Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Spiked-politics: Conspiracy theories

An interesting article on conspiracy theories.

There was a time, not so long ago, when you would have had to trek down to Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park or rub shoulders with the weird anti-Semitic guy at your workplace if you wanted to hear conspiracy theories. The idea that political events or interventions were the work of some wicked conspiracy, orchestrated from behind the scenes by Freemasons, or 'The Man', or a powerful Jewish lobby out to control our minds and our spending habits, was the preserve of a cranky and usually right-wing minority.

Now, however, conspiracy-mongering has moved from the margins to the mainstream, and it masquerades as investigative journalism. Today it tends to be journalists - often liberal and left-leaning ones - who are constantly on the lookout for a conspiracy, for the big bad puppet-masters who are allegedly controlling things from a suspiciously safe distance.
Read it all.


DC Indymedia Watch Dirt

DC Indymedia Watch has some interesting dirt on the editors of DC Indymedia.

More on their 'problems' here.

According to the site's mission statement:
"DC Indymedia watch focuses on exposing the false progressivism of the DC Indymedia editors".
It's a common problem.


Fatwa in One Easy Step

M.A.S.H. Corporal Klinger (Jamie Farr) and Iranian President (Mahmoud Ahmedinejad).


More here.


More on (get it?) World Can't Wait

Via DC Indymedia comes criticism of the lack of a certain agenda item in World Can't Wait's mission:
Three things can be said about all the uproar over the Dubai Port deal:

1) The Bush regime does not care about the rights of Arab people, but instead is waging a murderous and utterly illegitimate war on Iraq, with other countries in the sights; has rounded up thousands of Muslim, Arab, and South Asian immigrants
Rounded Up? Just like the..... Nazis! Bush is Hitler, Bush is Hitler!
and forced 10’s of thousands more to undergo "special registrations"
Apparently there are also new signs at US Airports saying "Christians, Jews and Buddhists do not need to register".
and has whipped up a culture of greed, bigotry, intolerance and ignorance.
How one "whips up" ignorance is beyond me. Perhaps I wasn't paying attention and ignored it happening.
2) You saw what happened in New Orleans.
Yes. A hurricane, that some people felt George W. Bush had ordered.
The Bush regime does not care about your safety, but is only using the so-called "war on terrorism" to justify an unending war around the world and moves towards fascism in the "homeland."
And this is relevant to a hurricane how? Oh, that's right. structural faults of decades ago and massive local incompetence is Bush's fault.
3) Getting sucked into the deadly logic of anti-Arab racism and asking this regime to enact whatever fascist measures it wants to "protect us" will leave you accepting horrors beyond your imagination. Don’t forget that in Nazi Germany, anti-Semitism led to ghettos led to death camps. To go along with "opposition" to Bush that is in fact arguing for more police state measures and treats all Arab people as dangerous will only aid in Bush’s fascist remaking of society.
Nazis! Fascists! Bad haircuts! etc. etc.
This logic is poisonous – spit it out, and join in a movement to drive out the Bush regime that makes common cause with the people of the world and refuses to go along with police state measures, immigrant round-ups, torture, and unjust wars in the name of "protecting us from the terrorists."

The headline however tells a different story altogether.
WORLD CAN'T WAIT Studiously Avoids ANY DIRECT Criticism of Pending USraeli Aggression Against the Iranian People
Have you heard of the new country USrael?

Apparently World Can't Wait are also victims of the grand Zionist conspiracy to silence them.

And there I was, just thinking they were morons.

Friday, February 24, 2006


Who bombed the Mosque?

Portland IMC asks - Who bombed the Samarra Mosque?
The Iranian authorities are right. The explosion was likely planned by the US for the purpose of keeping Iraq in chaos.
They must have beaten the Jews to it...

In other Blame the Jews News, via Fictitious Journalism, comes a heart rending report about a little Egyptian boy who couldn't hand in his homework on time.
Ahmed Sherif, a fourth grader in Egypt, went to school this morning without his math homework. When asked why he didn't have his homework, Sherif promptly burst into tears and said, "It was the Jews. They stole my homework when I was on my way to school."
Fictitious bastards!


March for Stupid

According to DC Indymedia, last Monday, the "9/11 Truth Movement" marched on Ground Zero.

Who knew?

I had completely forgotten.

Total reporting of this appalling stunt in the mainstream media: One press release by the organizer.



Indymedia on the Port Crisis

Plenty of US commentators are going nuts over the apparent handover of control of US Ports to a Dubai company backed by the United Arab Emirates.

Indymedia on the other hand, is suffering an existential crisis because of it.

This article on Buffalo Indymedia argues:
it's a good thing Bush made this move to sell our eastern sea ports to P&O through the UAE, otherwise, I might have to think that Bush was racist. But, instead, he has reconcilled, and given power of our ports to the same entity that flew planes into the towers. Now that is healing
Did you get that? Bush isn't a racist!

Next, they will argue that perhaps Bush isn't really Hitler.

Isn't this one of the signs of the apocalypse?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


My Entry in the Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Contest

UK Indymedia, are still discussing Holocaust denier David Irving's imprisonment. Now, with Holocaust denial!
The jailing of David irving reveals the fragility of the Holocaust story. If history is fact, backed up with fact, then do you really jail someone who has a different opinion just to shut him up?

One has to question the story when they are behaving so damned ridiculous. Who are the nazis?
Also, this argument:
No-one has been killed as a result of David Irving's free speech, the same cannot be said for the free-speech of European editors who besmirched Islam. Dozen's (sic) have died in clashes fomented by their racist cartoons.

Swords don't kill people - Cartoonists kill people.

Anyway, here's my suggestion for an entry into the Crazy Iranian Holocaust cartoon contest, which takes into account Nazi current affairs.


Picture David Irving walking into the prison shower block on his first night in jail... If you thought the Jews were worried going into the showers...

Thank you! Now all I need is someone to draw it...

Update: Comments set new depths!

Update 2: Link now fixed (it was only internal - regular readers missed nothing). This is the second time this has happened this week, and I could swear it wasn't me - I'm pretty good at checking before publishing. Is anyone else having such issues with Blogger? Maybe it was the Jews...



Further to my previous report on the most recent bile spewed all over Sydney Indymedia, comes the pleasantly surprising news the article in question has been hidden. As one commenter noticed:
Faruque Ahmed is not only a liar, he's a very stupid one.

We can all see the real article which he copied and changed to produce this lie.
Another notes:
The original article does not discuss genetically modified germs, but simply emerging germs.

The University of Edinburgh researcher's name is Mark Woolhouse, not Dr Nosehound.

Obviously the references to zionazis, Israel and the US have been added in.

The author should at least run a spell check before posting in future, that way the bits he or she adds won't be so easy to spot.
Antisemites and spelling again...

Anyway, to the credit of whomever on Sydney Indymedia was responsible, the times, they are a changin'?

We'll see... Faster than you could say "Nazi Bastard" another example appeared on the site:

Zionazis murder children in occupied Palestine

I wonder if the so-called "Zionazis" eat the children before, or after murdering them. You know... Because that's what "Zionazis" do! Honest! I read it on Indymedia...

Update: That article has now been hidden as well! WTF?

Monday, February 20, 2006


Nazi Roundup

Holocaust Denier David Irving, has been convicted by an Austrian court and sentenced to 3 years in prison.


UK Indymedia discusses the case with arguably one of the finest comments I've seen on that site:
Well done to the Austrian courts for putting Nazi-friendly intellectual David Irving behind bars. Now, if only they would set their sights a little higher, they might find that there are some right wing extremists at home who would also benefit from the same treatment.

Those who are howling that Irving's "free speech" has been violated really are barking at the moon. The suppression of fascism is a purely democratic act. Denying racists and fascists--those whose aim and activity is to negate democracy--the freedom to speak and organise is an essential condition of democracy. Those who shelter and nurture racists and fascists under the guise of "free speech"--whether Irving or Danish newspapers set on splitting communities--are not democrats but apologists.
Meanwhile, up the road in Scotland, rank antisemitism is alive and kicking.
New Deadly viruses infect humans at rate never seen before With the Help of the zionazis and there (sic) stolen loot
I ask again. What is it with antisemites and spelling?
The class of pathogen most responsible for new human infections is the RNA viruses, which include HIV and influenza. These particularly easy to insert genetic code that enables them to jump species because they have small genomes that easily decoded, allowing these zionazis to insert new sequences that allow these germs to infect humans.
the u.s. and the zionazis are spreading these new diseases we must defeat the plagues they are spreading around the world
David Irving would be proud...

Interestingly, the same article appeared at nearly the same time on Sydney Indymedia. Faruque Ahmed's European tour perhaps?


Link Fixed.

The link to the Google video on my recent post: PETA, Non-Violence and Bullshit was broken.

I blame the Jews.

It is now fixed. If you haven't seen it elsewhere, spent twenty minutes and watch it all.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Nothing Ever Changes

Sydney Indymedia appears to have had a major software upgrade. Unfortunately, the disgraceful content remains unchanged.

Exhibit A

Tony Blair Ordered London Bombings

Rested after a good night's sleep in the Gleneagles Hotel, Tony Blair glanced nervously at his watch and wondered if the bombing of the London transport system would take place on schedule. London's Chief of Police, Sir Ian Blair, and MI5 boss, Eliza Manningham-Buller, had promised to keep him firmly in the loop; and Jack Straw had advised him that the Israelis had been placated.

Don't forget the Jews!
The intelligence services had been caught off balance by Mossad's unwelcome intrusion into matters they considered a strictly British affair. Having the headline "Israel Warned Blair Two Days Before Attack" splashed across the front pages of an otherwise complicit print media was something to be avoided at all costs. Binyamin Netanyahu would go ahead with preparations for his press conference and allow himself to be "advised" by Scotland Yard shortly after the first blast. If MI5 were to dally in their attacks on commuters, he would have no choice but to claim that Scotland Yard had warned him prior to the event, and the Blair government would have to hope that the British people would not notice the obvious irregularity.

Back in London, Netanyahu dropped security protocol and looked cautiously out of his hotel window. Reflecting on his long years of experience in helping to finance and organise terror attacks on Israeli citizens to provoke world outrage against the rightful inhabitants of his stolen country, he knew that errors would be made and officials would let their tongues slip when the heat was on.

Browsing around the All New Sydney Indymedia, I can see discussion about some of these problems.

Here's a better idea...

Saturday, February 18, 2006


PETA, Non-Violence and Bullshit

This episode of Penn and Teller's "Bullshit" (Google Video) tackles PETA head-on.

It addresses an issue I have raised repeatedly, regarding "non violent" versus "violent" protests. About 8 minutes in, two activists argue that violence and non-violence aren't ethical or moral choices, but "tactics". The firebombing ensues.

Worth watching.



A comment on UK Indymedia says:
The problems of Indymedia UK and the hijacking of the Editorial Policy by a small clique are documented in many places on the Internet and have been discussed at length on various chat forums so it's not worth rehashing all that again however it is worth saying that the activist movement in Britain had a rare opportunity when Indymedia UK was launched, the chance to have true unbiased non corporate news reporting through an easily accesible medium was unprecedented. Therefore the descent of Indymedia UK into infighting, closed meetings and fights for control was heartbreaking to watch. The small group who now control the password access and as a consequence the editorial and hiding policy are a long way from representitive of the peeps that Indymedia was set up to serve.

Public discussion has all but stopped, meetings are now held in secret at locations known only to the self elected elite and the ordinary contributors are controlled and censored. At the G8 gathering I met with many who all seemed to be asking the same question,
'How did this happen, who put them in charge ?' I used to hear the same questions in Liverpool when Millitant gained control of the Council and the question was answered by an old Labour stalwart,
'You did, you put them in charge by not contributing, by not stopping them before it was too late'. He was right about that situation and the idea is as relevant here today. A facade of Democratic Inclusive Involvement fronting a tightly controlled, not elected junta who wield the real power.

I have no answers to this dilema, I'm not that clever. Perhaps others can suggest a way for the true spirit of Indymedia to be regained or maybe an alternative needs to be set up, who knows. If however we are to achieve true social justice and change in Britain and the wider world we can not allow the egos of a small group to prevent our one journalistic outlet to be hijacked".
That whole comment was censored.

Nothing ever changes.

Friday, February 17, 2006


DC Indymedia Watch

Via my referrer logs, I can see DC Indymedia Watch has been constituted.

DC Indymediawatch joins Indymedia Ireland Watch in what may become a global franchise!

They read local Indymedia sites, so you don't have to...


Debunking Katrina

Popular Mechanics has followed up on last year's debunking of 9/11 conspiracy theories. Now, they are nicely debunking Hurricane Katrina myths.

Read it all, and then wish that Indymedia would too:
We have TONS of EVIDENCE that both presidential elections have been stolen. That alone should be enough to arrest the people who have taken over our nation via electoral coup! But wait…there is more…lots more! We have EVIDENCE that there was inside involvement in 9/11…nothing happens. We have EVIDENCE that George W. Bush lied about the reasons for invading Iraq, about what he knew about the potential doom of Katrina in advance, and he knew (and may have been involved) about 9/11…nothing happens.
Wait for it...
Even if all the EVIDENCE is wrong it only proves that this administration is so incompetent that they should be removed from office for our own safety!
Even if the evidence is wrong, it's still damning.

Fake but stupid would you say?


Protest Updates

Via DC Indymedia:
Muslim Rally at the Denmark Embassy - this Saturday

Speakers Include: Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz, Imam Akbar Bilal, Imam Abdul Alim Musa, Imam Mohammed Asi, Hodari Abdul Ali, and other community and Muslim leaders who will speak in solidarity with the worldwide Muslim Ummah (Community) that is fighting against the intentional debased attack by the Danish and western peoples against Islam. The participants recognize this as an escalation in the American-European War against Islam and the Muslims.

Sponsored by a coalition of Muslim groups and the New Black Panther Party.
Comments ask, why bother?
Why not protest the Zionist schemers who orchestrated this entire campaign of provocations, to cause anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe prepatory to aggression against Iraq?

Do yourselves a big favor: Fight SMART--and not just hard--for a change.

And speaking of smart protests, via Sydney Indymedia
Scuffles broke out and at least six arrests were made this morning as a small band of placard-waving protesters lobbied guests arriving for the state memorial service for Kerry Packer at the Sydney Opera House.
Kerry Packer was Australia's wealthiest man. Evidently, protesters didn't want to miss one last opportunity. His funeral. Classy!

Initially, one woman was arrested, then another, rapidly followed by four more protesters as tourists looked on bemused under a sunny blue sky as international celebrities and some of Australia's biggest names in politics, business, sport and entertainment arrived for the service.

A police officer told the protesters: "Go or get in the back of the truck, those are the options for you. You don't have the authority to have a peaceful protest. There's no application."

Security guards said they had tried to move the protesters off from the area near the roundabout in front of the Opera House for shouting at the guests.

But Duroyan Fertl, state convenor of the Socialist Alliance, told smh.com.au: "The complaint was from security that the protesters were yelling at the guests coming in, where in fact it was them yelling at us, telling us to fuck off.''
I can't imagine why...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Progressives Should Pause

Damian Penny makes an excellent point regarding Iranian Holocaust cartooning.

Update: It's even more excellent when my link works.


Denying Holocaust Denial

An article on UK Indymedia is urging readers to make an Official Complaint to the BBC.
BBC news bulletins (News 24) in recent weeks have been reporting that President Ahmadinejad of Iran has stated that the "Holocaust is a myth".

In fact, he said, "If the Europeans are telling the truth in their claim that they have killed six million Jews in the Holocaust during the World War II - which seems they are right in their claim because they insist on it and arrest and imprison those who oppose it, why the Palestinian nation should pay for the crime. Why have they come to the very heart of the Islamic world and are committing crimes against the dear Palestine using their bombs, rockets, missiles and sanctions."

Please correct your future news bulletins and apologize for your past mistakes which my (sic) lead to a terrorist attack on Iran by Israel or the US.
Ahmadinejad actually said, on live television:
"They have created a myth today that they call the massacre of Jews and they consider it a principle above God, religions and the prophets," he said.
This translation was reported by the BBC and numerous other verifiable sources. As bad as the BBC might be, it is actually amusing, that Indymedia would presume to preach to them.


Flinstones Did It!

Light entertainment from UK Indymedia. Some local activists are fed up with the public transport system and have proposed a non-violent, inoffensive yet highly attention seeking protest. Their solution?

Build Your Own Bus
Made of cardboard and "people powered", they aim to take to the streets the following Saturday, stopping at bus stops to encourage passengers to avoid paying excessive fares to First Buses.
Patrick says, "It's at times like this that we can
draw on humour and our creative thinking to make real changes. We just changed First to Last.
Campaigners from "We Want Our Buses Back " are encouraging everyone to find creative ways to avoid paying First bus fares; walk, cycle, car-pool, hire a mini-bus, organise a walking bus, whatever you can think of. The idea is to gradually increase pressure on First until they are willing to negotiate with their passengers.
Good for them.

Sadly, it's not an original idea.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Abu Ghraib Again

New Orleans Indymedia reports: "OUTRAGEOUS TORTURE IN THE U.K."
Abu Hamza Al-Mizri (AKA 'The Hook'), was convicted of terror charges and will be spending quite some time in an English jail.

These accusations of torture, are of course an attempt to create another 'Abu Ghraib'. Naturally, the facts are irrelevant. It is true his hooks (they weren't prosthetic hands) were initally removed as it was possible he could injure himself or others. However, they were replaced at a cost to the English taxpayer of £5,000 with non-metal replacements. As for doing nothing himself?

According to this report:
He is unable to clean himself as he could do himself an injury. So prison officials have hired a male nurse named Harry to perform the task.

A prison source said: "He's known as 'Dirty Harry'. This guy has got one of the worst jobs in the world. His main reason for being there is to clean Hamza's backside. Everyone's having a laugh about it. But Hamza can't be left unclean. It would be a health hazard."
Yup. There sure is torture going on in English prisons, but it's not happening to terrorists.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Who was Behind Those Cartoons?

Indymedia UK is asking: Who was behind those antimuslim cartoons?

Well duh! It was the Jews of course.
As suspected, and claimed on this blog over the weekend, the inflammatory anti-Muslim cartoons published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten were a deliberate provocation designed to outrage and incite Muslims and thus engender support in Europe and America for the manufactured “clash of civilizations” engineered by the Straussian neocons. As Christopher Bollyn writes for the American Free Press, the neocon operative behind the cartoon scheme is Flemming Rose, cultural editor of Jyllands-Posten, who has “has clear ties to the Zionist Neo-Cons.” Rose “traveled to Philadelphia in October 2004 to visit Daniel Pipes, the Neo-Con ideologue who says the only path to Middle East peace will come through a total Israeli military victory. Rose then penned a positive article about Pipes, who compares ‘militant Islam’ with fascism and communism,” Bollyn reveals.

Daniel Pipes is one of the more virulent and hateful of the Straussian neocons, famous for his racist and xenophobic statement that Muslim immigrants are “brown-skinned peoples cooking strange foods and not exactly maintaining Germanic standards of hygiene,” an attitude straight out of the Nazi school of racial hyperbole (a philosophy embraced by no small number of Jabotinsky Likudites and their fellow travelers among the traitorous Straussian neocons).
Straussian Neocons. Has a much nicer ring than zio-neo-fascist-PNAC-zio-hasbarian-neocon-ziocon-crypto-neo-zio-hasbarian-zio-zio-zio-quadruple masonic-neo-totalitarian-zio-neo-zippady-doo-dah-zio-rotarians doesn't it?

Do you think Mossad pays them in cash or uses Paypal?

No wonder UK Indymedia can't be critical of Iran, when the news outlets of both have so much in common.


Defending Evil

UK Indymedia is reporting another sad case from Iran:
An Iranian court has sentenced a teenage rape victim to death by hanging after she weepingly confessed that she had unintentionally killed a man who had tried to rape both her and her niece.
The first comment in response:
I wonder why our neo-con warmongers never post about capital punishment in the United States, or anywhere else that still uses this barbaric practice.

Surely nothing to do with whipping up propaganda for a war on Iran .... ?
Irrespective of your position on capital punishment, there is a difference between execution of a murderer who has been subject to a trial in a country that respects the rule of law, and this. The girl in question would likely not have even been convicted in America, yet she is to be hanged in a country that stones gays to death, and yet the commenter on UK Indymedia can't see any difference.

I have said before that too many on Indymedia take their freedom for granted.
We now know why an Iranian Indymedia isn't going to happen soon thanks to local bloggers being tortured.

But you won't hear about any of this on the Indymedia sites whose contributors take their freedom completely for granted. They aren't concerned with real oppression, real censorship, real fascism or real anything. While people are thrown in jail for speaking their mind and fatwas issued for dissent, those with both the right and privilege to do so seem more concerned with breaking stuff and bitching about America. What hypocrisy! What happened?
Nothing has changed, and now a little girl is going to die. Well done "activists"!

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Someone Slept Through the War

Melbourne Indymedia is detailing "what to do" if confronted by ASIO - Australia's spy agency. Some advice:
They may take away your freedom, disable you, seriously injure you or even kill you in the process but if you think you can defend yourself then it's guaranteed to only make it harder and even more difficult for you to survive.

God bless all of yu. They have started world war 4
Damn! World War III came and went and I must have slept through it. Who won?


Zionists Eh?

The Great Zionist Conspiracy continues, over on Quebec Indymedia which reports:
Skullduggery on Parliament Hill: Like a fixed fight,David Emerson ran as a "Ringer" for the right-wing Harper Conservatives.

Why else would Emerson immediately "defect" the Liberal party when he was just elected and why would Steven Harper encourage him to do so?
Maybe its because they are both backed by the the "Zionist" Aspers family who owns the CanWest media conglomerate?

David Emerson,the Aspers and PM Steven Harper have formed an alliance to advance an Israeli Govt.agenda in Canada! Obviously CanWest's Aspers, bank-rolled Harper (and Emerson) to obtain a big hand in running the new (Asper/Harper) Canadian Govt.!
Jews Zionists controlling Government and the Media? Of course! The author forgot to mention banks and the global economy but I think he made his point.


Muslim Cartoon Violence: A Zionist Plot

BC Indymedia is convinced the current Muslim rioting and violence is in fact, like everything else, a Zionist plot.
"If the issue is really one of free speech, would you publish cartoons making fun of the Jewish Holocaust?" I asked Rose and the editors. "If not, do you at least support the right of newspapers and individuals to raise historical questions about the Holocaust?"
Subsequently to this, in scenes reminiscent of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan in the last week, the Jewish Street has exploded with rage.


UK Indymedia - Cartoon Capers

It's hard to know where to start on this article on UK Indymedia speculating the 'real story' behind the cartoons of Mohammed and the ensuing Muslim violence.
So, what did Flemming Rose, the culture editor of Jyllands-Posten do at this time of heightened racial tension? He defied a strict taboo, to publish twelve cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as a terrorist, inflaming Islamic nations.
Noting the nearly six month gap between the Jyllands-Posten printing the cartoons and the outbreak of violence, I think "inflaming" is the wrong word. Smouldering perhaps?
Arnauld Levy of France-Soir also chose to exercise his freedom to blaspheme when race relations with French Muslims are at an all time low, after urban riots and a ban on wearing headscarves in school, another infringement of Islam’s cherished precepts.
Doesn't blasphemy only refer to your own religion?
Defamation of their beliefs in newspapers was a dirty trick and not about free speech, but the slander of a billion Muslims, and there are laws against that, although the ADL only seem to activate when Jewish sensibilities are offended. European freedom of speech is thin on the ground when historians inquire into the accuracy of the Holocaust.
It is of course completely unclear what the Jews have to do with any of this.
These drawings were not simply insensitive, but deliberate provocation, goading a reaction from Muslims worldwide. The anticipated backlash from angry extremists, who used their freedom of expression to demand the death of their enemies, was opportune for the ‘Racial and Religious Hatred Bill’ which outlaws ‘glorifying terrorism’ and was recently defeated in the House of Lords.
Anticipated backlash? You mean the killings or the threats of beheading. In any case, Surely Jyllands-Posten gave up anticipating after 3-4 months. Who knew?
This legislation is really intended to curb dissent in the ‘war on terror’ and in light of the timely “hate-filled” protests in London, will likely be reintroduced. Ministers insist the new law would not affect “criticism, commentary or ridicule of faiths” but denigrating Islam is clearly acceptable in the UK anyway.
Oh please.
The warmongers want a ‘Clash of Civilizations’ with a showdown in the Middle East, and a terror attack by “al Qaeda” will be more plausible in the aftermath of this furore. Therefore, if a degenerating US city gets a surprise nuclear makeover, there will be guns blazing all the way to Tehran and beyond.

It would be a Godsend for the War President and both Bush and Blair said on the same day this week, that they are looking forward to a free and democratic Iran, which reveals that ‘regime change’ and an ‘oil change’ are the true motives for confrontation and Iran’s alleged nuclear ambitions were never the issue.

We are reminded that a free press is fundamental to democracies, who instigated the present crisis, but Europe is the current target of Muslim indignation. President Chirac has previously warned that he is prepared to use France’s nuclear capability against States responsible for a terrorist outrage in his country.

Another ‘false flag’ will be the catalyst to prompt retaliation, which will trigger WWIII. Religious intolerance and fanaticism are being blamed for fanning the flames of conflict and the proposed solution for peace among men, is the integration and unity of all faiths. That old chestnut again, a Global Religion.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


What's Wrong with Indymedia?

This article on Sydney Indymedia, recycles an old favourite:
What Bush & Cheney do not want you to know

This is a message we all need to get out into the open: "The September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks were all faked and there is no reason to fear and hate Muslims and Islam, but rather, we should all fear the real terrorists who staged these controlled demolitions and organized this state of perpetual war against middle-eastern countries for economic motives.
which is then followed by links to major 9/11 conspiracy theory websites.

In other words, yet another argument on Indymedia insisting 9/11 was all a US Government plot (with plenty of help from Jews).

A subsequent comment states:
This kind of thing is ruining Indymedia's reputation.
Which kind of thing? The 9/11 conspiracies? The continuing antisemitism? No.

The author of the above comment was quite okay with the 9/11 material and had written in response to the first comment on the page, which replied to the 9/11 article thus:
Thanks dickhead
That is ruining Indymedia's reputation. The rest of the material is a good thing.

Remember. Calling someone a "dickhead" is bad. Comments such as this however:
fat brain dead turd sharon is is a worthless fat blob of decaying shit
as reported here or this:
The zionists, it seems, are infatuated with blood. Tainted blood, that is, which they make to spread among large groups of the population of the world.
as reported here or this:
Medical observers say sharon's failure at having the ability to wake means the inbreed comatose condition is due to his total lack of a brain function, which can be traced back to the imbeciles inbred origin that began for all the zionazis back in Rome a few dozen generations ago by four lunatic zionazi whores working the brothels of Rome which is probably the root cause of the insane brain-dead imbeciles lack of abilities.
as endorsed by Sydney Indymedia moderators are fine.

However, calling a 9/11 conspiracy theory a "dickhead"? No way man! That's just going too far! Note, the complainant is considering joining the Sydney Indymedia collective.


Saturday, February 04, 2006


Anyone speak Hungarian?

If anyone speaks Hungarian, could you go to this page on Indymedia Hungary and tell me what they are saying about me.

Friday, February 03, 2006


World Can't Wait - Dangerous

I previously reported on suspicions the World Can't Wait was simply a front for the Revolutionary Communist Party. Infoshop News has more.

The World Can't Wait FAQ has now been updated to admit it in a token mention. Note, there appear to be problems deep-linking directly to pages on the site, so I have pasted sufficient extracts to allow you to search their site directly or find a Google cache if they change it.
Q: But aren't there communists in World Can't Wait?
A: Yeah, there are. Supporters of the Revolutionary Communist Party helped initiate it. They have said they're in it because they think it's absolutely urgent to get rid of this regime, that it would both lift a huge burden from the world and would also give people a sense of their own potential power, and they think all that would open up avenues to get to the society they want.
Note the terminology: "yeah". They stopped short of saying "no shit" and "fo shizzle" but it's clear to which demographic the document was aimed.
But to turn the question around, if you refuse to pitch in to building this movement to drive out the Bush regime, when you know that this is what has to be done, just because there are communists in it, then you need to think about how well that worked back in Nazi Germany (when the many forces opposed to Hitler could not find the ways to unite). And how exactly would you explain your particular brand of "abstinence only" policy to a prisoner at Abu Ghraib or a teenager in Tennessee who desperately needs an abortion or someone whose mother was killed at a checkpoint near Falluja? And then after you think about that, you need to actually start working on driving out this regime. To stand aside at this point is really unconscionable.
To turn the question around again however, tell us about the millions who have died under Communism, or the fact that Hitler and the Communists had one very big thing in common - Socialism. Not a word, of course.

No doubt the kids who would skip school to join this group's activities, probably don't know a lot of this. Cunning isn't it?

Far less cunning, it seems World Can't Wait also get their news and ideology from disturbing sources such as Counterpunch. World Can't Wait's website has published this which states:
American politicians, whose strings are pulled by the American-Israeli Political Action Committee despite AIPAC's current engulfment in spying charges against the US, are demanding that the US attack Iran in order to protect Israel.

One excuse for these demands is the statement by the new Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that Europeans should give Israel a piece of Europe and move the country there. His statement that Israel should be wiped out is a statement intended for Muslim ears, not a declaration of an Iranian program of action. The Iranian president is simply elevating Iran's standing among Muslims by taking advantage of the anger that President Bush has created against the US and Israel.

In summary: Classic antisemitic canard that Jews secretly control the US Government, followed by fantasy that the Iranian President didn't really want to destroy Israel when he said precisely that, it was just politics.

Stop right there.

I hope the impressionable teens that have been recruited by World Can't Wait, who specifically targeted kids with language, pretty colours and music, will stop banging their saucepans long enough to realize this group actually represents a dangerous philosophy which goes far, far beyond George W Bush.

This is the same group, who, with a straight face endorses arguments that The Bush Administration is more dangerous than Nazi Germany. I'm not talking about tacky "Bush=Hitler" placards, but full discourses by the World Can't Wait chiefs:
Even among those who hate the Bush regime, many feel that making such a comparison is too extreme or disrespects those who suffered and died under the Nazis.

But the question must be asked, is it true? Are there similarities that merit recognition? Are there lessons we should be learning?

The answer is yes.
Fortunately, it would seem the group isn't especially popular, based on the numbers at nearly every event they've organized to date. However, looking under the hood and knowing this is more than just an anti-Bush project, would you want your kids brainwashed by this group?


Speaking of Controversial Cartoons...

The adventures of Noam Chomsky - The Cartoon.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Black People

LA Indymedia is carrying a World Can't Wait Report of their protest activity yesterday.
A preliminary estimate of about 3,000 people gathered and marched in Los Angeles to refuse to recognize this regime and to drown out Bush’s lies. The march was led by the Aztec dancers, and when it took off from Hollywood and Highland, many tourists and shoppers from all over the world who hadn’t heard of the protest joined in.
I suspect the tourists and shoppers thought it was Mardi Gras. If however, they were excluded from the statistics, what does it say about the local numbers? Plenty.
The Watts drum corps had organized in south central and put out their own call to take up the demand, Bush Step Down; and there was a significant number of black people, old and young, in the crowd.
It's good to see black people getting involved in dehmocracy yes sah!
The high school youth were once again in the lead - with several walk-outs that we know of and over 27 schools in the house. Many youth had come to the office for materials and organized friends and others when they heard of the protest through My Space.
Can you say "Day off school"?
But not far behind were the 60's generation people who remembered driving out Nixon
As I recall, Nixon didn't step down immediately after a poorly attended protest by 1-3000 people nationwide. I suspect the similarities and vast differences between Nixon and Bush will be lost on those kids who have a preference for skipping school anyway. I do know after Watergate, the World didn't have to Wait all that long...

According to the report (and not verified), a reporter on Channel 11 Fox said: "We were skeptical at first, but Nixon was forced to resign - these people may have a point."

Most of us are still unsure what it is, though we understand it involves saucepans.

Speaking of protests, LA Indymedia is also reporting (acutally, plagiarizing) an article on recent riots in Israel.
A brutal "Police Riot" has just occurred in Israel, storming protestors with horses and swinging batons, hurting whoever is in their way. There are reports of a several hundred civilians injured including three Knesset members, Effie Eitam (knocked unconscious), Aryeh Eldad (broken arm), and Rabbi Binyamin Elon. Nothing has been seen like this in the free world since the Police Riots during the Chicago Democratic Convention in 1968.

After those violent events, Chicago's late Mayor Daley slipped and unapologetically blurted out, "The police aren't there to create disorder, they're there to preserve disorder," proving the protestors claims that the police came to the site, with the intension of breaking heads and inflicting massive casualties.
Police brutality? Indymedia hates cops and loaths police brutality at protests.

Except when it's Jews getting the baton.
Those redneck racist zionist settlers should have been shot down like dogs in the street.
Says Eitam, "Early on, I [settler] was hit, knocked down, and run over by a horse and lost consciousness."


Once again, imc lets itself be used for more zionist propaganda. And once again the zionists come to us with crocodile tears.
Get that? Indymedia of all places is used for Zionist propaganda. Obviously the ads in Der Sturmer weren't effective enough.


Jews versus Muslims

A post on Melbourne Indymedia asks: Is Judaism Racism?

As a longstanding Indymedia reader, I have no doubt it is not an innocent question, and the author had a very specific agenda in raising the question.

However, the ensuing debate is remarkably civil for Indymedia. For now anyway.

By contrast, this post also on Indymedia addresses the cartoons of Mohammed which have had the blogsphere abuzz this week. Many readers will be familiar with the case, of cartoons published by Dutch newspaper Jyllands-Posten which resulted in burning of Danish and Norwegian flags in Gaza, bomb scares and death threats against the newspaper, worldwide boycotts and threats of suicide bombings. Not exactly an angry letter to the editor!

As the European mainstream press and the blogsphere discuss the ramifications of this activity on journalistic freedom of speech, Melbourne Indymedia of all sites, has hidden the post. Odd.

What's not odd however, is that the discussion on the hidden post very quickly degenerates into simple Jew hatred.
There have been thousands, if not millions of cartoons attacking Jews and the US, many of them right here on Indymedia. Check 'em out.


But you get upset because of some cartoons that might offend Muslims.
A valid point. The immediate response?
Yes David, you are are as stupid as the Zion-Nazis who infest and operate this site who so love to promote and defend FAITH in the indoctrinations of JUDAISM. Good WORK, David.
Someone calls him on this hijacking:

This is about a Danish editor that was told to forget about Western freedom of expression, you cannot show a tiny picture of a historical prson called Muhammad because Muslims do not like it.
...Please keep to the question
Not bloody likely...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Kosher Dogfood

An article on Sydney Indymedia reports:
A Canterbury woman's plan to send powdered dog food to starving Kenyan children has not been given the thumbs up by Oxfam New Zealand. - http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff/0,2106,3555626a4560,00.html

A shipment of 6000 emergency packs of dog food mixture is bound for Rusinga Island on Kenya's Lake Victoria as part of a relief effort for the area's starving children.

Christine Drummond, founder of Mighty Mix dog food, said she was working with a Kenyan aid agency to provide the raw ingredients for a special nutritional food.

But the scheme has failed to get the thumbs up from at least one international aid agency.
I'm not surprised.

Who is at fault? It's written on Sydney Indymedia, so who do you think? Comments answer the question:
these people are disgusting poisoning people by the millions treating them like dogs .. there must be some zionazis envolved (sic) in this operation it is so disgusting ..

no telling what is really in the mix those lunatics are pushing on those poor people.
At this point, someone usually chimes in and says "that comment was obviously written by a Jew Zionist to try and discredit Indymedia" (as though it needed help). It would still beg the question, what does one actually need to say before the Sydney Indymedia moderators will do anything.


Chicago Can't Wait Either

Andrew Marcus reported on the Chicago World Can't Wait anti-Bush protest.

His report included a video, which is worth watching if you weren't one of the hundred or so people (and one Protest Warrior) there proving how popular World Can't Wait is.

Yes, they were banging saucepans in Chicago as well.

Off topic, some of the comments on Andrew's post also suggest Google may be censoring videos.


World Can't Wait Photos

LA Indymedia has plenty of Photos from the World Can't Wait organized rally.

Here are just two.

Bush Step Down, but perhaps leave your basic English program behind.

Also, courtesy of LA Indymedia, here is a Quicktime movie of some protesters. Yes, they actually were banging saucepan lids like I suggested.

Leigh notes:
That Bush managed to say his whole State Of The Union speech without having to step down, and take his program with him...Details of the protests are also sketchy, mostly because they weren't big enough to get picked up by the mainstream media. So there's not much to report on so far, other than the failure of World Can't Wait to achieve anything.
Size estimates vary. Some claim 300, the organizers claim 2000. Either way, I guess the World will have to keep on Waiting.

In the interim, perhaps the organizers could politely suggest Hamas or the Iranian Government step down take their agenda with them? Nah!

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