Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Pilger on Indymedia UK - Lest We Forget - These Were Blair's Bombs

John Pilger's career must be struggling if he has to rely on the Socialist Worker and Indymedia to run his latest.
Moreover, the G8 meeting in Scotland and its accompanying "Make Poverty History" campaign and circus of celebrities served as a temporary cover for what is arguably the greatest political scandal of modern times: an illegal, brutal and craven invasion conceived in lies and which, under the system of international law established at Nuremberg, represented a "paramount war crime".

Over the past two weeks, the contrast between the coverage of the G8, its marches and pop concerts, and another "global" event has been striking. The World Tribunal on Iraq in Istanbul has had virtually no coverage, yet the evidence it has produced, the most damning to date, has been the silent spectre at the Geldoff extravaganzas.
There was Bob Geldoff on the front pages resting his smiling face on smiling Blair's shoulder, the war criminal and his knighted jester.

It's a pity Indymedia has no sub-editors. They could have told Pilger how to spell Geldof.

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