Thursday, February 22, 2007


Fun Downunder

US Vice-President Dick Cheney is touring Australia.
As might be expected, protesters have planned to 'greet him'.

Since its Seattle inception, Indymedia has always been very good at photos from the 'front-line' of (often violent) protests and a great source for 'action shots'.

Sydney Indymedia however, is down. Melbourne Indymedia will no doubt have photos in the next day or so, once again raising the question of 'local' IMC sites.

In the meanwhile, Melbourne Indymedia has photos of the Killer Clouds of Doom.

Update: Photos of protest activity, and usual accusations of "Police Violence" have appeared.
My god Elliot, I was astounded by the images of extreme police violence in your post. I was particularly alarmed at the image of the violent police standing in a line looking at the backs of the protesters - very violent stuff indeed! Get a life sook........
Elsewhere, this is what passes for intelligent political discourse at Melbourne Indymedia:
Who is gonna take this smug C#$t down?
Real nice...

The whole Chemtrail debate came up at an Indymedia UK meeting a little while ago. I'm glad to say we adopted a policy of hiding this nonsense. A policy that remains today I understand.

I'd like to see almost the entire 9/11 debate go the same way as well as I think it equaly lacking in value and a distraction from far more important matters but there are still some pushing it along.

I think most sensible people have woken up to the fact that the 911 industry is just a money making opportunity for many of those involved in it but of course the hard core tin hat brigade can never be convinced (as can be seen from a couple of posts on the UK site this week.)

Regards - ex IMC'er
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