Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Zionized Google

San Francisco Indymedia is taking a break from cop bashing to report on "Zionized Britain". It leads with the astonishing question:
If Tony Blair isn’t a white supremacist how dare he is suggesting that Democracy is the right way forward for the Muslim world. How come he knows better than the Muslims what is good for them?
I suspect you'll find it's an opinion. One which we are all entitled to, and which I might add, many people, including Iraqis and Afghani Muslims who just voted, agree with.

This then condemns a post-London terrorist attack report on the BBC which asks "how the Israelis cope with the threat of terror” on their transport networks.
Seemingly, we are now supposed to be learning from the experience of the Israelis. Ask yourselves why. Simply because we are now fully Zionised, we are fighting the Zionist wars and we pay the heaviest price for it.
How does one become "Zionised" exactly? A quick Google News search for the term revealed the Al-Jazeera op-ed article which had been reprinted by Indymedia.

Chalk up another questionable source that Google regards as news.

Do I say questionable because (apparently) I am an "obsessive Zionist"? No. Rather, because of matter-of-fact comments like this:
I remember some reports from Israel that MI6 and the CIA were there amongst the IDF forces who flattened Jenin Refugee Camp
Excuse me? Obviously the writer ignored the memo that the Jenin destruction/massacre/flattening never happened...

The writer, Gilad Atzmon is described here as a subliterate ex-Israeli saxophone playing Socialist anti-Semite Kapo.

That the Arab media and Indymedia would run materially false, blatant anti-Israel propaganda like this really comes as no suprise.

That Google continues to rely on them both as a credible news source however, does.


Take just a moment and tell Google what you think.

To my Jewish friend. Let's get this straight now. I know how you people make an art form out of the use of repetition in propaganda, mischaracterization of comments, take one comment out of a large body of work and claiming it portrays the whole, but anyway, just for the record. YOU are not obsessively Zionist. *This blog*, unfortunately, is. Kind of like an unhealthy pre-occupation. In your case, it's just your ordinary Jewish solipsism. :D It's ok, we know you can't help it.

But it's not fair to slam your politics as obsessive. *You* are a passionate, zealous, radical, hardline, hardcore, extreme Zionist (pick yer adjective). You really shouldn't take any of those as insults because all those adjectives apply to some of my political passions, too. Your blog, yeah, obsessive. You, no, not really. Calling someone's political passion an obsession is a nasty thing to say, and although you folks would surely stoop, (some of) we Christians have some values, even in the dirty world of politics. Kind of a Jewish/Christian culture clash there, you know?
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