the text to be W. David Kubiak, executive director of That he believes the 9/11 terrorist attacks to be a Government conspiracy is no surprise. However, I suspect Zogby would take a dim view of how their research (apparently commissioned by Kubiak) was being abused.

Looking at Kubiak's site gives a bit more detail. Compare the boldface text above with that which appears here:
Half of New Yorkers Believe U.S. Leaders Had Foreknowledge of Impending 9/11 Attacks and "Consciously Failed" To Act
Newsflash: US Leaders have had foreknowledge of a terrorist attack on the WTC since 1993, the last time it was attempted. There is a major difference however between fuzzy intelligence and the implications of the text on Indymedia, that they "allowed the attacks to happen".

As the article appeared on Sydney Indymedia, it's worth noting John Howard's belief in the possibility of impending terrorist attacks in Sydney. Does this mean however the Australian Government is implicated?

Thus goes Indymedia logic. Commission a poll and then distort the wording to lend further wait to an outlandish conspiracy which all the while dismisses the (oh so slight) possibility that yes, Osama bin Laden really is a Bad Man. Whilst those polled (and yours truly) believe the Government may have been able to prevent the attacks (or at least defer them) I have little doubt a subsequent question of "do you believe an Islamic terrorist group was responsible" would yield a result that wouldn't help the argument they are trying to make.

It's a shame comments are turned off... I'd love to see the excuses for this latest distortion of reality to suit the end argument.


We are all idiots

I have been forced to turn off commenting. I could not delete some comments fast enough and have no interest in providing a forum for garbage which is as offensive as it is stupid.

A summary of the material deleted (lest I be accused yet again of "cowardice" and "narrow mindedness" by a person who is so "open minded" his brain has fallen out) is as follows.

The comments are interchangable for 9/11, the London Bombings and any terrorist attacks yet to occur.

1) The Government story keeps changing. Ergo, it was a Government plot. Read comments and my response here. I note the media might be responsible for the story changing far more than the Government who may not hav said anything, leaving the media with airtime to fill. We all learnt after Jenin and the Faked Memos that the media actually has the brass to file a story from A to Z even though it turns out (later) none of it was true. Indymedia was meant to be an antidote to this. Fat chance!

2) If you automatically believe everything the Government (or this blog says) you are an idiot. Actually, I couldn't agree more. However, this does not mean you should suspect absolutely everything either, unless you have a whole lot of tinfoil handy.

3) There only people who could benefit from this are.... The Gubment. Ergo, it was a Government plot.

etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.....

As I mentioned earlier, there are certain people who have long since reached the conclusion that these two attacks (and any yet to come) are the (insert country) Government's doing. This position is unlikely to change. All that is required is to backfill the facts leading up to this conclusion. There is no answer I could give that would yield anything other than more 'questions'.

Sorry, I don't need to provide a forum for conspiracy theorists, lunatics, anti-Government, antisemitic losers who can cut and paste replies quicker than I can delete them. They already have plenty of websites to hang out with similarly minded (or mindless) others. I am more sorry that this has silenced my other readers for the time being.

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Google Gets a Dose of Insanity

A Google Search for London Bombing returns some interesting results. Third and fourth in the list is: which lists plenty of dubious 'evidence' that it was an inside job etc.

I am not hyperlinking the above for reasons which will become obvious.

It seems, accidentally or deliberately, Google has been Googlebombed to point searchers towards lunatic conspiracy theorist websites.

I know that Google may not be directly responsible for this, however I'm sure the victims of terrorism are thrilled.

I'm not even sure it is a deliberate Googlebombing effort. As Black Triangle said however:
Google bombs are the equivalent of waving a placard with a simplistic slogan on.
I've seen plenty of that from the same quarters...

Any ideas?


The Logic of Lunatics

UK Indymedia has more (ahem) incontrovertible evidence that 9/11 and the London Bombings were an inside job.
Giuliani and Netanhayu; Terrorist Czar's?!

The fact that Giuliani was "only yards away" from the UK bombings is strange enough for sure. Then there was Giuliani and Netanhayu conducting simultaneous BS marathon media appearances for MANY different media outlets, from London, on the morning of 7-7. A little too staged and convenient if you ask me.
Then I find out that Netanhayu and Giuliani were staying in the same hotel!

"...Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had been on his way to a London hotel near the scene of one of the four blasts that ripped through the city today, said Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom. Netanyahu was the scheduled keynote speaker at an Israeli corporate investment conference at the Great Eastern hotel near the Liverpool Street subway station..." [Source]

And Rudi:

July 8, 2005 - "...Giuliani was having breakfast at the Great Eastern Hotel a half block from the Liverpool Street Station in Central London, when he heard an explosion, according to his spokeswoman Sunny Mindel..."

Both Rudi Giuliani and Bin Netanhayu were also together "only a block away" from the NYC attacks the morning of 9-11. Now what are the odds of one man being a block away from both 7-7 AND 9-11??
Let's see. 9/11 happened in one of the world's most major commercial districts. The odds of any business person or government entity being "a block away" (in a town where a block can be several square miles by the way) aren't too high.

But the 'proof' gets better...
Not only this, but we do know that there were large-scale terrorist attacks being "exercised" that morning by "anti-terrorist security forces".
And? Thanks to the threat of terror, most law-enforcement agencies are practicing daily in every country that is threatened. Thankfully, it is this training that contributed to what I regard as a highly successful response to what happened in London. I fail however to see the connection between "training exercise" and "terrorist attack", but then what would I know, I'm obviously reading the wrong 'sources'...

Indeed this same argument was used by conspiracy theory Mecca - What Really Happened, to suggest that NYC Emergency services were planning a training exercise prior to 9/11. Presumably the authors are resigning themselves to the reality that the mere public recognizing 9/11 as an inside job is rapidly going the same way as Elvis and the Fake Moon Landing. Time to try the exact same arguments in London and hope nobody notices the 'amazingly coincidental' similarities in your arguments.

We know that Mossad had been training UK security forces in anti terrorism before and after the bombings.
I can't imagine why Israeli organizations would be world leaders in anti-terrorism. Perhaps they should get you to run the course instead?
We know they initiated the "shoot to kill" policy.
You seem to be a little free with the words "we know". In any case, a policy of shooting to kill terrorists doesn't seem to bad. The current issue surrounds identification (or misidentification) of the terrorists.
We know that immediately following the London bombings, Israel launched major attacks against Gaza.
Actually, we also "know" that Palestinians continued launching attacks against Israel, but we wouldn't want the implications of this to get in the way of what "we know" now would we?
If you have a clue and want to learn more of the real news and not the "Wag the Dog" you get on the idiot box, I'd suggest these sites...
And I wouldn't. No links for the stupid.

Normally I would not bother 'Fisking' rubbish like this as it only encourages the authors to try harder next time rather than my preference for them removing themselves from the gene pool. However, it is useful from time to time to illustrate how low the burden of proof is set by some conspiracy theorists. In this case, I must ask the question, given that it is so 'obvious' this was an inside job due to Bibi Netanyahu's presence in London, simultaneous anti-terrorist exercises etc. Don't you think, if it were an inside job, they'd make it a little less 'obvious'?

But then (according to lunatic theory) that's what they'd expect you to think, so therefore by doing the opposite, they really cover themselves. In other words, whether they were there or not, whether they did something or didn't, every possibility can only lead to the same conclusion.

And Indymedia will publish it.


When Lunatics Attack

My postings on the London bombings have received numerous comments on this, and other posts from an anonymous visitor which I have cheerfully deleted.

Let me make this perfectly clear: I support healthy debate. Your arguments are not healthy and suggest blind denial rather than a difference of opinion.

Comments such as "this is one of the most obvious inside jobs I've ever seen" beg the question how many have you actually "seen"? Followup comments referring to "the "official 9-11" fairy tale"answer the question and put you into a special group of human beings. It is a group for which I do not wish, nor am I obliged to provide support for.

Having deleted the first lengthy, poorly punctuated comment, I was accused (rather predictably) by the same person of "censorship" and cowardice. Not at all. Is it censorship when a respectable publication refused to print the letters I have no doubt you have sent them? If you want an (in your world) "uncensored" and completely irresponsible medium, you already have one. Or, you could try the back of the toilet door. I, and many rational people on the other hand have a major problem with it. I am certainly not going to emulate it. My blog, my rules, no, you are no longer welcome.

I hope you get the message and save me having to turn comments off altogether. Try not to ruin it for the other children...

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Short Post

Read this.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Italian Anyone?

Do any of my readers speak Italian?

I have been linked to on Italy Indymedia and can't understand it.

The Google Translation really doesn't help.


What's wrong with Indymedia?

The Independent Media Institute (no relation) website: Alternet asks: What's the Matter with Indymedia?

The article is five pages which don't even scrape the surface (of what's wrong), however make for interesting reading nonetheless. The author is a journalist and former contributor to Indymedia, who like yours truly (a former reader) is totally disappointed by what Indymedia is, considering what it could have been.

Our opinions diverge on what constitutes an "exemplary" IMC. She believes Bay Area Indymedia is. I would respectfully argue that she's crazy.

Most of her observations (with the apparent exclusion of rank antisemitism) are similar to mine. An interesting observation from a journalist's perspective was
I know I'm not alone in my frustration with IMCs. "I haven't looked at Indymedia in over a year," says the editor of a nationally distributed radical magazine. "Indymedia? It's completely irrelevant," a talented documentary filmmaker tells me. "I let the IMC use my photos but I don't ever read it," says a freelance photojournalist. More and more, independent media makers (even those who occasionally publish on or are affiliated with an IMC) don't even bother looking for news on Indymedia.
I have previously argued that Indymedia was irrelevant.

Update: Read the comments for an insight into the author's background and possible motives.

Monday, July 25, 2005


UK Indymedia: No More Sympathy for London

Via UK Indymedia - No More Sympathy for London:
As someone who had a lot of sympathy for London after the July 7 bombings
(take a pause to wipe the dripping sincerity off your monitor)
I have to confess that that sympathy is rapidly disappearing.

In the past, New Yorkers and others have demonstrated against police brutality holding aloft plumber's helpers and wallets. At the very least, Londoners should hold a "padded heavy coat" demonstration, and DARE the fucking cops to shoot them down.

If Londoners don't give enough of a shit to do even that, then it will be increasingly difficult for me to give a shit about them.
As if you did before.

Meanwhile, Mossad have been terribly busy lately according to three consecutive articles on UK Indymedia. Not only were they behind the London bombings, but Mossad was Responsoble for Bombing in Egypt (and presumably "responsoble" for spelling as well).

That pesky Mossad! How many infidels does Al-Quaeda have to actually kill to get some frickin' credit from Indymedia?

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Giant Protest Against.....Everything

Via Chapel Hill Indymedia - Protest the World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings Sept. 23-25th 2005. In Washington DC.


From the former:
Block the Bank! Fight the Fund! Reclaim Our Communities! Confront Economic Violence and Corporate Capitalism during the World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings September 23-25, 2005 :: Washington DC :: Call for DIRECT ACTION
Translation of "Direct Action" : Smash things.

From the latter:
On September 24 in Washington, DC the Arab American and the Muslim community will stand united with all targeted communities against the onslaught of the National Security State at home and abroad
It goes on to detail how they will protest against terrorism, declare an end to support of Militant Islam, oust those who incite hatred amongst their community and condemn the recent bombings in London and now Egypt.

Just kidding.
we declare a clear opposition to the war on Iraq. We will...send a message to the Bush administration that its illegal war and occupation must come to an end. In addition to Washington, DC, we will also simultaneously mobilize in Los Angeles and San Francisco to send a powerful national message on a massive scale.

Emphasizing the consensus of the movement worldwide that war is neither singular in nature nor narrow in goals, we will inextricably support the struggle of the Palestinian people for freedom and return. As people in Palestine march the streets in support of their Iraqi brothers and sisters and as the Palestinian flag is waved in Iraq, we fully understand that those struggles cannot be disconnected from each other.

We are honored to insist on standing with our brothers and sisters in Haiti as they face off ongoing assaults, for their struggle is also ours. It should not be any other way. As such, we will stand in solidarity with all those targeted by Empire as we collectively share the wrath of its violence. We will defend civil rights and liberties, and reject any attempt to falsely position Muslims and Arab Americans as outsiders in this society.
Haiti? Surely they have more important things to be worried about, but what better way to capitalise (no pun intended) on the socialists and Marxists who will converge on the Capitol that weekend.

Looks like it will be an interesting weekend in DC...


Who said Indymedia was Antisemitic?

According to North Carolina Indymedia, Americans should PROTECT AMERICA DEPORT A RABBI.

The article explains how a secret Jewish cabal is behind most of the world's wars, controls banking and governments.

No doubt (according to Indymedia logic) this was actually written by a Jew.

Who said Indymedia was antisemitic?

Friday, July 22, 2005


The Face of Crime

Bay Area Indymedia has issued a post-G8 protest request that:
folks check in with the hotline number above before posting any further photos / videos from the event...especially those where faces are visible. Folks are dealing with some serious felony charges and more people could be targeted by this investigation!
Apparently getting a photo of yourself breaking the law, on Indymedia could be a bad thing.


Compare and Contrast

Compare and contrast The Animal Zealotry That Destroyed Our Lab

From the Indymedia 'press release'
This was not thoughtless vandalism but a methodical effort to cripple the UI psychology department's animal research. Only equipment in rooms where animals were confined and tortured were targeted. Only computers belonging to or used in the work of vivisectors were destroyed. Only documents of animal researchers waere doused in acid.
What were these documents according to the victim's version of events?
The cost of the cleanup, replacement of valuable equipment and purchasing of new animals totaled in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Contrary to initial reports, relatively little data were lost (in part because the attackers seemed more concerned with smashing computers than erasing hard drives) although even small losses can have far-reaching consequences for research.

Instead, it was the human cost that was most devastating. Imagine the horror of walking into your office at work, as one of my young colleagues did, to find computers, books and personal effects (such as ultrasound images of your unborn child) soaked in acid.
It gets better:
Because of the established link between violence towards animals and that towards humans, we offer as a public safety measure the home addresses of UI Psych Dept. vivisectors
Which they go on to list and which are still visible.

This is where the Indymedia story ends, but for the victim it was just beginning.
Unfortunately, the attack on the building is where our story begins, not ends. For what followed was a series of well-orchestrated harassments.
And what happened to the animals?
Next came the video.
It was particularly difficult for me to watch as my infant rats, along with their mothers, were thrown together with several other adults, knowing (as these animal "liberators" apparently did not) that cannibalism of the young was the likely outcome. There was no video of that.
Read both articles and ask who the animals are.

An Indymedia piece subsequent to the WaPo article asks:
why is it that its 'okay' for animal rights activists to smash property, harass and intimidate people, but the moment they are arrested for it, people cry that they are being harrassed and intimidated?!
Hypocrisy on Indymedia? Never!


Human Rights Abuse

Browsing Portland Indymedia, an article caught my eye - IRAN EXECUTES 2 GAY TEENAGERS
Two gay Iranian teenagers -- one 18, the other believed to be 16 or 17, were executed this week for the "crime" of homosexuality.
Consensual gay sex in any form is punishable by death in the Islamic Republic of Iran. According to the website Age of Consent, which monitors such laws around the world, in Iran "Homosexuality is illegal, those charged with love-making are given a choice of four deathstyles: being hanged, stoned, halved by a sword, or dropped from the highest perch.
Nice... Finally, I thought there would be discussions about massive human-rights abuse in the Middle East (that didn't involve Israel).

No such luck.

In the followup comments to the condemnatory post, after some muffled outrage came this:
Now that the neocons have handed the future government of Iraq over to the Shi'ite clerical hierarchy, I predict that we will soon see similar outrages there as well.Thanks to Bush, the theocrats are really feeling their oats now, in Iran, in Iraq, and guess America, too.
And this:
Neo-cons & the ayatollahs have a LOT in common.
Is there an automated script that writes this stuff?

I'm sure the deceased Iranian boys would be thrilled that Indymedia is concentrating it's unlimited activist energy towards fighting human rights abuse... Maybe not.

Such hypocrisy.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


Joe Vialls is Dead

Sydney Indymedia reports that one of the leading lunatics of our time, Joe Vialls has died.
Vialls passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last night in Perth Western Australia after a period of illness.
Sound a bit suspicious?
At this very moment he's probably checking behind Gods throne to see if the Mossad are there!
The post advises:
Readers are advised to save Joe's work, as in the months and weeks ahead we suspect that the 'Powers that be' will attempt to remove his work from the Internet.
...Or someone will forget to pay Joe's hosting bill. Damned CIA!

'Fortunately', as previously noted, Indymedia has archived much of his "independent journalism".


Indymedia Supporting Terrorists... Again!

Another series of bombs have gone off in London. Although they haven't blamed Bush/Blair/Jews (yet) a commenter on UK Indymedia has said:this:
Reports are the police are seeking a "dark skinned" man wearing a blue top with a hole in the back. If anyone is arrested we may need to organise an immediate support group to help him.
Help him with what I wonder?

Further to my last post, make that four posts regarding UK Indymedia today.


London Lies

UK Indymedia reports:Israeli settlers kill Palestinian child.
They said the 12-year-old was ambushed by several settlers near his home at Qaryot village outside the Palestinian-ruled city of Nablus. He was stabbed 11 times, medics said. Palestinians who seek statehood in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have complained of frequent harrassment and attacks by settlers during 4-1/2 years of fighting.
The poster then states:
It seems that Jewish extremists are as big a bunch of scum as Muslim ones.

Except this murder won't make the front page.

But if a gang of Palestinians knifed a Jewish boy 11 times .....?
Let's analyze why it would not make the front page... Perhaps because it never happened? A followup comment links to subsequent news which states
A Palestinian boy was stabbed to death Wednesday in what was likely a brawl between rival clans in the West Bank.
Police received a report from Palestinians about the stabbing, and the youth, Yazan Mohammed Mussa, 12, was taken to a hospital in Nablus, where he died. Doctors said he had been stabbed 11 times.

The circumstances of the killing were not immediately clear and Palestinians initially claimed the boy was stabbed during a violent clash with settlers. The boy's father blamed settlers but said he was unable to identify them for certain.

Later, however, senior Palestinian figures told Israel Defense Forces figures the boy was likely murdered within the context of a clan feud.
A major case of being taken out of "context" huh? This clearly indicates two things:

Firstly, that Palestinians were a little too quick to blame things on Israel, in this case a blood-libel, and secondly, that Indymedia is only too happy to help.

Two final comments ask:
I wonder how long this post will be allowed to stay up before it is either removed (not hidden) or edited. Can Indymedia tolerate a report which shows how those reporting from Israel / Palestine are routingly writing reports biased against Israel.
Well - the first report was highly inaccurate and insulting - I think an apology is due to the Jewish Scum from the idiot that wrote it.
Tellingly, there was no response from the original author or action by UK Indymedia.

I hope my seeking journalistic integrity and honesty isn't further proof for some loonies that I am an "obsessive Zionist".

This is also my third post today regarding UK Indymedia. This time, a blood-libel against Jews.

I wonder if UK Indymedia qualifies for its own local indymedia watch franchise? Ireland Indymedia already has one.


Terrorist Cola

UK Indymedia brings us the terrifying news thate the London terrorist bombings may have been linked to a popular cola drink, Killer Cola.

In interviews widely reported in the mainstream media last week, links between the men thought to behind the London bomb attacks and the Coca-cola company were exposed....
He showed up twice a week for pickup soccer games, said a teammate who gave his name only as Saj. "He was normal. We used to drink Coke and Fanta together," revealed Saj in an seemingly inoccent statement which insanely could have far reaching implications!
Chairman of Leeds Grand Mosque, Zaher Birawi, told the BBC that he feared possible reprisals. The Muslim Safety Forum has received reports of more than 400 attacks around the country including a fire bomb attack on a Mosque in Liverpool. Surprisingly there have yet to be any reports about attacks on Coca-cola vending machines or retailers.
If only they'd drunk a brand of less offensive and largely infidel-free cola instead.

One of the comments shares my position of not knowing whether this is (quite good) satire or not. Regardless, some of the other comments have taken it very seriously. I suspect they may have been drinking something else...


UK Indymedia: The Insanity Continues

As we find out more and more about the background to the London terrorist attacks, arrests are made in Pakistan and forensic tests recover the missing clues, UK Indymedia is getting wackier and wackier.
It seems like some people were trying to "reinforce" the "official story" of 7/7 that it was perpetrated by guys with bombs in backpacks. Strange that witnesses were describing the hole in the floor as "the bomb seemed to have been placed under the carriage floor".
Ah yes, the same "witnesses" no doubt who heard the CIA/Mossad placed explosives in the World Trade Centre which actually brought the buildings down on 9/11 (despite the "official story" about something to do with hijacked aircraft".

I can use scare quotes as well: "Idiots".

Update: Via the comments, they are not "idiots", they are "liars". I apologize for any confusion.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


Portland 9/11 Insanity

One of the defences employed by Indymedia advocates is that
"It's an unmoderated medium, we can't be held responsible for its content". I have previously argued against this Standard Indymedia Defence.

It has been used in some (rare) cases to suggest that Indymedia doesn't neccessarily endorse crackpot 9/11 conspiracy theories, and merely provides a medium for them.

Whilst it's not the first example, and I doubt it will be the last, Portland Indymedia waives any defence by linking to one such article from their front page, where it reports:
On July 22, 2005, Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) will host a full-day briefing, co-sponsored by Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-AZ), and other sponsors, for Members of Congress and their staffs in the Caucus Room
One year after the release of the 9/11 Commission Final Report many questions about what transpired on September 11, 2001 and who should be held accountable still remain unanswered. Serious flaws and omissions in the Report have been addressed by whistleblowers and academics. Well known researchers and authors have put the events of that day into historical perspective, and have suggested possible alternatives to the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission regarding intelligence reform, domestic and foreign policy. The hard evidence has yet to be properly evaluated, and points to the need for full transparency, release of information, and continued probative investigations to have an effective, democratic response to the crisis that confronts all of us.
Spearheaded by a congresswoman, most of it concerns intelligence failures and policy matters. Fair enough, and I'm all for it. However Portland Indymedia puts the conpiracy spin on it and adds a "related article":
A second WTC maintenance worker has now come forward with eye-witness testimony that a massive explosion erupted in the lower levels of the north tower at approximately the same time the jetliner struck the tower's top floors.
Cue lunacy:
I have learned otherwise. I realize now they are covering-up the real truth and that's why I want to release Jose's statement.
And what more credible means to do this, than Portland Indymedia.

Giant Looney Nazi slime Robert Lindsay's blog (no links for the wicked) features a prominent link to Portland Indymedia. He has recently returned to my blog with a few more antisemitic and insane comments, the latest of which I have enjoyed deleting. Indymedia moderators take note: There are real losers in the world, you do not however need to provide them space to air their odious antisemitic filth.

Friday, July 15, 2005


Dinner with Karl Rove?

A spectacularly unsuccessful Karl Rove protest was organized by

Low numbers meant (to date) it hasn't been reported on protest central, Indymedia. House of Wheels has the details.
About 100 protesters picketed outside the White House later, chanting "Hey, hey, ho ho, Karl Rove has got to go."
Original! Spurred on by the success of the above, DC Indymedia is now organizing another protest at Karl Rove's House. This is not the first time they have visited Rove at home. Last time:
Several hundred people stormed the small yard of President Bush's chief political strategist, Karl Rove...pounding on his windows, shoving signs at others and challenging Rove to talk to them about a bill that deals with educational opportunities for immigrants.

Protesters poured out of one school bus after another, piercing an otherwise quiet, peaceful Sunday in Rove's Palisades neighborhood in Northwest, chanting, "Karl, Karl, come on out! See what the DREAM Act is all about!"

Rove obliged their first request and opened his door long enough to say, "Get off my property."

"Seems like he doesn't want to invite us in for tea," Emira Palacios quipped to the crowd.
So this time, instead they are inviting themselves over for dinner.

The entire story reads:
On Sunday at 6PM members of DAWN will protest in front of Karl Rove's house in the Palisades. His address is 4925 Weaver Terrace in Palisades.

There is plenty of free parking, but bring health food. Karl really needs to lose weight before his trial and prison sentence for outing a CIA agent.
Note it doesn't actually specify what they'll be protesting and as far as I can see, it's just harrassment of Rove and his neighbours. No jail solidarity even.

But don't worry:
This will be a totally peaceful candlelight vigil. Bring some healthy snacks to share. I'll bring carrot sticks and such.
Has anyone ever heard of a violent candlelight vigil? Nothing would surprise me...


The Dreaded But

Referring to the London terrorist bombing, a Buffalo Indymedia writer says:
Of course I feel terribly sad about the people which were killed or wounded in these terrible attacks, but
But what?

But the terrorist attack was really organized by the state of course.
In his article titled : « LONDON : TERRORISM OF CIRCUMSTANCE » located here, Diogène does the excellent following remarks :
English scandal newspapers seem to be very bright. Less than 3 hours after attacks (around 01 P.M) were the evening newspapers ready for sale, these telling in detail that these attacks are indeed the work of al-Qaïda. They should be a bit more careful, because one time they will publish attacks news before their masters finish committing them.
Which suggests the newspapers made the news instead of reporting the statement claiming London attacks.

In contrast, no such criticism is being levelled at Indymedia, who had 'proven' that it was a government plot (pick a government from a list featuring US, Israel and UK) and circulated multiple, highly detailed versions of that story literally within minutes as recorded on this site.

To paraphrase the above author, Indymedia should be careful, because one time they will publish conspiracy news before their masters are committed...


G8 Gitmo

According to this piece:
Four G8 protesters may sue police after claims they were psychologically tortured and mistreated while in custody in Glasgow.
Electric shocks? Beatings? Naked human pyramids perhaps? Worse...
They say that officers at Baird Street woke them up every hour as a form of torture, placed them in dirty cells and fed them
and fed them...Poisonous snails? Razor blades? Dirt? McNuggets? Worse...
sub-standard food and water that left them sick.
Dum dum duuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm. Oh the humanity!

The outcome of the case may set an interesting precedent for everyone who has ever been locked up and fed dodgy prison food...
Protester Dr Martin Kraemer, from Poland, claimed he was charged with a breach of the peace for refusing to stop playing his clarinet in Glasgow.

The agricultural scientist said: "The police wanted to provoke violence. In the end I was arrested for playing the clarinet. I found that funny."
So funny he is suing...

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Watching The Watcher

A discussion on a Bristol forum about various problems with Bristol Indymedia asks:
Maybe I should start an 'Indymedia Watch Watch'
referring to my comments here.

Gosh I hope I don't have to start Indymedia Watch Watch Watch...



I know everyone is saying "We're not afraid" right now.

This however absolutely frightens the hell out of me: Al-Qaeda have nukes in the US, as of this time. The article discusses Al Qaeda's "American Hiroshima" plan to use nuclear weapons to kill a minimum of four million Americans living in and near the cities of Washington, D.C., New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and Las Vegas.

The author, Joseph Farah's sources, a former FBI consultant and various others involved in immigration and security, claim al Qaeda wishes to target children, killing at least two million of them.

As Leigh from House of Wheels says:
Remember, this is World Net Daily, and it's literally as likely that the information will be true as it is likely it will be false, but it's a harrowing thought.


Indymedia and anti-Police Violence

One of those arrested in relation to the savage beating of a police officer in the Mission area protests is an active Indymedia member.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle:
A San Francisco police officer remained hospitalized Sunday with a serious head wound received during a Mission District demonstration against the gathering of the Group of 8 world leaders in Scotland.
The demonstration was organized by a group calling itself Anarchist Action, which posts information about its activities on a Web site run by the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center, a radical forum for activists fighting globalization and U.S. policy in Iraq and other causes.

In a new message Sunday afternoon, the group asked witnesses to the arrests to contact attorneys with the National Lawyers Guild.

"We're concerned that the people being targeted might not have been responsible for the alleged assault,'' said Carlos Villareal, executive director of the guild's Bay Area chapter.

Police arrested Cody Tarlow, 21, of Felton (Santa Cruz County), Doritt Ernst, 31, of Berkeley and Gabriel Meyers, 28, whose city of residence was not available.
One of Cody Tarlow's Indymedia postings here.
All three were being held on suspicion of attempted lynching, malicious mischief, battery to a police officer, aggravated assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon and willful resistance to a police officer that results in serious bodily injury.

Tarlow, who was released on bail, also was held on suspicion of wearing a disguise for the purpose of escaping discovery or identification with a public offense.
If the charges are true, Indymedia is not just responsible for reporting the news of protester violence but actively participating in it. Will Indymedia distance themself from Tarlow?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Are you going to San Fransisco?

A poster on Bay Area Indymedia asks:
Why do you feel it necessary to dress up like some kind of fucking circus clown to honor yourselves?
The response came shortly after:
This is what San Francisco is all about.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone in San Fransisco who can confirm or deny the above statement.


The Stone Thrower Responds

Robert Lindsay (Giant Looney) has responded.

He didn't appreciate being called a Giant Looney.

What a Giant Looney.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Tony Blair Ordered Bombings

Just thought you should know.

I am amazed at the speed with which antisemitic and lunatic conspiracy theorists can fabricate source material and references to back their theory that Israel was behind London terrorist attack. The first half of it reads like a (badly written) Bond novel, however the references at the end and much of Indymedia would treat it as undeniable truth.

The facts never were all that relevant. AP has a lot of explaining to do.

Variations on this stuff have been posted around Indymedia at warp speed. Apparently the conspiracy theorists want to make up for the hopelessly unsuccessful efforts after 9/11 to convince us it was actually Bush and the Jews' fault.

From BC Indymedia:
Attentive journalists have already uncovered solid evidence that the London bombings were an "inside job," orchestrated--or at least "allowed" to happen--by industry and government insiders (US, UK, and/or others). Just like last year's Madrid train bombings, and just like 9/11

Attentive? Evidently not to reality.



Pilger on Indymedia UK - Lest We Forget - These Were Blair's Bombs

John Pilger's career must be struggling if he has to rely on the Socialist Worker and Indymedia to run his latest.
Moreover, the G8 meeting in Scotland and its accompanying "Make Poverty History" campaign and circus of celebrities served as a temporary cover for what is arguably the greatest political scandal of modern times: an illegal, brutal and craven invasion conceived in lies and which, under the system of international law established at Nuremberg, represented a "paramount war crime".

Over the past two weeks, the contrast between the coverage of the G8, its marches and pop concerts, and another "global" event has been striking. The World Tribunal on Iraq in Istanbul has had virtually no coverage, yet the evidence it has produced, the most damning to date, has been the silent spectre at the Geldoff extravaganzas.
There was Bob Geldoff on the front pages resting his smiling face on smiling Blair's shoulder, the war criminal and his knighted jester.

It's a pity Indymedia has no sub-editors. They could have told Pilger how to spell Geldof.


Zionized Google

San Francisco Indymedia is taking a break from cop bashing to report on "Zionized Britain". It leads with the astonishing question:
If Tony Blair isn’t a white supremacist how dare he is suggesting that Democracy is the right way forward for the Muslim world. How come he knows better than the Muslims what is good for them?
I suspect you'll find it's an opinion. One which we are all entitled to, and which I might add, many people, including Iraqis and Afghani Muslims who just voted, agree with.

This then condemns a post-London terrorist attack report on the BBC which asks "how the Israelis cope with the threat of terror” on their transport networks.
Seemingly, we are now supposed to be learning from the experience of the Israelis. Ask yourselves why. Simply because we are now fully Zionised, we are fighting the Zionist wars and we pay the heaviest price for it.
How does one become "Zionised" exactly? A quick Google News search for the term revealed the Al-Jazeera op-ed article which had been reprinted by Indymedia.

Chalk up another questionable source that Google regards as news.

Do I say questionable because (apparently) I am an "obsessive Zionist"? No. Rather, because of matter-of-fact comments like this:
I remember some reports from Israel that MI6 and the CIA were there amongst the IDF forces who flattened Jenin Refugee Camp
Excuse me? Obviously the writer ignored the memo that the Jenin destruction/massacre/flattening never happened...

The writer, Gilad Atzmon is described here as a subliterate ex-Israeli saxophone playing Socialist anti-Semite Kapo.

That the Arab media and Indymedia would run materially false, blatant anti-Israel propaganda like this really comes as no suprise.

That Google continues to rely on them both as a credible news source however, does.


Take just a moment and tell Google what you think.


SF Indymedia: Police Officer Beaten. Hooray!

San Francisco Indymedia is beside itself with happiness at the beating of a police officer.
During the Anti-G8 protest in San Francisco tonight, a police officer who attempted to arrest a protester was badly beaten. Here's the story: the cop was driving in his cruiser after a group of splinter protesters who were shooting off fireworks, putting barricades in the street and breaking windows. He then ran over one of the large styrofoam banners people were carrying. Somehow, this affected the forward movement of his car as the wheels spun. Then, some kind of projectile (maybe a firework) shot at his windshield. Infuriated, the cop leaped out of the car and started swinging. Unfortunately for him, this aggression was a bad move and he was physically beaten.
Unfortunately for him indeed! When oh when will police learn that enforcing the law simply isn't appropriate behaviour?

Interestingly, one of the Indymedia comments asked why the Bay Area news network KRON4 "leads when a cop gets hurt at a protest" but not a protester. Even more interestingly, KRON4 responded:
If you don't think there's a different standard between a police officer getting hurt and a protester getting hurt, you're just blind. We as citizens pay police officers to enforce the laws that we as citizens pass. If you don't agree with those laws, get them changed whether through legislative action or through NON-VIOLENT direct action. If you are met with violence, as King was with Bull Connor, that is not a justification for violence yourself. When a police officer is hurt, it's instantly news. When a protester is hurt, it's not.

I don't expect many of you to agree with me. But I hope you will give us at least the credit for listening and paying attention.

Brian Shields
Online News Manager
This continued on Kron4's sister blog The Bay Area is Talking which points out that Indymedia is a great source for protest footage and photos. Interestingly, it seems some on Indymedia took exception to this material being retransmitted as "fair use".

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Sticks and Stones

My blog has been called a sewer.According to "Wild Bull":
To earn this rating, a Web site should
  • use pejorative (=bad-mouth) epithets frequently;
  • avoid reasoning of any kind;
  • trample on facts;
  • grossly distort what persons of other views say.
Unsurprisingly, "Wild Bull" doesn't provide a single specific example, other than merely listing my site amongst others.

I'm sure however that he wouldn't "grossly distort what persons of other views say".

Looking at some of the links he endorses on his site, such as London bombing related Jewish conspiracies (one of many) I can guess why he might take exception to some of the content of mine.

Don't worry Bull, I've been called worse things by giant loonies before.

Update: Via the comments, I learn that Wild Bull's blog is missing altogether. Call me names if you will, but at least this 'sewer' isn't 404...


Utterly Pointless Violence

San Francisco Indymedia is reporting on local protests in the Mission Area which amaze me.
Initially, some questioned choice of neighborhood if goal was to attack symbols of capitalism. If goal was to build solidarity in one of SF's least wealthy neighborhoods, some express concern about effectiveness. Some wonder why police disappeared for so long after initial heavy presence and doubt that would have happened in Financial District. Most pleased at unity of protesters and note they saw mostly banks and large corporate chains and businesses that represent gentrification attacked which is not violation of community. Community cheered on protesters earlier in demonstration when demonstrators continued to take the streets but possibly became somewhat afraid later as things escalated with police. Affinity groups breaking apart possibly prevented larger mass arrests, but with so much running some people could not keep up which allowed police to force larger groups from coalescing. One participant noted instance whereby bus attempted to pass marchers in street, marchers stepped aside to allow bus to pass, with pro-worker chant, and many on bus expressed gratitude and support. Some skirmishes happened between protesters and "yuppies" that started out of their cars to threaten protesters. One person comments that police at times were wildy aggressive and indescriminate in using their nightsticks.
I wonder why:
Jul. 8th 10:17pm: Cop hurt on 23rd and mission. Treating it as crime scene. Report that someone used skateboard to hit officer.
Jul. 8th 10:43pm Police car on fire in mission district
Jul. 8th 9:53pm: Some people broke off from main march and broke windows at KFC. Bank of America also attacked along with other corporate targets. Some trash cans set on fire.
Jul. 8th 9:39pm: Flags being burned at 16th and Mission. About 75 people present. Re-energized by flag burning about ready to march again. Report of arrest up 16th street for unknown reason.
Jul. 8th 9:30pm: Window(s) broken at Wells Fargo.
And so on.

Obviously it was all the cops' fault. Who knew burning flags was so energizing?

As for what were they actually protesting? Beats me... Something about the G8 (I think). Possibly also against the presence of windows. I don't think it really matters.

4:26 AM - 12 people have just entered the Mission police station chanting "John Viola is my lawyer" in order to get arrested and legal representation into the mission jail.
Responses to the protest were negative (sort of):
i attended the march and was very angry at the choice of the neighboorhood and the tactics of the "anarchists" I want to make the following points:
1. the mission is mostly a low-income neighboohood (albeit becoming a bit gentrified) and their was trash everywhere, the boxes for the guardian and onion were thrown in the street (damn those alternative newspapers) and buisnesses were smashed. Most of the locals i encountered were scared and had no idea why a bunch of young anachists were tearing up their neighboohood. The mission is mostly independent buisnesses (along with showbiz a local sf buisness)
2. The messaging and oplanning was bad. you do not trash peoples neighboorhoods and give them 12 page pamphlets to do outreach and get people just aleinates local community members. What it comes down to is,organizing is hard it takes time and its usually pretty boring. its fun to break shit and put rocks through wellsfargo and pg&e but it dosent really do anything but piss peolple off in the neighboohood and now a cop is in the hospital and a bunch of kids may be in jail for the next twenty years ...that sucks. Why not create a long term campign and target something strategically?
However the organizers believe it was a success:
An organizer from Anarchist Action called in and discussed many aspects of the action, the ups and downs of the event, noting that it was their first action, it was held in three cities across the U.S., and that they were pleased with the overall energy despite violent run-ins with police.
They are already planning the next one...

Saturday, July 09, 2005


What Goes Around...

I previously reported on the vigilante behaviour and threats of violence surrounding alleged hacking of Indymedia servers.

Now, Jeremy Hammond, described as "Political Hacktivist" has been arrested and charged by the FBI. The website - states:
He has worked to defend the IndyMedia project from right-wing hackers by finding and fixing several vulnerabilities. While his activities have been ethical and non-destructive, he has found himself a target of law enforcement because he has been brave enough to stand up to the injustices of the political system.
The site doesn't link to the FBI's rationale or transcripts, however from what I can gather, it surrounds his alleged hacking of who are described in most unkind terms on the Free Jeremy site. They are not happy that he has been arrested.

Protest Warrior have their own version of events:
In January 2005, Jeremy Hammond and the hacker group collectively known as the "Internet Liberation Front" gained illegal access to the ProtestWarrior server. Thousands of customer credit card numbers were then stolen for the purpose of making millions of dollars in donations to various leftwing organizations.
Upon discovering the hack, we immediately began collecting information on the breach and managed to penetrate Jeremy's inner circle. We then collected evidence that more than 5,000 credit card numbers had been stolen by Jeremy and the "Internet Liberation Front" and that they were planning on doing the following:

*charge hundreds of dollars per stolen credit card number as donations to various left-wing organizations by using an automated donation submission script

*send the entire ProtestWarrior HQ database (complete with usernames, passwords, and operation details) to left-wing groups hostile to ProtestWarrior (including the entire contents of our mail server)

*upload all credit card numbers and other sensitive customer information to hundreds of anarchist and left-wing sites (specifically Indymedia) as a downloadable zip file

*anonymously send press releases and material to thousands of media contacts to boast of the malicious hack and the millions of dollars defrauded, and to publish any and all sensitive information regarding the ProtestWarrior organization

*erase the entire PW server

*launch simultaneous attacks on other conservative sites

Upon discovering their plans, we contacted the FBI and the Secret Service, who immediately launched an investigation. We were able to provide them with a tremendous amount of evidence regarding the breach, the criminals responsible, and their plans to commit massive credit card fraud. We also reported the incident to all credit card companies involved to make sure that ProtestWarrior's customers were protected. With our help, the FBI was able to thwart Jeremy and his army of "hacktivists".

After contacting the FBI, we immediately hired a security consultant and removed all sensitive information from the server. We eventually moved the server to a new box, where we blocked off the system and data files from the web server and changed the online store software to a super-secure system that stores zero sensitive customer information. In addition, we hired an internet security firm to run a series of vigorous vulnerability tests on our server, which our server all passed.

The reason we haven't made this announcement earlier is that our customers were already protected and we didn't want to jeopardize the ongoing FBI investigation of Jeremy and his "hacktivist" army.

The reason we're posting this now is that Jeremy, in a desperate move, is publicly appealing to the internet community regarding his pending FBI investigation. Using his site, he is trying to solicit donations for his defense fund and generate public sympathy while spreading slanderous disinformation regarding ProtestWarrior and the events leading up to the FBI investigation.
I can't really comment on the case as one side says he did it, one side says he didn't. It shouldn't matter, the US legal system is pretty good at examining evidence.

Compare this however to when the shoe was on the other foot and Indymedia had been attacked:
This attack against IndyMedia opened up again the endless debate as to whether it was correct or ethical that our defenders traced and discovered the intruder, and as to whether it is desirable or politically justifiable to request the FBI's help to prosecute the crime and protect us from future attacks.
Ultimately, of course, regardess of what the outcome of the debates will be, either law enforcement will do their job to protect our right to freedom of expression, as it is their highest and primary duty to uphold the US Constitution, or our own forces will deliver some form of Peoples' Justice by any means necessary.
Scary stuff! On the one hand, Protest Warrior, desribed by "Free Jeremy" as "an ultra right-wing group that tries to provoke and disrupt" simply called the FBI. On the other side, law-enforcement, including the FBI isn't good enough (or even the enemy) and such matters need to be handled (ahem) privately.

I loath and detest criminal activity. This includes illegally hacking into other peoples' websites. The above however demonstrates a set of double standards.

If Jeremy Hammond is foud guilty and goes to prison, he, like Jeff Luers may want to reflect on the company he kept and what role they may have had in inciting him to break the law under the delusion it was "ethical" to do so.

Update: Via the comments, Evil Pundit advises the petition on the Free Jeremy site makes for some interesting reading. It also makes a point I missed - his defence as cited on the website: "and no credit cards were billed" doesn't deny having the credit card numbers, simply not having charged anything to them yet. In other words: "Yeah officer, I robbed the bank, but I didn't spend the money".

Update 2: This post on Indymedia condemns Protest Warrior with some very serious accusations. The subsequent comments defending it make some very good points, including questioning the accusations themself. There was also evidence of Indymedia double standards:
A lot of the information in this post is unsubstantiated, especially allusions to violence. Additionally, rampant use of "quotes" was quite questionable, especially quoting words such as ‘mysteriously.’ Supplying some kind of source would help to give credibility to such "quotes."

However, I found the complaint about Protest Warriors "crashing events instead of organizing their own" to be the most amusing and hypocritical. Don't leftists commonly crash other group's events (such as the Republican convention, etc.) rather than "organizing their own"?
Update 3: 14 October 2006, Sears ultimately pleaded guilty. See here for updates.


Kos Managed, why Can't Indymedia?

Markos Zuniga runs a predominantly left-wing blog populated by many readers who would share a a similar ideology to Indymedia regulars. However, the similarities stop there. A posting from Kos reads:
Today I did something I've never done before (not even during the Fraudster mess), and wish I'd never had to do.

I made a mass banning of people perpetuating a series of bizarre, off-the-wall, unsupported and frankly embarassing conspiracy theories.

I have a high tolerance level for material I deem appropriate for this site, but one thing I REFUSE to allow is bullshit conspiracy theories. You know the ones -- Bush and Blair conspired to bomb London in order to take the heat off their respective political problems. I can't imagine what fucking world these people live in, but it sure ain't the Reality Based Community.

So I banned these people, and those that have been recommending diaries like it. And I will continue to do so until the purge is complete, and make no mistake -- this is a purge.

This is a reality-based community. Those who wish to live outside it should find a new home. This isn't it.
No doubt Indymedia's readership spiked. They have no problem hosting such material. Kos did a partial backflip shortly after
Update: I've been reinstating some of the banned accounts as they email me. Some people wondered why there wasn't any warning. There have been warnings from others -- repeated pleadings for people to ground themselves in reality.
I would have thought Indymedia was subject to the same pleadings and could clean up its nest? Evidently not. This appeared today:
Wile the owners of the world are in peacefull security in theyr casttles, the innocents are diying in Bagdag, Madrid and London.

Tony Bliar is responsible of hundreds of civils deaths in Irak, now is also responsible or over than 50 civils in London.

They put the wars, and we put the deaths.

While some are counting the money comming from the oil, others are diging for theyr sons.


Bush, Blair, Aznar, Arab Sheiks, Bin Laden Family, Soldiers, FMI, Mondial Bank, Oil Multinationals, Oil Oligarchy Familyes... ....EXECUTTION!!!!!

revolution or death.

Te stuf noospapers refuuze to print cos of censashup! Meanwhile, here's another conspiracy theory which demonstrates how stupid the conspiracy theories are.
The regulars at the Institute for Autonomy, where most of the Indymedia UK inner circle hang out, are almost certainly unharmed, as they were engaging in recreational public disorder hundreds of miles away in Scotland and successfully diverting police resources from the capital.
How convenient. It must have been Indymedia!

(See my point?)


A Thousand Words...

Friday, July 08, 2005


Police Repression at 110 volts.

NYC Indymedia reports of a Colorful Call to Shut Down Guantanamo Silenced by Police and claims:
Officers built sawhorse corrals around the protesters even as they spoke, and forbid speakers to use their sound system, making it difficult for those in the crowd to hear the poetic and informative speeches given by the speakers.
One of the comments responds:
the organizers didn't bring the proper kind of sound equipment... they had no generator or batteries to use it & wanted to plug it in (where???). That wasn't the fault of the police. We should hold ourselves up to the same accurate reportage standards as we expect from others.
I wouldn't hold your breath...


Exclusive: Interview with Osama

Interviewer: Mr Bin Laden,

Osama bin Laden: Please, call me Bin,

: We have read multiple reports on UK Indymedia which suggest that Al-Quaeda was not responsible for the recent bombings in London and that it was most likely the work of the British or American Governments.

Bin: What? I don't believe it. Again?

Interviewer: What do you mean "again"?

Bin: I go to all the trouble of arranging a holy mission on September 11 2001. I find guys who want to die, train them how to fly and smuggle them into America. They overpower aircraft at tremendous odds and fly them into buildings. Do you know how fucking hard that is? Most men can't even pee into the bucket without missing and these guys hit their target doing 600mph.

I rang Al-Jazeera (I have them on speed-dial you know) a day before the attacks and said "hey guys, watch this. Beheading beshmeading. This is going to totally kick infidel ass!". We do the attack and it's better than even we expected. Thousands of Americans killed, but do I get any fucking credit? Nooooooooo......

The Americans say it was me, Indymedia says that's crap and it was the Jews.

The Jews! Those guys get credit for everything! It's bad enough I have to read how they control the media and the banks, now I have to listen to how they did my friggin' attack as well? I tell you, it made me so mad I wanted to explode. Except I got Yasser to send some 16 year old kid to do that instead. Now they have this new name, Neo-Con. What a pain in the ass. Once, you wanted to kill a Jew, you killed a Jew. I don't even know what a neo-con looks like. I have to go up to people and ask "excuse me, are you a neo-con?" before blowing them up in self-defence.

Indymedia even thought I was a Neocon once!

Interviewer: Surely this latest attack on London will put you back in the spotlight.

Bin: You'd think so, except those fucks on Indymedia are now saying it was probably Tony Blair. Can you believe it? Tony Blair! The guy talks like Hugh Grant and Woody Allen's lovechild and these fools think he could do something like that? Forget it!

I ask you, who does a guy have to actually blow up these days before he gets credit for it instead of the government of the damned victims?

My London office sent them an email, what else do they want? I should nominate which buses I'm going to blow up on my blog a week before doing it? It's Jihad, not friggin' snooker.

When the American dogs bombed the hell out of Tora Bora, no one here was writing on Taliban Indymedia "it's obviously the Taliban bombing their own people to justify their ongoing agression against the Americans".

I get no respect...

Now if you will please excuse me, I have a rehearsal to attend.


Update: Some lunatic has posted a rant in the comments, attempting to prove how misled I am, yet proving instead how deranged some people actually are. He is so convinced, he mashed out 800 words without realizing it would take me all of about two seconds to delete them all. I have resisted however, as it joins Indymedia in proving there really are troubled people amongst us.


Protests Against Terror

One thing Indymedia is very good at, is organizing protests.

A protest against the terrorists who perpetrated the London bombing would be a wonderful initiative. It is already being discussed by several London bloggers such as Europhobia.
Discussions are underway for a "Fuck you, terrorist dicks" protest/show of solidarity, Madrid style, this weekend. I'll let you know more when we've finalised something.
Update:It has been organized.

Indymedia, protest organizer headquarters, has better things to do. According to the latest posts on their newswire, in addition to yet more poorly spelled conspiracies, Indymedia seems preoccupied with other protests, including tormenting cows and pushing trees and rocks onto a freeway. Watch the video and see the sheer stupidity of the 'protesters' (no doubt doing "an action") which results in at least one of them learning not to pick a fight with a cow. Finally, the farmer tells them to get off his land. All, under the watchful eye of the well marked "legal observer" who obviously didn't observe trespass, cruelty to animals or placement of potentially fatal obstacles on a freeway.

Offensive and irrelevant.

If anybody knows of any anti-terror protests, send me an email. It would be my pleasure to advertise it.

Update: Evil Pundit writes:
Video camera: $300
Ticket to Scotland: $40
Balaclava: $1
Video of G8 protesters getting run down by a herd of angry cows: Priceless.
Update: Welcome to visitors referred here by Michelle Malkin. If you need a laugh right now, feel free to read this and have a look around.


Google Discredits Itself

Google News is including Indymedia as a news source once again despite it being a completely unmoderated, totally uncontrolled and frequently vile cesspit.

See that thing flying out the window Google? That's your credibility as an aggregator of quality news services.

Take just a moment and tell Google what you think.

Update: I have been linked to by Little Green Footballs. This has resulted in the following comment on this entry by someone purporting to be an Indymedia moderator:
What's most fascinating is that just after you nutjobs posted this link, a half dozen anti-Jewish posts went up on my local Indymedia.
I wonder how the writer explains this article on his local NYC Indymedia which appeared before the LGF listing. Similarly, how to explain the hundreds of antisemitic posts which appear on Indymedia every other week? Look around this blog for numerous examples of this and other problems which can't be so easily dismissed.
In other words, it's obvious to us at Indymedia at least that right-wing fanatics like you have been posting articles you hope to discredit the site with.

This is just a post from an Indymedia site moderator to let you know that we know what you are doing.

These days, virtually all of the anti-Semitic posts we are forced to delete are linked from right-wing, pro-Israeli trolls.
This is not the first time I have reported on such denial of the problem on Indymedia and shifting the blame onto the victim suggesting Jews are responsible for antisemitsm. It happens all the time on Indymedia. In this post I predicted:
the common response denying genuine anti-Semitism [on Indymedia] exists and probably suggesting the above quotes were in fact posted by Jews looking for sympathy. That is, all articles condemnatory of Jews were actually written by covert Jewish Mossad agents.
As for being "forced to delete" such filth, I suspect the writer thinks he is doing someone a favor. I'm sure he doesn't believe there's any real antisemites on Indymedia... If NYC are deleting them however (albeit begrudgingly), that's a good thing. Looking through their hidden posts suggests they have a pretty small tolerance for conspiratorial rants and they are making more of an effort than most. Denying the original problem however is unhelpful.

Update 2: Numerous comments on this entry suggest there may be more going on at Google than I thought. One links to this site providing examples of controversy reported here regarding political advertising on Google.

As Scott said, Google is now a public corporation and may have to answer to stock holders if this becomes a huge issue.

Update 3: Have a look at some of the other material regarded by Google as a reliable news source . Stock holders pay heed!

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Steyn on Bombings

Mark Steyn writes about something which sounds so familiar...
Of course, many resources had been redeployed to Scotland to cope with Bob Geldof's pathetic call for a million anti-globalist ninnies to descend on the G8 summit. In theory, the anti-glob mob should be furious with al-Qa'eda and its political tin ear for ensuring that their own pitiful narcissist protests - the pâpier-maché Bush and Blair puppets, the ethnic drumming, etc - will be crowded off the news bulletins.

But I wonder. It seems just as plausible that there will be as many supple self-deluding figures anxious to argue that it's Blair's Iraq war and the undue attention it invites from excitable types that's preventing us from ending poverty in Africa by the end of next week and all the other touchy-feely stuff. The siren songs of Bono and Geldof will be working hard in favour of the quiet-life option. There is an important rhetorical battle to be won in the days ahead. The choice for Britons now is whether they wish to be Australians post-Bali or Spaniards post-Madrid.
The quiet-life option ensures that attacks go on. Read it all.


Indymedia Worldwide on Bombing

Indymedia Ireland's Statement following London bombings
The British government cannot avoid its responsibility for these terrible attacks, which are a consequence of its support for war and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan. The best way to ensure that there are no more such terrible attacks is for British troops to be withdrawn from there immediately.

As a mark of respect for the dead we have cancelled the opening day of our Marxism 2005 event.
A touching gesture. No really.
A chilling tribute from Indymedia Scotland:
The Sterling campsite in Edinburgh is tonight holding a candle lit vigil in support of the people who have died today in London as well as around the world. Earlier today police and protesters took part in a moments silence while in a large circle just outside the Sterling camp. The sombre atmosphere was defused by a spontaionus chorus of the Hokey Kokay and dancing to samba music.
And elsewhere, they know who's really behind this.

Idiot Protesters

Meanwhile, in Melbourne, Australia:
People are being urged NOT to call emergency services for the meantime - unless they maybe think that Tony Blair should perhaps reap exactly what he has sown.
If this shocking new means of waging war is succesful then Tony Blair may well soon be heading for a permanent retirement from politics and the UK will be out of SW Asia.
This is the good that came from the midnight black train attacks in Spain.
Now we know - terrorist attacks have a silver lining. This is followed by a threat against the British and Australian Prime Ministers:
Tony Blair could put a revolver in his mouth and pull the trigger...and that would be right on.

John Howard just came back from holidays so perhaps he's taking notes?

Your next Johnnie. (sic)
Finally, on a page lacking a whole lot of intelligence comes this ray of light:
Over on the UK indymedia site, they're already coming out of the woodwork with a million and one theories as to who really did it. They're all there, from Mossad to the Freemasons... everyone it would seem bar Al-Qaieda.

You have to wonder why....

I mean what's so lovely about Al-Qaieda that they can't even be held responsible for a crime they admit to having done?

When that Nazi ran amok killing gays and bombing Brick Lane in London where where Mossad and the freemasons then?
The discussion rapidly returns to blaming the Jews.


Indymedia responds

My most recent post reported on how literally within minutes of the tragic terrorist bombings in London, Indymedia UK was hosting material insisting it was a Government/Mossad/CIA job.

Via the comments, master debater "IMCista" returns to my blog (trying anonymously this time) and has the temerity to question my 'editorial honor'.
If you have any editorial honor whatsoever you wil immediately post the statement from Indymedia UK to this blog, rather than attempting to smear the outlet by linking to random comments.
Well, there you go 'IMCista', my 'editorial honor' (whatever that means) should now be restored in your eyes and I await an apology.

Can the same however be said of Indymedia? My referrer logs have pointed me to this page on Bay Area Indymedia which is a nice little round up of the conspiracy theories that have been conclusively proven before the victims' bodies are even cold.
BREAKING: At least 40 killed, 300 hurt in London bombings
Ohhh boy!! What a con job! BREAKING | London Rocked by Multiple Blasts
If you believe this was an al-qaeda-type terrorist attack, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. This is the governments attacking their own citizens and blaming the terrorists to continue to the war. Period.
And of course, the ubiquitous antisemitism:
why did Netanyahu get a warning and the victims didn't?
Is it just me, or is that the familiar odour of mossad in the morning?
Which firstly ignores the difference between fuzzy intelligence alerts and the ability to shut down a nation's transport infrastructure for what may prove to be nothing, and secondly is based on an error. Suffice it to say, if there were a way to stop bombs on buses, I think Israel would have implemented it by now, but why let that get in the way of some traditional Jewbashing?

Sorry IMCista, I don't need to "smear Indymedia". It does a far better job itself. Are you going to accept that Indymedia has a very real problem (and I'm not it)?

And by the way, the UK Indymedia statement includes:
We are also acutely aware that these events will be exploited by the most reactionary elements of the British media and political establishment for their own selfish purposes.
Leaving aside the question of whether Indymedia can be called a "reactionary element", your ability to turn sympathy into anti-governmental spin is truly touching. I'm sure the victims' families truly appreciate the gesture.


Indymedia UK - London Bombing is Covert Government Operation...

Literally minutes after the awful terrorist bombings in London, many, many comments on UK Indymedia are already suggesting it's an inside job. Whilst the rest of the world has no idea what happened (though can probably guess it wasn't the IRA or some pissed off nuns) here's what UK Indymedia is reporting:
Its an inside Job...

Become aware to defend yourselves

get these NAZIS out of power NOW!!!!

i'm sorry if you think this is innapropriate


seen it all b4
well they finally attacked london...the timing is alsmost too perfect it almost seems surreal...attempting to wipe the smile off the smug war criminal political liar blair's face...just one day after london got the olympics...its as if the IOC decision and now this terror attack will take the minds of the G8 leaders focus away from africa and climate change(or give them an excuse to).i for one did not want london to get the olympics...these events only end up being a burden to ordinary tax payers for years to come.they wasted money billions on the "dome" now they will do the same on an even bigger scale with the 2012 olympics...and one day afer the IOC granted the games to the capital city they show they cannot prevent a major terror attack...and would id cards have stopped this....NO.these terror attacks are as sensless as they are despicable...but once again we will see our political leaders use them to control us and restrict our freedom.
Without a shadow of a doubt, the work of MI operatives
Problem reaction solution scam so obvious, and on a 7/7/7 (2+5) date only of interest to the masonic bastards who run the intelligence services, and the knights of Eulogia and Malta (Bush and Bliar), and those other grotesque thieves,mass murderers and satanists meeting in Gleneagles
The last time Blair, Bush and Her Majesty met on UK soil, there were bomb blasts against British interests in Turkey

Blair and those controlling him will now feel they can do whatever they want, and some of the public will now start demanding their ID cards, in the mistaken belief they will shelter them from these attacks, which are indeed, AN INSIDE JOB
London's 9-11

Like September 11th, this reeks of an inside job, right after Bush and Blair appeared before the media making trivial small talk and jokes. I'm afraid it's all so predictable.

As I predicted some time ago, if the Establishment conducted a "terrorist" outrage in Britain, the target would be London Underground. Sadly, today on the seventh day of the seventh month, I am in a position to say. "I told you so!"
Dangerous idiots and their website of choice.

Meanwhile, via Tim Blair, as it becomes apparent that Al-Quaeda are responsible, I bet Australian newspaper The Age wishes it hadn't run this piece early this morning:
Locals tire of security overkill
Almost 11,000 police are on duty, up to half from England, and 3000 to 4000 will be on duty in the Auchterarder area [Scotland] today.

But the saturation policing has not gone down well with all Auchterarder residents or protesters. "There's far too many bloody police," said Allan, a retired builder. "There's enough for one person each, yet you'll never find one when you want them usually."

"You would think that the whole of al-Qaeda was coming" his friend James said.
Update: Indymedia never disappoints, now it's obviously the fault of the Jews.
Insofar as Al Quaida doesnt actually exist as anything other than a construct of the CIA/Mossad to frighten folk and advance a geopolitical agenda, its nothing short of juvenile to accept media cartels authoritative blame-tagging.
Got that? It's juvenile. Trust Indymedia...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Indymedia UK - London Wins !

London has won the 2012 Olympics.

On UK Indymedia they are already bitching about it.
Yes we know. That's all we've heard on TV and radio since the announcement was made. That and airings of "je ne regret rien" etc just to rub the french nose in it. Disgusting, small minded, jingoistic..

So what do we have to look forward to? -

7 long, painful years of the evil Murdoch and The Sun whipping it up

At the next election "don't vote Tory if you want a great Olympics" ('cept Coe is Tory ho ho!)

C division pundits giggling their way through eons of radio, TV and Internet broadcasts

Blair, Blair and more Blair.. and his hideous, ugly rictus grin

Oh God, why now for my life?
There is also suggestion that discussions of G8 protester violence have been removed from Indymedia:
I too saw the idiots rampage through the residential streets of Stirling wrecking cars, pulling up kerb stones, ripping peoples garden fences down and the like.

Yet other threads on this site, any mention of the street siege has been wiped from discussion.

Maybe these working class council housing schemes, housing some of the countries poor and deprived people were mistaken for millionaires mansions?

Oh and no I'm not some corporate media reporting events. I had first hand knowledge of it all as I live in this housing scheme!

Now have a pleasant day chaps as I'm off out to rebuild my garden fence, remove the kerb stone from a disabled elderly gentlemans car windscreen and help clear up my neighbours livingroom which is full of broken glass and debris.
Censorship on Indymedia? Tsk tsk...


Is it on or Not?

According to many newspapers
The main G8 march in Auchterarder has been cancelled because of violent clashes between police and protesters.
Tayside Police decided to ban the march on the grounds of public safety after the outbreaks of violence on the streets of Stirling this morning.
Indymedia has a different story:
According to Mike Arnott, spokes person of G8 Alternatives, who is organizing the march, said the announcements that the march has been cancelled is 'an unilateral decision by the police'. It is his understanding that the march is going on. About 20 coaches who were stopped earlier near Perth are now making their way to Gleneagles. A large group of people have left the A9 after some blockades and are walking north towards Gleneagles. Various other groups are now making their way towards the Gleneagles Hotel.
This should be 'interesting'...

The Newspaper says:
Shops and other businesses were attacked by scores of activists, with at least three people having been arrested.

The violence saw running battles being fought with police as groups of demonstrators smashed cars with iron bars and hurled bricks through the windows of a Burger King.

About 200 hooligans dressed in hooded tops with scarves obscuring their faces hurled missiles at police officers and barricaded roads.

A motorway just outside the village of Cambusbarron was blocked off as far as the eye could see in either direction.

Local resident Duncan Paterson, 64, said: "The protesters were tearing up the slabs at the side of the motorway and the trees and they used them to block both carriageways.

"There were about 100 of them with drums and their faces painted and hats."
UK Indymedia is strangely silent on the matter.

Whose fault? Who do you think?
Organisers of the G8 Alternatives demonstration accused the police of "disgraceful behaviour" after the decision to call off the march."This is a serious indictment of British democracy," said Gill Hubbard, spokeswoman for the march.

"The Prime Minister should tell us why the police have banned a peaceful march and denied thousands of people the right to protest."
Interesting definition of "peaceful". Peaceful protesters need to know the following:

Some interesting comments on the Indymedia page:
So now my hometown of Stirling is being wrecked in the name of protest?

What the F has going down a residential street putting in peoples windows and wrecking their cars got to do with G8 protest?

For your information on this website who advocate "free speech" on the one side...My 10 year old daughter is in Stirling Royal Infirmary this morning with 18 stitches to a head wound due to some anti whatever putting a brick through her bedroom window as she peacefully slept.

Hope your all proud of yourselves. The Scottish people don't want you lot roaming our streets!
To those that choose not to believe the comments of individuals living in and around Stirling, please keep your comments to yourself until you know the facts. We are all aware of how the media can hype the stories of protests and vandalism, and how the media can also choose to ignore certain things. If I did not live in Stirling I would've never have believed the level of disorder that has occurred in the last 24hrs. These people are thugs, vandals and very low intelligence human beings. Burger King was attacked, a franchise operation that employs local people, contributes to the local community (charitable donations etc) and sources 95% of its goods from within the UK. Please someone tell me what is wrong with all 3 of these points? Somehow I think the replies will lack any degree of evidence. Please leave us alone.
Finally, a plea to "look at the bigger picture":
The police have done everything they can to limit peoples right to peacefull protest and have made little or no effort to seperate the violent fringes from the main core of peacefull protesters. The police inadvertantly conscripting more angry militant types by typecasting any protester as dangerous , 99% of us are not dangerous at all , in fact we are saving the planet.

In the grand scheme of things whats worse , a brick through your window or several despots ruining the lives of millions of innocent people ?
So the bricks were hurled, windows were smashed and people got hurt as part of your grand scheme. The police just don't get it do they?

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