Sunday, July 31, 2005


We are all idiots

I have been forced to turn off commenting. I could not delete some comments fast enough and have no interest in providing a forum for garbage which is as offensive as it is stupid.

A summary of the material deleted (lest I be accused yet again of "cowardice" and "narrow mindedness" by a person who is so "open minded" his brain has fallen out) is as follows.

The comments are interchangable for 9/11, the London Bombings and any terrorist attacks yet to occur.

1) The Government story keeps changing. Ergo, it was a Government plot. Read comments and my response here. I note the media might be responsible for the story changing far more than the Government who may not hav said anything, leaving the media with airtime to fill. We all learnt after Jenin and the Faked Memos that the media actually has the brass to file a story from A to Z even though it turns out (later) none of it was true. Indymedia was meant to be an antidote to this. Fat chance!

2) If you automatically believe everything the Government (or this blog says) you are an idiot. Actually, I couldn't agree more. However, this does not mean you should suspect absolutely everything either, unless you have a whole lot of tinfoil handy.

3) There only people who could benefit from this are.... The Gubment. Ergo, it was a Government plot.

etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.....

As I mentioned earlier, there are certain people who have long since reached the conclusion that these two attacks (and any yet to come) are the (insert country) Government's doing. This position is unlikely to change. All that is required is to backfill the facts leading up to this conclusion. There is no answer I could give that would yield anything other than more 'questions'.

Sorry, I don't need to provide a forum for conspiracy theorists, lunatics, anti-Government, antisemitic losers who can cut and paste replies quicker than I can delete them. They already have plenty of websites to hang out with similarly minded (or mindless) others. I am more sorry that this has silenced my other readers for the time being.

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