Sunday, July 10, 2005


Sticks and Stones

My blog has been called a sewer.According to "Wild Bull":
To earn this rating, a Web site should
  • use pejorative (=bad-mouth) epithets frequently;
  • avoid reasoning of any kind;
  • trample on facts;
  • grossly distort what persons of other views say.
Unsurprisingly, "Wild Bull" doesn't provide a single specific example, other than merely listing my site amongst others.

I'm sure however that he wouldn't "grossly distort what persons of other views say".

Looking at some of the links he endorses on his site, such as London bombing related Jewish conspiracies (one of many) I can guess why he might take exception to some of the content of mine.

Don't worry Bull, I've been called worse things by giant loonies before.

Update: Via the comments, I learn that Wild Bull's blog is missing altogether. Call me names if you will, but at least this 'sewer' isn't 404...

Funny....Wild Bull(shit) link goes to Error 404. Perhaps his site can't handle all the traffic....(not!)
Awwww ... there goes my chance to get listed. :(
Thx again, my Jewish friend, for calling me a giant loony. I think that's pretty much what I am, right? Couldn't agree more. Mazel tov!
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