Friday, July 01, 2005


Sticks and Stones

I have been called an Obsessive Zionist by a rabid antisemite (with a bad case of logorrhea) for my comments condemning antisemitism here.

I have no doubt Robert Lindsay will insist he isn't an antisemite, and am certain some of his best friends are Jewish. Heard it all before.

If I have offended or annoyed trash like him, then I plan to celebrate and have a great weekend.

Other peoples' thoughts on this guy.

Update: Robert Lindsay has responded in the comments on this post, as well as here and here.
He starts thus:
Well hello there, "Johnson", my Jewish friend. So nice to meet you after all this time. I never thought you would respond to my missive
[Numerous paragraphs deleted]
Umm... Sure. Whatever...

I had never previously heard of Robert Lindsay and only discovered his site via a link in my referrer log (as linked to above). He is evidently convinced I'm a stalker of his (no doubt one of many). He thinks I'm several other things as well. I guess paranoia will do that eventually. For a whackjob he does use big words. I'm surprised Indymedia isn't citing his work as an authoritative source more often.

The rest of his reply descends even lower, into antisemitism. Whilst Lindsay will argue I'm just imagining it (and a paranoid obsessive Zionist Jew with a victim complex), I'm pretty comfortable with that assessment. On that basis, I shan't engage him and hope he goes away.

How seriously can you take someone who thinks Melanie Phillips is a leftist?
forget him. he doesn't even know that both Trotsky and Marx were Jewish. That fact alone destroys his ridiculous theories.
Well hello there, "Johnson", my Jewish friend. So nice to meet you after all this time. I never thought you would respond to my missive. Yes, you are an obsessive Zionist, and there is probably 90%+ chance you are Jewish also. Re: my logorrhea, just call me Windbag for short. BTW, I didn't criticize you for your comments "condemning anti-Semitism". At some times and places, that is an appropriate thing to do. To Jews and Jew-lovers, due to their basic natures, "condemning anti-Semitism" descends into the realm of the ludicrous and idiotic.

The reason Jews act this way is because they are the most ethnocentric ppl on Earth. Hence, obviously, they are obsessed with their enemies (mostly imagined). Also, most Jews need to be victims and need to feel that most ppl hate them for perverse tribal reasons. You are a choice example of all of these classic pathologies. As far as whether I am an anti-Semite or not, there is no point answering any charge of anti-Semitism levelled by a Jew for the simple reason that calling ppl anti-Semite is a Jewish game.

It's a game that Jews love to play, to torture their mostly innocent victims. It's a charge for which one can never be aquitted without kissing the feet of the Jews in the most abject manner, if even then. Since in this Kangaroo Jewish Anti-Semitism Court, one is always guilty, there is no reason to offer any defense. I will say that I think the levels of anti-Semitism on some parts of the Left are getting really disturbing, but I don't include myself in that.

These are folks going way further than I do. And thank you for calling me trash; I appreciate it.

To JLC, clearly Melanoma Philipps is a leftwinger; she even admits it.

To JL, I have known for some time now that both Trotsky and Marx were Jewish. Marx I think was 1/2 Jewish. Trotsky all the way. I am also aware that Lenin was 1/4 Jewish. Where in God's name do you get this notion that I don't know about Marx and Trotsky being Jewish?

What a racist nutbag "Lindsay" is.

You know, the reason communo-facists act this way is that they are the most psychocentric people on earth. Hence, they are obsessed with their enemies (mostly people who aren't insane). Also, most communo-facists need to be victims and need to feel that they are oppressed to make up for the feelings of guilt that their mommies and daddie...sorry, their "parental units" instilled in them as child...sorry again, as "small adults".

Say "Lindsay", I am not Jewish and you read to me as a massive anti-semitical bigot.
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