Thursday, June 29, 2006


Endless Sea of Dumb

Some genius has posted a series of comments on various posts.
here at Indymedia watch we hate Jews.
Not really, however we have a major dislike of those who can't use capital letters correctly. Our friend continues:
look at the Jew hating crap that they have on indymedia watch! shocking Jew hating. why do you host such outragagous (sic) hate speech?

Or would that be to make the schoolboy error of confusing the medium and the message?
I think I undertstand what our capitally challenged friend is trying to say. This is not the first time I have heard this argument. The person is trying to suggest my criticisms of antisemitism (besides other flaws) on Indymedia are unfair as Indymedia is 'merely' the publishing medium and not necessarily the source of the opinions or content.

I have previously referred to this Standard Indymedia Defence and noted it doesn't excuse anything. I have also disagreed with Indymedia moderators who are unwilling to see their role in these problems.

Others have even suggested Indymedia complicity in the activities they claim no responsibility for.

As I write, a front page article on UK Indymedia stands as a shining example of taking zero responsibility and actively perpetrating libel. As invariably hidden comments on that post note:
It was not an Israeli shell and the BBC were forced to apologise for this which they have refuse to do. 6 Israeli shells were sent that day and 6 targets were known. None of these hit the beach concenrned and the shell found is not an Israeli shell. How typical of the media to twist everything and blame the massacres of innocent people on Israel when in fact it is the Arabs themselves.
23 messages deleted since earlier today I see. And this site continues to propagate the BIG LIE about the Gaza beach incident.
Now that this story has been repeatidly shown to be false it asks the question why Indymedia UK continues to have it as a promoted story on its centre section.
Now that this stroy has been shown to be false why is it still here. It fails the "Editorial Guidelines" test. Or do those infamous guidelines only apply to chosen posts ?
Hidden. There's plenty more as well. I raise it noting with interest that our commenter hails from the UK - (

According to our anonymous commenter, we shouldn't blame Indymedia.

Some people never were good at accepting responsibility.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Google Still Regards Indymedia as News

A Google News Search for Indymedia provides a damning list of the Indymedia sites and the articles therein which Google currently regards as credible, legitimate news sites.

Here's some news for Google: Indymedia is completely unrestricted. That means, anybody can post anything to Indymedia. The material is not fact-checked nor corrected. The publisher is not accountable and as a news source it is simply not credible.

It is however, massively racist, antisemitic and demonstrably libellous. So much of the content is not even "news" but recycled, dated propaganda copied verbatim on numerous sites.

Is this what Google considers appropriate as a 'news source'? If so, how low is the bar actually set?

Google's Corporate Philosophy, Point 10, "Great just isn't good enough" stands in grave doubt as long as Indymedia is considered good enough. Hell, even material that isn't good enough for Indymedia is good enough for Google.

Google continues to discredit itself.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Fish Hating Philanthropist

Warren Buffet may be contributing most of his massive fortune to charity, but that is not good enough over at Indybay. For you see, Buffet hurts fish.
“While Billionaire Warren Buffet says he intends to work with the Gates Foundation to donate billions of dollars to charity, one of his subsidiaries owns dams on the Klamath River that are killing salmon.”
Come on people! Defending salmon is an acceptable cause, but to lambaste the guy on the very day he donates a record amount of money to help people around the world is a bit slimy, even for Indybay.


Blatant Hypocrisy

When is execution of a homosexual acceptable? When Iran does it of course!
“I'm sorry for what happened to those boys. However, I will not protest in the current political environment lest my actions be mistaken or misinterpreted as support for regime change in Iran. I will not add any kindling, no matter how small, to the mad fires of U.S., Israeli and Western imperialism and the quest for world domination, which want very much to torch Iran to the ground, its institutions, civil society, museums, libraries, schools and mostly its people, as has been done in neighboring Iraq.”
The double standard that some people hold for repressive regimes is sickening. How can you possibly say you support human rights and not take a stand against this type of action by the Iranian government?

We saw this same double standard pop up concerning the genocide in Darfur. A number of Indybay folks even claimed that the protests aimed at ending the genocide were revealing [their] true aims--to villify (sic) the arab world, thus deflecting from the criminal state of Israel.” Vilify? I know that this may not gel well with Indybay, but genocide is taking place in Darfur. If anything, these types of activists demonstrate an obvious disregard for human life, unless it is people who fall under their “pet projects”.

In the eyes of many Indymedia writers, even when genocide is perpetuated in Africa, Israel is to blame. What these activists need to realize is that many of us who support Israel also believe in a Palestinian state. I would not be able to defend every action Israel has taken against Palestine either. But to make the accusation that all the world’s problems pale in comparison to what is going on in the Middle East, or worse, that all the world’s problems are somehow an Israeli construct, then you have crossed the line into loony town. If you are going to hold Israel to such standards of conduct, you had better extend those principles to all nations and people.

When it comes down to it, the gay community will legally celebrate their rights and culture in cities across America and Israel, while their Iranian counterparts may be put to death by their government for simply being.

But of course, this is all the doing of those evil Zionists.

Monday, June 26, 2006


Vancouver is Back

Vancouver Indymedia is back.

Scrolling in reverse order, it got off to a great start with no fewer than four pages of predominantly recycled anti-Bush articles before it reverted to an excess of of one-sided articles about the evils of Israel.

One asks whether it is "Vancouver Indymedia or Middle East Indymedia?"
After being abroad for several months I was surprised to see that BC Indymedia was no more. But the reversion back to Vancouver Indymedia seems like a good move if the folks running it are based there. The new system seems interesting too.

But I am sad to see that it has fast become Middle East Indymedia once again. What the fuck!?!

Is there nothing of consequence going on in Vancouver, the lower mainland, BC or other occupied territories in Canada? Does everything of importance hinge upon the happenings in the Middle East? Is there nowhere else to carry on with these ceaseless back and forth debates?

I understand that the site is not running on all cylinders yet but judging by what I have seen in scanning the postings something must be done to limit the ability of a few people to monopolize the newswire.

I am sick to fucking death of these postings.
Can't imagine why... This is followed by a series of replies concerning Zionist control of the media. Gee, how original.

I'm not the only one who's noticed:
I just did a quick count of the latest ten pages of stories, and 59 out of 101 come from math2112, sometimes in spurts of six or eight in a row. With the possible exception of nessie's sandbox, I know of no other IMC so overwhelmed by the content of one poster.

But it's the nature of Indymedia that any decisions on what to do are in the hand of the local collective.
It sure is... Vancouver looks like another one they can be proud of.

If you view their "all-time popular content" you will notice the most reads any of the articles have had (at the time of posting this) is 465, for the "welcome to the new Vancouver Indymedia site" post. This high figure is largely from that post remaining on the front page "most popular" sidebar. Otherwise, it is all downhill from there and I am pleased to note this site records more readers.

I'm sure they'll get a bit of traffic from this site.

Who could resist stories about Secret electronic mind control technology or this cryptic piece (repeated several times) which makes me suspect someone is writing a spam-bot for Indymedia. Can't imagine why they'd bother, there's a perfectly good group of human spammers to keep it irrelevant and boring as hell.


Playing with Your Balls

Melbourne Indymedia is hosting an informative article on Keeping an Eye On Your Balls: Testicular Cancer Actually Happens. It's good reading for men and the Adults-only comments are as hilarious as the punchline.


Strange Accusations

Speaking of dickheads, Faruque Ahmed of all people has accused others of Internet sockpuppetry.

In this case, by accusing one Sydney Indymedia regular - "Nazihunter" of secretly being "Cam" a Sydney Indymedia moderator, who frequently censors Nazihunter. Go figure.
Zionised Cam

You do not have any respect for free speech, facts or any types of logic! You should be ashamed of your zionisation. I suspect you are zio-nazi-hunter under the guise of "cam".

Cam. do you like zio-nazi ethnic cleansing?

I'm confused
Submitted by Xenu on Mon, 2006/06/26 - 4:31am.

If Cam is Nazihunter, and Nazihunter is me, why do I hide my own posts?
Submitted by 5 on Mon, 2006/06/26 - 7:04am.

Because its all part of our secret jewish plot.

Notice how Faruque has failed to respond to any of the reasonable comments made on this thread?
Oh bloody hell.
Submitted by Nazihunter on Mon, 2006/06/26 - 7:33am.

Cam can't stand me.

Now that it turns out I am Cam, I am going to have to commit suicide in a most entertaining fashion. Any suggestions?
Death by Faruque perhaps?

In Faruque Ahmed's twisted mind, two people with fundamentally opposing political viewpoints are really the same person, simply because one thing they seem to agree on, is that Faruque Ahmed is an ass.

This sort of self defeating argument is not as rare as you think. If you think such an opinion is crazy (and let's face it, Faruque Ahmed is crazy) consider the bizarra Bush/Mossad/Saudi triangle previously mentioned here.


No one likes a wet blanket

Some folks over at Indybay are unhappy with the level of corporate sponsorship of recent gay pride events in San Francisco.

“This Sunday's parade called Pride kicks off at 10:30. This is the 36th time around for this grand demonstration of marketing and public relations.”

This is something I find interesting. I would assume that having a gay pride event sponsored by a corporation speaks volumes about the progress the gay community has made in the US.

I assume the author of this statement would prefer having the gay community on the fringes of society, and not part of its mainstream. It begs the question: do radicals at Indybay want the movements they claim to support reaching a broader audience, or would they prefer they stay small, ineffective, and selective?

Fortunately, one comment following the piece affirms a commitment to reason and progress, and not just ideological posturing.

“Then stop whining and don't go to the damn thing if you don't like it. I'm sooooo sorry it isn't to your liking, dear. I have been going to these parades since the first one, lead by Jesus Christ Satan with a UN flag, headed down Polk to City Hall. It has become a huge international event and should be celebrated as a good time. If you are so devastated by ads and corporate sponsors, then stay away! I look at it as an example of how mainstream we have become. Unlike some of the fringe, I regard being mainstream as good, not bad. Those who want to always be on the outside looking in can stay outside and leave the party alone. No one likes a wet blanket.”

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Smelly Sockpuppets

An Internet Sock Puppet is "an additional account created by an existing member of an Internet community. This account allows them to pose as a completely different user, sometimes to manufacture the illusion of support in a vote or argument."

Faruque Ahmed has a massive sockpuppet drawer in his bedroom and is well known for spamming predominantly Indymedia sites (and the odd private forum) with his spew. Why he posts under different handles is a frequent question asked of him (and never replied to) for his material is identical in a number of ways. Firstly, the spelling and English is consistently bad. Use of the unique terms "Zionazi", "Zionised", "Nitrogenous" and othe Faruqeisms leave little doubt as to the origin. Secondly, as I mentioned here, all of his articles feature dozens of references to the same sites. Why would anyone (besides Faruque Ahmed) link to other articles discussing (by name) Faruque Ahmed?

He clearly has an attention seeking disorder (amongst other disorders) and the evidence of it, when he is trying to pretend being someone else, is amusing.

Take this post on his antisemitic "Free America Now" Yahoo Group - one of his main link destinations. There's no point quoting it as you can guess what it says. If you scroll to the bottom of the message, you will see at least eight replies. These are all obviously by Faruque Ahmed. He is talking to himself. If you view his other posts (they're easy to spot) you will see the same phenomena. Can you say "sockpuppet"?

There is only one reply to his post which he didn't write and it is certainly worth reprinting:
Tell bullshit often enough and you will probably get one dickhead to
believe you!!

Cheers Bruce
Then there will be two dickheads. By the way, to be called a "dickhead" on a site such as Free America Now is quite an achievement. Congratulations Faruque Ahmed. The funny thing is, he will keep linking to that message and be convinced it is a Zionist plot when more people start to believe he is a dickhead.


Morons with Matches

As we approach the anniversary of Burn the Flag Day it seems some arsonists in Brooklyn have been getting in some early practice. An article on NYC Indymedia reports:
Someone set fire to seven American flags in a Brooklyn neighborhood yesterday, stoking outrage in a place where flags are displayed outside homes all year long.

Six of the flags hung at houses in Marine Park, and one was on a car. An investigator speculated that the vandals might be teenagers out of school for the summer. Law enforcement officials said the burnings did not appear to be hate crimes, but love crimes.
Needless to say that last bit wasn't actually a direct quote...

Comments throw fuel onto the flames:
at this point we should probably burn every flag we come across, send a message to the crypto-fascist ranks of the complacent bourgeoisie that their ignorance and apathy will not be brushed off so lightly as the world falls to shit around their cookie cutter sugar coated little lives...
all flags.countries and borders are illegal, they represent imperialism opression,religions,armys,wars ,money,corporations. no borders,burn the flags,abolish money,destroy capitalism and unite so we could controll our communities and what belongs to us. a liberated batlle agains capitalism and corporations and bosses. we want freedom! (A)SOLIDARITY TO OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN IRAQ ,AFGHANISTAN ,PALESTINE! SOLIDARITY TO OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN ISRAEL WHO REFUSE TO GO FIGHT IN PALESTINE AND ARE LOCKED UP IN PRISON. OUR PASSION FOR FREEDOM AND ANARCHISM IS STRONGER THAN ALL COUNTRIES AND CORPORATIONS!
Okey dokey...

One of their 'brothers' throws down the challenge:
Sigh...OK, Sean, you want to burn every flag? I suggest you start with the black and red ones first, since those are probably carried by friends of yours, if not yourself, then the Palestinian and Puerto Rican ones. If you're still alive after that, and haven't learned a lesson yet, I suggest going up to Harlem and burning the 'red, black and green' on a busy corner. Again, if you survive that, you can try Old Glory, but don't wimp out on us by doing it in The Village or Union Square. Do it Sunday morning in Bensenhurst, at a church when mass lets out.

Otherwise, breath deeply ten times and ask someone for a hug...
Good advice. It gets more interesting when he guesses at the perpetrators:
This is either dumbass kids or, more likely, rightwing provocatuers trying to build support for the 'anti-flag-burning' wedge issue the GOP, with an assist from Hillary, are stoking up for the next election.
Secret agents no doubt. Of course. This conspiracy is rapidly debunked:
I like how whenever some idiot does something stupid it's automatically a "provacateur" who did maybe it was just some dumbasses. You don't have to pass an IQ or maturity test to become a leftist...
Or post on Indymedia.

Update: Via comments, to the question "What is a love crime?" comes the answer: "A love crime is the sort of thing that will get you hanged in Iran, arrested in the US, defended in the Toronto Star and elected mayor in San Francisco."


Soldier of Fraud

Miami Indymedia and Sydney Indymedia are carrying similar articles about Lt. Watada, a US Soldier who has apparently refused orders to serve in Iraq.

He is being held up as a symbol of anti-war resistance.
Lt. Watada’s attorney Eric Seitz said, “This morning Lt. Watada has been restricted to base without any actual charges or proper process. By placing a complete gag order on Lt. Watada, the military has again shown that their first concern is silencing Lt. Watada's speech in opposition to the illegal war in Iraq. We will immediately challenge these highly questionable and improper restrictions." Mr. Seitz is currently the only non-military person authorized to have any contact with Lt. Watada.

Lt. Watada is the first commissioned officer to publicly refuse deployment to the war in Iraq. By refusing to participate in the on-going Iraq war and occupation, Lt. Watada joins a growing number of high ranking military officers, West Point graduates, and current and former members of the armed services who have expressed their opposition to the actions of the United States in Iraq. Lieutenant Watada’s refusal comes in the wake of a series of charges and convictions against lower ranking soldiers for participation in war-related crimes: 9 Marines charged with premeditated murder yesterday, charges of a massacre in Haditha, Iraq and convictions at Abu Ghraib Prison.

Lt. Watada faces possible court-martial charges for refusing to participate in the Iraq war and occupation and intends to defend himself based on the illegality of the Iraq war and occupation. Lt. Watada, age 28, was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii where he enlisted in the Army and was obligated to serve on active duty as an Army officer for a term of three years concluding on December 3, 2006
The last sentence indicates something important.

Comments on both sites have noted
Interestingly, he joined the Army in June 2003, after we had invaded Iraq (so the concept that he might have to go there shouldn't have come as a surprise to him)...Yes, that's right. This jerk volunteered to join the Army after the invasion of Iraq. If he really believed it was illegal, he wouldn't have joined. The whole thing is a cynical propaganda stunt.
A reasonable assumption indeed. After the Jesse Macbeth scandal, Watada could become the new anti-war hero that ultimately turns out to be a zero.

Michelle Malkin has more on this guy. His supporters are organizing a string of events on 27 June. Should be interesting...


Poor Faruque

Antisemitic attention seeker Faruque Ahmed (previously mentioned
here) is having a hard time.

Faruque has the annoying habit of providing links - by the dozen usually, to every other barely readable rant he has recently posted. Each article then links to each other and the antisemitism, stupidity and repetition grows exponentially.


Indymedia usually runs his material, because... Well, it's Indymedia. Sydney Indymedia even made a special point of running it as a regular feature after he threatened to spam their newswire should they refuse. In other words - he blackmailed them, they buckled and the antisemitism floweth in abundance.

Non-Indymedia sites have a much better record of consigning crap like his to where it belongs. This is why they are often respected and Indymedia isn't (but is terribly self-righteous about it).

Faruque has also been complaining about this treatement on one of his other haunts, a Bangladeshi forum which he linked to within the previously mentioned link-o-rama.:
Here is a sample of Muslim-Jew dialogue! They refuse to listen to you. They will drive Zionised tank over you as they are doing to Palestinian children.

Manager MSN Bulletin Board

Dear sir/madam

Socrates, Giovanni Bruno, Gandhi, Mandela … were all
condemned by ignorant so called "judges" of their time. Today, these "condemned" are revered and the so called "judges" are denounced and vilified. [ed - Faruque thinks he is Gandhi]

You too, will be denounced and condemned for your Zionised judgements and action!

After visiting your Bulletin Board I gained the impression that the board is run by Zionists or Zionist bootlickers for Zionists and their brainwashed, illegitimate “love” children. The "Board", overseen by you was and is full of anti-Muslim, anti-Arab slurs and slanders in many

When I started to post a few items on a number of occasions they were deleted and interfered with. A few rabid Zionists immediately and compulsively started to bark and bite. However, overall I did not mind all of those barkings and bitings. I was expecting debates, logical discussions based on facts and figures. However I was not expecting a pro Zionist, Nazi like henchman such as yourself masquarading as a so called unbiased manager/judge.

For your kind information, I have participated on many more Bulletin Boards and my postings on the very same subject are attracting more contributors, comments and viewers then many other subjects.

Initially like on your board, I faced a degree of barking and biting but I most certainly did not encounter the prejudiced, undemocratic, pro Zionist bulldozer prominent on the bulletin board overseen by yourself! In fact on one Board, the pro Zionist moderator attempted to drive his “tank” over me but the administration and the overwhelming majority of contributors, rightfully objected to his fascist proposal. Not only this, his second exchange with me completely contradicted his first exchange and exposed his Neo-Nazi, biased mind.

To you Sir/Madam, I wish to point out I refuse to swallow the mainstream, nitrogenous wastes dished up by the "tabloid trash" and demonstrated by "Pro Zionist 30 second grabs". Do not try to force me to lower my standards to your level.

For now, I am asking you to post this item on the board and reinstate my membership, with an apology.
A moderator of the Bangladeshi forum responded immediately:

Why are you sending the letter to us?
Poor guy... Nobody loves him.

Friday, June 23, 2006



Via referrer logs, I can see Faruque Ahmed's latest rehash of the same tired out material as always: Nazi Zionists Criminal Empire Must Be Exposed! Predictably, the only thing "exposed" is Faruque's antisemitism and Indymedia's acceptance of it.

He has apparently developed some rudimentary HTML skills (to match his rudimentary English and Debate skills) and the newest piece features More Links Than Ever. To what? To endless other circularly linked articles by Faruque Ahmed, copied by this bitter taxi driver all around Indymedia, from Sydney to Hawaii via Jakarta, India and South Africa for starters.What an ass.

Update: Leigh notes in comments, one of Faruque's links (and there are dozens) is to Nazi website Stormfront. Apparently it's not just Indymedia he frequents.


That Wonderful State Controlled Economy!

“The market economy has proven itself to be an absolute and utter failure. Those who insist that the “market” is the best way to run a country seem to be missing one of the basic feelings that human hearts have: care.” - Howard Switzer (unverified: posted on Indymedia Tennessee)

You know, the caring state controlled model that worked so well throughout the Communist world.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Indybay Delusions

When asked about the lack of allowed comments, one Indybay ‘editor’ stated:
“Please bear in mind that this is primarily a NEWS site, not a discussion forum.”



Fun with 9/11 Conspiracies

It seems like the 9/11 conspiracy theorists are coming out of the woodwork across various Indymedia websites. Indymedia North Carolina has a piece up that has been echoed across many IM sites this week (including our fine friends over at Miami IM):

“World Trade Center Destruction Was Controlled Demolition - Now there's PROOF!”

Wow! With a headline like that, it must be true. You may be asking, what sources do they have to substantiate this claim?

“The source...... .was an audio interview of Dr. Steven Jones by Alex Jones (no relation). I understand the interview took place at the Chicago 911 Truth Conference earlier this month. The whole interview is of interest. Alex Jones comes off slightly as the radio "shock jocky", maybe a little to often interrupts the academic for the sake of ostensible radio drama. Dr. Jones comes off as a prudent scientist valuing accuracy over sound bite drama. But that's just my take. Listen to the whole short interview.”

A radio interview with some Dr. who attended a 911 ‘Truth Conference’ is apparently all the proof required to host these claims with Indymedia.

Thankfully, one of the comments following this expose reveals the undisputed, correct conspiracy theory!

“I am amending my theory to center on newly found facts that indicate that the WTC was destroyed by aliens
Based on chemical analysis of WTC structural steel residue
I have concluded that extraterrestrials took part in the WTC attack and that they used technology imported into this galaxy.”

It all makes sense now…


Wacky Miami

Defenders of Indymedia frequently point out that much of the crazy stuff remains 'buried' on the (open, often unmoderated) newswire and you can judge the quality of Indymedia by what gets 'promoted' to the front page by the local moderators.

I've just had a glance at Miami Independent Media Center which appears to have....Issues.

On the front page, four out of the five top articles are:

JFK Murder Solved - Bush Sr. Link to Kennedy Assassination
A thorough, documented, criminal indictment of George Herbert Walker Bush, establishing beyond a reasonable doubt his guilt as a supervisor in the conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy.
Evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job
Here is a collection of videos on the web about the events of 911. Necessary viewing for anybody curious as to why this issue continues to be brought up, or who has doubts to the validities of the claim that 911 was an Inside Job.
9/11: Black Boxes from WTC Found by Firefighters, Analyzed by NTSB, Concealed by FBI
One of the more puzzling mysteries of 9-11 is what ever happened to the flight recorders of the two planes that hit the World Trade Center towers. Now it appears that they may not be missing at all. Counterpunch has learned that the FBI has them.
BYU Physics Prof Finds Thermate in WTC Physical Samples, Building Collapses an Inside Job
Based on chemical analysis of WTC structural steel residue, a Brigham Young University physics professor has identified the material as Thermate. Thermate is the controlled demolition explosive thermite plus sulfur. Sulfur cases the thermite to burn hotter, cutting steel quickly and leaving trails of yellow colored residue.
Pertaining to the last one, there is an excellent study of this Professor's 'discovery' here.

Needless to say, their newswire is far, far worse.

Also on the Miami newswire, comes this call for supporters:
I've checked the network, and there doesn't seem to be a Central Florida imc. I have recently moved to the orlando area from Cleveland, OH where I was an active member of the cleveland imc collective for several years. Another former imc member I know also lives in Florida atm, and is interested in forming a Central Florida imc.

If anyone else in the Central Florida region is also interested in formed an imc...
Cleveland does appear to be way better than Miami IMC (not that this is hard). However, does our motivated young friend really need to set up another Florida site while Miami looks the way it does? What's the point of another so-called 'local site' which may end up full of 'global' stories about Bush (and Israel) and not a whole lot else? What's the point. Clean up Miami before you spawn its offspring.

On another note, a question for readers. Given the mass of anti-Bush (rather than anti-Bush or anti-Republican politics) prevalent on the newswire, let's say, Bush was impeached, indicted or whacked tomorrow. What then?

Monday, June 19, 2006


World Cup Fever

Melbourne Indymedia is getting on the World Cup bandwagon by arguing: Soccer is boring.
"Ever wondered why so many people get stabbed or glasssed while watching a game of soccer? Because there's fuck all happening on the field."
Controversy ensues.


Greatest Conspiracy Ever

Via a comment on my previous post, I was referred to this comment from 2003 on Pittsburgh Indymedia which suggests possibly the wildest 9/11 theory yet.

It was all done with holograms.
if you get some of robert shapiros information (sedona journal) he describes the holographic projector as a circular or oval shaped object on the bottom of what ever is carrying it.
this info came out 10 years ago.look at the bottom of flight 175 and you'll see the projector
Even this is too much for some conspiracy theorists and it quickly turns into an all-in looney-fight:
You spam this place with the same old Pentagon images. Yeah, I've questioned the idea that they haven't found, or talked about, even a molecule of the remains of the plane or occupants.

But then you come in here with some sewage over the Towers, and "holograms". What kind of insane asylum refugee are you?

The second plane hitting has been documented from so many angles, both towers witnessed falling by so many people. All those people injured, or at the very least covered in human dust, were "projections"?

Oopsie! I made a funny. We all know how incredibly mentally disturbed Leftists project their infirmity on others....


New 9/11 Conspiracy

Via Miami Indymedia (definitely one for me to watch more closely) comes this report - 9/11: Black Boxes from WTC Found by Firefighters, Analyzed by NTSB, Concealed by FBI.

It's all a giant cover up. The FBI has concealed the black boxes (and managed to keep the whole thing a secret) to prevent Americans hearing the awful truth. Apparently the last words heard in the cockpit of the doomed airliners shortly before they hit the World Trade Centre were "Gee , I hope President Bush is proud of us, aim a bit to the left, yeeeehah..."


Comments on the post:
It doesn't matter what "incriminating evidence" is on those black boxes because Bush and his spin doctors would just deny it and their right wing supporters would say it was all just a vast left wing conspiracy! Again truth and documented evidence have no negative effect on the Bush Regime!
On the other hand, apparently it doesn't matter what "incriminating evidence" thousands of people in NYC watched - Indymedia and its morons would just deny it and their loony supporters would say it was all just a vast Bush conspiracy. Funny huh?

Saturday, June 17, 2006


More on (get it?) Faruque Ahmed

Following the links in my previous post, led me through a wonderful web of Faruque's stupidity along a common thread:

1) Post repetitive antisemitic and badly written rants about Jews to a variety of sites.

2) Append links in each article to numerous other articles creating a circular web of stupidity.

3) Perform all of the above under a variety of posting handles and pseudonyms, despite all having the same material and frequently referring to the same author by email address or his Yahoo Group (Free America Now).

4) Alienate the members of various sites, not limited to Indymedia.

5) Become convinced of grand conspiracy when said members take steps to remove Faruque from their midst.

I found this post on South Africa Indymedia. Notwithstanding that Faruque Ahmed is based in Sydney, Australia, he feels justified in spreading his special love all over the IMC network.

In this particular case, he is haranguing members of "Mukto Mona" which is described as a secular group of Bengali humanists.
I can produce tons of similar articles from our Mukto-Mona archive that extensively express our stand, but I am sure these will no way be sufficient to convince a taxi-revolutionary fanatic Islamic mind who chooses to hide himself under a weird pseudonym and associated with a hate-group “freeamericanow”. This pseudonymous guy has taken an onus in his shoulder to send and publish tons of article criticizing Zionised media and RACIST USA administration in that group (which is OK for me though), but he had not spent a single line on Islamic fundamentalism, Islamic violence or minority oppression in muslim-dominated countries so far in his group or in other forums. This typical mindset of defending his own dogma and spreading hateful comment towards others especially to the freethinkers and human rights activists eventually has revealed his own hypocritical mind, and nothing else.

I normally do not react to these silly non-senses, however our moderator Mehul Kamdar has personally requested me look at the issue, as he also did not find any meaning in taxi’s “revolutionary” post. Hence I had to do little research to write the above rebuttal.

Calling Mukto-Mona members “gay, lesbians, child molesters or even Paedophilias” for no reason shows his another typical religious and illogical mindset. This is what Laurence Harry, one of our members responded quite correctly :
"What is your problem if someone is a gay or lesbian, buddy? Your statement is a proof of your fanatic and zealot mind. And by the way, will you be able to prove your accusation on child molestation and pedophilias if I take you in the court? Would you kindly reveal your name and identity please?" [Read his posts here]

The pseudonymous guy quite expectedly remained numbed. The less we talk about it the better for the hatemonger taxi-wala. I would like to request the moderators to read his posts carefully before approving his holy trash. MM probably has not been meant for this poppycock.
[P.S. The pseudonymous guy later was revealed as a fanatic Muslim named, Faruque Ahmed who has created similar yahoogroups, nemed mukto_mona (look at the underscore especially, this is the only originality he could produce; mind it our forum has a hyphen in the middle. What a deceitful copycat this Taxi is! ) ]
They make a valid point:
The member who calls himself Taxi Revolution was told very clearly on the Mukto Mona forums that we censor posts when they abuse another member or group. He accused Mukto Mona of not daring to post his messages - this came from someone who chose the anonymity of a ridiculous ID behind which to hide. It was made clear to him that while we had no problem with posts that differed with what the moderators and membership of Mukto Mona post, the no abuse norms were, in a manner of speaking, carved in stone. If he could not be civil in posting on the forums, the post would NOT be approved. There is also a matter of quality. Our forums receive a very large number of posts everyday. We need to make sure that only well written, relevant posts are sent to our members, many of whom participated in a poll some time ago telling us that they did not want an unlimited number of posts cluttering up their inboxes. If this so called Taxi Revolution has any post that makes sense, it would be approved. If he sends in drivel, as he seems to enjoy doing, it would be rejected.
At least Indymedia will permit his crap.

Wala Wala Bing Bang!

No doubt this will fuel another 20 articles, in which Faruque will reprint and repost the same material for everyone else to 'enjoy'. For example, excerpts of the above article from South Africa Indymedia have ended up on Hamilton Indymedia. Like they care!

What a dumbass. Seriously!

Meanwhile Indymedia need to ask themselves the question, why would an insane bigot attention seeker like Faruque Ahmed, constantly use and praise Indymedia so highly?


Faruque The Sook

Famous Indymedia antisemite and morons' ambassador, Sydney taxi-driver Faruque Ahmed has posted this article on South Africa Indymedia.
Nazi Zionist Criminals, I have been writing average (sic) 20 articles a day about various issues. I am not a saint and it is not impossible to have a spelling mistake or typo. You lot have been trying to crucify me for a typo or two.
Criticisms of Faruque Ahmed have extended far beyond his spelling, though do raise a question I have asked for a long time - what is it with antisemites and spelling? Sadly for Faruque though, third-grade spelling isn't the issue. He has totally ignored the real beef people have with him - his bigoted spam and rampant antisemitism. Why? Read on:
However, you are not honest enough to look at your own lot. They have been standing in the wrong place, arguing with insanity, insulting others like rabid dogs, falsifying evidences, (sic) creating false stories to attack innocent people etc. etc. You lot are an insult to human species.
Sure Faruque. Whatever you say pal.

Faruque is of course convinced, that despite being a vicious Jew hating thug, he cannot possibly be an antisemite.
most Muslims and Arabs are Semites and therefore Muslims and Arabs can not (sic) be accused as (sic) “anti-Semites”. Nonetheless, you people have been doing so for a long time without any valid reason and ground. (sic) The so called Israelis and their supporters are only 25% Semites and therefore the false defence shield called “anti-Semitism” is totally absurd and idiotic.
Faruque Ahmed of course redefines "absurd and idiotic" everytime he approaches the keyboard - apparently a minimum of twenty times a day.
By the way, Nazi Zionist Criminals have been campaigning against the proletariat “Wikipedea” (sic) for a long time.
This is in addition to all the other crimes Faruque has accused them of, including my personal favorite - stealing bibles from hotel rooms. He babbles on:
However, to-day, (sic) unsuccessfully, one of them too, made an attempt to use the Wikipedea (sic) materials for their lust and greed! Trust me, a free debate or discussion will blow up Nazi Zionist Empires!!
Yup. He's spread his disease all over Wikipedia. Looking at the entry for "Semite" which he linked to, I can see it's been 'adjusted' and reverted numerous times recently. Specifically, to try and remove suggestions that "anti-Semitism" possibly refers to Jews. The Wikipedia entry correctly states:
The negative form of the adjective, anti-Semitic, is almost always used as a misnomer to mean "anti-Jewish" specifically.
Faruque can't stand this of course. A Wikipedia correspondent notes:
To suggest that "anti-Semitic" does not refer to Jews is a childish cavil.
I guess Faruque will be upset at them as well now. Perhaps they too, are secret Zionist agents...

Faruque has the answer:
That’s why new proletariat media outlets like “INDYMEDIA” have gained enormous popularity and zionised media outlets are very much concerned about it.
Somehow I doubt it.

I really don't have the intestinal fortitude to scan all of Indymedia looking to see where else Faruque has spammed the same crap but can be assured of it. More on seagull spammers here.

It was of course entirely predictable that I would find it on Sydney Indymedia however, as that site continues to entertain this excremental human being.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


UK Indymedia - What Gets Hidden

Further to my previous report on UK Indymedia's article - The Gaza Sea Weeps Blood I am wholly unsurprised the article hasn't been revised or updated to note the new facts concerning this incident. Particularly considering the article is on the front page of the site.

One comment questioned a date mentioned in the article - Friday 11 June 2006, noting there is no such date.

This was duly amended. Nothing else was.

This comment, which appears on the page sums it up:
What Gets Hidden?

So now this story has been shown to be a pack of lies it will be interesting to see what gets hidden by the IMC Editors, will it be the story which of course breaks the Editorial Guidelines or will it be those comments (including this one) that point out the inconsistenties and lies in the story ?

I'm prepared to bet this pile of tosh will be allowed to stay as a promoted item because it provides yet another opportunity for a bit of IMC Jew knocking under the excuse of Israel.

Until such time as the blatant anti-semitism displayed on Indymedia in the UK is eliminated once and for all it can have no place in the activist community. Turning a blind eye to the Far Right involvement in the M&$ protest for example. An issue which has been hushed up for some time.
No to Indymedia UK anti-semitism - No to all racism
And no to that comment, which was hidden by the UK Indymedia moderators as predicted.


Closing in

Melbourne Indymedia is hosting an article on 9/11 AND THE FICTITOUS "WAR ON TERRORISM. Fairly predictable:
In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks on the United States I raised serious doubts in regards to who was responsible. It would appear that we are finally closing in on the truth.
Dum Dum Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Thoughts on Nazimedia

Further to a previous post comparing modern Nazi propaganda to material which frequently appears on Indymedia, came this comment, referring to Indymedia:
this site should change its name to ""
'This got me thinking and I checked. The domain has not been registered.

Anyone want to have a laugh?

Ideally it would redirect to an appropriate site...


Indymedia Attacks Own: Zionism the Phantom Menace

It appears all is not well between a few Indymedia websites out there.
here, nessie nessie
by on Her Majesty's Secret Service

Psssst! Hey, nessie! Over here!
C'mere, you mental cripple. All the secret agents of the world are yanking your chain. You cannot resist. You will respond.

And by the way, what were those two words you claimed were spelling errors?

And why did you, nessie of the SF-IMC, also known as the bogus "journalist", keep us in the dark concerning some very significant friends that Harry Hay had?

Hurry back, obsessive mental cripple. A bitchslapping awaits.”
Don’t worry; I have no idea what this individual is getting at either. I am delighted to see them take their feud public however.

Apparently, this little spat has to do with a story Indymedia Utah hosted claiming Nessie defends NAMBLA and pedophiles. In defense of Nessie, one poster declares:
“That it is the work of the Zionist propaganda mill is the most likely explanation, because it is a fairly sophisticated maneuver.... The Zionist propaganda mill knows full well that their grip on the progressive left is slipping fast. They are scrambling desperately to control Indymedia because they realize that it is one of the few places where they can still talk to progressive leftists.”
Yep, a Zionist conspiracy. You all know the drill.


Blood Libel

I am fed up with what passes for "news".

Earlier this week, an explosion on a Gaza beach killed most of the members of a young girl's family.

Palestinians immediately claimed that Israel had shelled the beach and the worldwide media was quick to report it. Much of the media have now backed away from this story as it has become clear the victims may well have been killed by Palestinian explosives, and not by Israel at all.

Irrespective of who you choose to believe was responsible, at best it is unclear.

UK Indymedia now has a front-page article The Gaza Sea Weeps Blood. It is not 'unclear' in the slightest and definitively continues the earlier narrative:
On Friday, 9th of June, the Isreali (sic) Navy shelled families holidaying on Gaza beach. Ten people were obliterated in the bombing and children were left screaming over the mutilated bodies of their loved ones.
Note the article suggests not only that Israel shelled a beach, but that it shelled "families holidaying", as though this were the aim.

Understanding how easy it is to update blogs and Indymedia as new material comes to light, and knowing that new material certainly has come to light, it is telling that UK Indymedia continues to offer a particularly 'limited' attempt at reporting this story.

By "limited", of course I mean bullshit.

UK Indymedia has a disgraceful and long history of this, including extremely partisan censorship, despite this apparently being against the whole point of Indymedia. Hypocrites.

This hasn't stopped Google News from including UK Indymedia and the above article in their news index. Note also the inclusion of the 'Palestinian Solidarity Movement' (previous report here) as a "news source".

Google News search for "Gaza Israel" at the time of posting

There's not a lot more that needs to be said about Indymedia. However, could Google possibly set the bar for 'news' sources any lower?

Monday, June 12, 2006


Clowns: America’s First Line of Defense

Thank you Indybay, you have made my day!

"Having been the target of numerous anti-war demonstrations, the Oakland Military Recruitment Center on Broadway at 21st Street met a different type of adversary on June 7th. The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA) invaded and occupied the military recruitment center in downtown Oakland for about 45 minutes until they were forced out by city police and the center shut down for the day."

What more can I say? At least some radicals have stopped acting like they are serious about public policy, and donned garb that is more befitting them.


Why is it called Nazimedia?

Supporters of Indymedia hate it when the sites are referred to as "Nazimedia".

It is however undeniable that such material frequently appears on the newswire and moderators allow it. Let's have a look at two easy examples.

The first, on Bay Area Indymedia - Israel and Palestine: By way of deception recycles a tired theme - that the Mossad and AIPAC is pulling the strings of US Government.
Irrespective of who is in power, Washington has always been a conquered territory for Israel, which now takes America's unquestioned backing for granted.
The second, an article on UK Indymedia - Zionist Architects of Iraq Crime Wanted Civil War All Along has an introduction which argues:
As if the leaked documents detailing PNAC's US/UK's plans for "Divide & Rule" weren't enough, we now find that the Zionist Extremists behind this agenda of Fascism and Aggression designed the plan.

It's time to start talking about who the real Terrorists are, who poses the credible Threat to us all ...
Now compare the sentiments of the above Indymedia articles with those raised in this scary as hell video, which was sent to me today.

Skip the first 45 seconds (if anyone can translate please email me) Full translation in comments.
"The Cancer that will be shown now was filmed two days before Holocaust Day in the city Lensing in the state of Michigan - USA."

Similar don't you think? However only one group is up front about it.

This should be a chilling wake up call for some people on the Left and is part of the background to the Euston Manifesto. Will they wake up? Or continue down the same path.


Alien Fascist Invasions

“Canada has become a police state.... Hidden Criminals, thugs and liars at working here in Canada all above the law and plotting against you!”

Wow! I didn’t know that Canada had become the Third Reich! Some of the other posters to this article had a slightly more original conspiracy theory however...

“How do you know they are fascists? I heard they were alien-human hybrids intent on bringing about the one true religion....Aliena.”

Sweet, Then I can expect to have my very own light saber and teleporter soon!


Oklahoma Pedophiles Support Bush!?!

Over at Oklahoma Indymedia:

“The lone Bush supporter at Oklahoma State University's commencement last Saturday has been discovered as a multiple offence felon for pedophilia and giving minors drugs. George W. Bush gave the commencement address, which was protested by 1,000 concerned citizens critizing the state of the nation. It was his first and probably last visit to the state as president. This is damn near hilarious to me, but also very sad for the Bush crowd--79% of Oklahoma voted for Shrub in 2004, but the only person willing to support him at his first visit to the State is a horrible 'man.”

Lord knows leftist organizations would never have a pedophile in their ranks!

[Editors note: Please welcome Roland Dodds to Indy Media Watch. Roland joins us from his own blog and will be a regular contributor. - The Watcher]


Islamic Anarchisms

UK Indymedia is hosting a positively baffling piece: Islams & Anarchisms.
Dimensions-The Epimenides paradox:
Towards the creation of Islamic
Poststructuralist Anarchist

Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon. This is a mad pornographic confession of a proposed real. An infinite conversation coupled with silence, dispersed and reserved, very much alive in an infinite curvature of space, and intertwined, with the paradoxical limit of a realistic exacerbation of a frenzied virtual temporary autonomous zone. Confined in a simulacrum, frenzied, institutionalized and absurd diabolic racist structure, transpiring visa a vie the portal of a delinquent and schizophrenic mind, with a pure intention at heart attaining all the while a calculable “Weberian” notion of a charismatic leader, yet attempting at abstaining from vanity and its lured genealogy through a forced de-ejaculation of desire.
Get it? Good.

Oh, one more thing...

Peace movement blindly walking towards cliff at the bottom of which are militant Islamist Jihadis carrying machine-guns. Image Hosted by

Sunday, June 11, 2006


The War is Lost. So is the Evidence.

UK Indymedia is claiming, that according to Pentagon reports, The War is Lost.
In private reports to the Pentagon, military commanders in the field admit the war is lost and that the American military cannot contain the growing violence in the country.
How private?
Details of these reports are unavailable according to the news site “Capitol Hill Blue” (6) since General chief-of-staff Peter Pace threatens immediate sanctions if anything is heard from military circles about the “increasingly pessimistic progress reports.”
How convenient.


Cleanest Indymedia Ever?

As far as I can tell, Virginia Beach IMC doesn't have a single story on it.

Not even one about Israel or Bush.

Go figure...



Melbourne Indymedia reports on Satanism for every school.

Home-schooling just became more attractive.

Friday, June 09, 2006


La La La...

LA Indymedia continues to show its pedigree in an article:
10 Palestinian martyrs in the latest Israeli massacre in Gaza which, beyond making that initial claim, is followed with an entirely unrelated article "A few things you are not supposed to know about Israel".

That article, was lifted word for word from, a site which also denies the Holocaust, blames who-else for 9/11 and provides everything you need to know about UFOs.

Well done LA Indymedia.


Michigan Commits Seppuku

Michigan Indymedia has been shut down.
The editors of the Michigan IMC have decided to shut down the Michigan Independent Media Center . All archives of content published to the website will remain available for browsing, but article publishing, calendar posting and commenting have been turned off.

Launched in 2002, the Michigan IMC featured hundreds of articles on the work of social movements in Michigan and beyond. The decision to shut down the site had several reasons:

* Technical problems that impeded the usefulness of the website.
* Lacking a strong editorial collective capable of regularly administering the website and producing content

A conscious decision to focus on other independent media and related projects
It must have been a tough decision, but they had the responsbility to make it. Kudos.

More on Indymedia Seppuku here.


How to spam Google News

SF Indymedia has a fascinating guide on How to spam Google News.

Specifically, how you can have Google News faithfully report 'as news' pretty much whatever you want.
I decided to test the system. I wrote up a press release about my recent trip to Key West, throwing in just enough legitimate quotes to make it appear to be serious. I used one of Imperato's channels,, which purports to be a “free press-release distribution center” based in Fountain Valley, California. i-newswire has free and for-fee services; I paid the $25. (Imperato also uses, based in Hamburg, Germany, so I sent a copy to them as well.)

After waiting a few hours, I found that my entire press release had been indexed by Google News. For instance, I could search for myself:
A 15 year old read my blog entry, and decided to post a bogus story claiming that Google had hired him to head security for Gmail. Dutifully, Google News picked up his submission to i-Newswire. His claim was rapidly debunked, and he retracted the story and apologized to Google.

Then things really went amok: someone used the same i-Newswire-to-Google News path to post a claim that actor Will Ferrell had died in a freak paragliding accident. And again, dutifully, Google News picked up the story.

This time, the (false) story had impact. Folks began to believe that Ferrell had died, and word of this (false) tale spread on the Internet. In a 21st century echo of Mark Twain, Ferrell issued a news release affirming that he was still alive.
More on this issue here and here with CNN's gloating here.

I have said before, as long as Google News regards the open and largely unmoderated Indymedia as a "news site" (even when Indymedia sometimes rejects the news), it discredits itself.


Want a Ride?

Bay Area Indymedia (where else) is reporting on the World Naked Bike Ride:
For two years in a row now we have protested against America's
dependence on fossil fuel by riding our bikes across San Francisco...

Can you think of a better way to get people to pay attention?

This year we want you to ride with us!

3rd Annual
World Naked Bike Ride
San Francisco

June 10th, 2006
I do hope the bikes' saddles are firmly attached...

Update: Post-event report and photos.

Update: More photos. It must have been cold.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Ask and ye shall Receive

Leigh, at the House of Wheels was reporting on arch-terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi being 'forced' to take permanent sick leave when US Forces killed.

He awaited the Indymedia response. Here it is on Sydney Indymedia: Al-Zarqawi, Tiny Children Killed by US in Iraq.

You can probably guess what it says.

The same article appears on Melbourne Indymedia here with this unbelievable comment, referring to an Australian hostage who was ultimately rescued:
beheading's not always a bad thing.... its a shame Douglas Woods missed out on that poetic fate..

Also, read comments questioning if Zarqawi was a myth here.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


The Demise of Indybay

Charismatic Megafauna expands on Bay Area Indymedia's demise.
IndyBay is now a wasteland. The hidden comments section is GONE. Screw dialogue, they say, lets have diatribes...from one side. What is the point of this, and how is it in the spirit of open publishing, work towards peace, understanding, tolerance, and freedom of informatiom? I haven't the foggiest.
I have said this from the beginning, about Indymedia in general.
The Left of Northern California is now officially deprived of open publishing IndyMedia...IndyBay is gone, and Santa Cruz...well that's a topic I ought to write more on, some other time. They have shut out Becky Johnson, fabulous journalist and effective activist, because she has written in support of Israel. Listening to their interviews is disgusting...a bunch of self righteous pricks, really, who ask the same question over and over again after being proved irrelevant.


Everyone Wins a Holocaust

Los Angeles Indymedia is reporting a "holocaust is occurring in the Black community."
There are approximately 25,000 African Americans dying in America each month.
By way of comparison, approximately 556,902 people died of cancer in the USA in 2003. Approximately 46,000 per month.
Do you think the term holocaust gets thrown about a little too lightly?

Holocaust denial is bad enough. See previous examples of holocaust invention.


Denial of Terrorism - Why your Head Hurts...

"You're an enlightened world citizen. Your T-shirt says '9/11 was an inside job.' You're pretty sure we're living in a fascist state, that President Bush taps the Dixie Chicks' phones, Christian abortion clinic bombers outnumber jihadis, and the war on 'terror' is a distraction from the real threats: carbon emissions and Pat Robertson. Then you learn that 17 people were arrested in a terrorist bomb plot. How do you process the information? Let's take it step by step."
Continue reading...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Memo to Americans

Attention Americans: You are now living in Nazi Germany.

At least that's one of the comments on a post at Miami Indymedia: Evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job

Usual 'evidence' is presented - everything from Nazis to Martians and beyond. Well referenced, of course.

In it you will see mountains of facts surrounding 9/11 that never made it to the mainstream press. That's not very shocking, considering the news is owned by a few corporations.

I work at the Miami Independent Media Center, (AKA Indymedia - ed) and we reported a long, long time ago that 9/11 was an inside job. We are now living in Nazi Germany. It is my hope that the sleeping prophets in the media wake up fast enough to dissent and begin exposing the truth about the treasonous crimes our government has committed. It is a scientific fact that the World Trade Center buildings could not possibly have collapsed without the use of explosives. The evidence is conclusive.

If whoever is reading this cares about the future of this fascist country and the globalized world, please respond to this so that I can know my concern is not echoing down a dark chamber with nobody on the other side.
Stupid Nazis...


Pre-Emptive Defeat

SF Indymedia is hosting an article by Sunsara Taylor, one of the founders of "World Can't Wait".

Sunsara Taylor: Drive Out the Bush Regime

She writes:
I know everyone hates plot-spoilers, but the story line is overplayed and the ending is worse than lousy, so I’ll say it now: The will of the people will not be expressed in the 2006 election.
So there you have it folks.

Meanwhile, Philly IMC warns of the "thousands of Nazis" brought into the CIA by George Bush who "operate ruthlessly to support the rich and terrorize the poor".

Oh, "and that the CIA killed President JF Kennedy."

Just so you know.


Indymedia: The Book

SF Bay Area Indymedia is calling for help writing a Book about Indymedia.
This book would not attempt to be the definitive statement on Indymedia. Rather, it would be an overview of some of the triumphs and struggles of the network over the past five-and-a-half years. Its entries would range from dramatic, stream-of-thought, first-person pieces to more analytic chapters on the meaning of Indymedia. The book, while thoughtful, would avoid being overly academic and would be graphic/picture heavy.
For full proposal, see:
I wonder if my site will get a mention? Moreover, will any of the points I have raised get a mention? Will there be a section, for example, on antisemitism or the use of Indymedia to support terrorist activities and crime. Or will it be an exercise in self-congratulation.

Coming soon: Indymedia, The Movie. Leave a comment who might star in it.

Monday, June 05, 2006


Rule Number One

Bay Area Indymedia has a useful set of rules for Interacting With Street Performers.

Some seems quite sensible:
Rule #1. Do not throw your trash, or your personal advertisements, in street performers’ cases.
Then comes the ranting:
Over the last 20 years, money grubbing crafters and vendors have gotten away with murder in Seattle, as they pretend that since they bought a little space for their booth on a street, they now own the entire street space around their booths, including the air space. Many crafters actually believe they have a RIGHT to censor and control the *content* of buskers’ acts, because they *pay* to sell their shit, and we are using FREE speech. But you see, what we do is FREE, which means you don’t pay. So what the crafters are really angry at is the U.S. Constitution, not the buskers.
I get the feeling that someone has been strumming a few too many revolutionary songs.

Of course it's interesting to read the perspectives of a busker, but I'd appreciate guidance as to where the line sits between "street perfomer" and "talentless hack". Far too often, I see the latter posing as the former.

By far my biggest pet hate would be some 'artistes' who cover themselves in body paint, wear a towel, stand motionless on an upturned crate pretending to be a statue and call it art. They're usually not even balancing on one foot or torturing themselves (for their art of course) like this guy or some of the Italian Living Statues.

I did once see a dog provide an accurate 'review' of one such
'installation' by cocking its leg on the performer. I was actually ready to throw a few bucks into her hat but she moved and the 'dramatic effect' was ruined.

No tip.

Rule #7: Don't let your dog piss on the performer...

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Fundamentalist Stupidity

Leigh from the House of Wheels has referred me to an article on Sydney Indymedia - Fundamentalist Christianity Weds the Military in the United States.

In short, it contains lies.

Lies that is, which are published on Indymedia.

The article contains a whole bunch of material which asserts Christians are the same as Nazis and contains a general lack of context not seen anywhere else but Indymedia. It seems the Jews actually got a break this time...

The article states:
it is clear that the Christian Fundamentalist Administration doubts there is hope for a future. They think we are in the End Times according to Revelations. They have left whole continents permanently uninhabitable by the relentless dropping of radioactive uranium, as they are out, according to G.W. Bush, “fighting Evildoers for God.”[2]
The second footnote, to (which is a radical looney site that should already raise a few flags) itself does not even contain that quote. Some fact-checking!

Past examples of Indymedia picking on Battlecry here.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Nazi Violence

The global Indymedia site is hosting this disturbing article.
A few days ago, at 6pm on the evening of the 16th of May, at the corner of Tamka and Dobrej streets in Warsaw, an antifascist activist was attacked by two nazis, with clear intentions to kill him. They had been following him, and suddenly, one of them stepped in front on him and sprayed him with pepper gas. Then the other one stabbed him in his back with a 30cm long knife. Maciek fell on the ground and was kicked by the nazis for a while, with them shouting "We'll kill you, you leftist motherfucker!".

Maciek was taken to the hospital and underwent serious life-saving surgery (when he got to the hospital the doctors said that his condition was "critical"), and is now recovering.
Not pretty. However, the apparent cause of it is interesting:
He says that he is sure that the attack was due to the recent appearance of his personal data on a nazi site called "redwatch" ( which publishes names, addresses, photos and other personal data of human rights activists in order to encourage violent attacks against them. Redwatch is a web-site that has existed for several months now and it promotes the idea of "killing the enemies of the race" and the organization behind this is a very radical neofascist "Blood and Honor".
In other words, inflammatory material on websites can and does lead to actual violence.

Quite a wake up call to those who believe hate speech isn't dangerous. At least you would think so.

In January, I commented on one Indymedia moderator who believed that antisemitic articles of zero newsworthiness which were untrue and offensive, still had their place on the Sydney Indymedia newswire in the name of "free speech".

She defended her position thus:
"There are crazy and deluded people with all sorts of politics and conspiracy theories, not just the left. Indymedia is a space where these people can bounce their ideas off the public."
Numerous Indymedia websites continue to host the most appallingly Nazi-like material and it seems some are quite happy about these "politics and conspiracy theories" being "bounced" around amidst hate speech, incitement and vilification.

I'm plenty sure they'll be thanked for their stand by those who get stabbed.

The comments on the Indymedia page about the stabbing are calling for Redwatch to be shut down:
Tell DreamHost to stop hosting by emailing them at
Demand that DreamHost cease hosting for immediately. Enabling nazi violence is far beyond any notion of free speech in DreamHost's non-censorship policy.
The hypocrisy of such a comment appearing on Indymedia is quite breathtaking.

Were Redwatch to be shut down, it wouldn't matter. Similar material can be found on Indymedia daily, although some skinheads might find some of the other politics off-putting.

I have said before, Indymedia needs to take a good hard look at itself.


Anyone for Golf?

A post on Indymedia Ireland is having a huge fit about a forthcoming golf tournament.

Golf... it spoils more than a good walk!

The Ryder Cup is an occasion of horror to those who regard golf as a way of spoiling a good walk, or merely, an excuse to wear Rupert the Bear trousers in public. However, this major sporting event is coming to Ireland this September. There has been virtually no background investigation into the preparations. Until now...
The subsequent "background investigation" consists of incessant whining that those who wish to spend money on golf are permitted to do so.

In all, the Ryder Cup 2006 at the K Club is a sickening display of wealth, arrogance, and greed. It’s one of disregard and disdain for the Irish people, local community, and taxpayers.
Or as one comment puts it:

What a bitter, jealous piece of writing. Not a salient point in the whole thing, just a long list of bitching and babbling.
A later comment scores a hole-in-one:
This report is the biggest heap of bigotted shite that I have ever read in my entire life.For some loser to start bitching about the largest sporting event ever to be held in this country is typical of the clueless shite and drivel that is often spouted on this site.

I bet you any money the author has never played golf in his fucking life but is coming on here knocking it.If it was a soccer world cup he would probably find that o.k. ?

Golf is no longer an elitist sport and has not been for quite a while.As for ordinary people not been able to watch it.Wrong again.There was a draw made for most of the tickets last September.All you had to do was put your name forward and you had a great chance of getting them.I know a good few people who do have them and no, they won't be arriving by helicopter or limo.

As for the taxpayer paying for it?Where the fuck did you get that from?This event is worth millions and millions to the local and national economy.And it doesn't all go to big business either.Go around Kildare and see how many people are giving out about it being staged there.No One!!The whole country will benefit from it.Guest houses,cafes,golf courses(most of which in Ireland are non profit making by the way), petrol stations-you name it they all benefit.

Charities recieve millions out of the Ryder cup each time it its played(both local and international).The players play for free.

As for MrSmurfit making money out of it.He actually has to pay all the costs associated with it(Millions).Of course this will be made back in time but he will be long dead before that happens.
As for the clothing prices so fucking what.I didn,t see anyone forcing you to buy it did I?If you can find a better way to spend 85 quid fair fucks to you.1 night out perhaps.How much is a soccer or a gaelic or a rugby jersey?How much is a crappy band T shirt at a gig?

Go and do me a favor and check out your facts before putting so much effort into writing an article that is factually bullshit.While your at it why don't you give golf a try before you knock it. Try deerpark in Howth-12 euro for 18 holes.Not bad for 4 hours entertainment.See how long 12 bucks lasts you in Grogans when your in on Friday whingeing about something else.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Jews. Again.

Melbourne Indymedia has a baffling piece entitled:A time to kill. (Hat tip: Evil Pundit)

Someone, presumably with plenty of time to kill, states:

What's on “OUR ABC”? Our ABC? Yeah, the one we pay for with the expectation of getting straight news but which gets used by the conservative arse worms for their purposes. Yeah! That ABC!

The World Today – The Governments Premier Midday News Vehicle for Australia.

First Item of business – Headline - Jewboy War booster (don't edit this, or hide it MIM, I'm warning you!)

“Michael Rubin is a former member of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq and a former adviser to the US Defence Secretary on Iraq and Iran, and he says this offer by the Bush administration is dangerously naive. “

Jewboy Rubin doesn't want a peaceful resolution with Iran, he wants to attack.

Who is this Jewboy? Why does he get top billing?

Jewboy was the former Adviser to the Defence Department, who's now scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Michael Rubin, who was speaking to me from Washington.

What's he going to do about it?

What have they done to my FUCKING ABC!?!?

What else is on my ABC?

How about Seppo cunts justifying torturing illegally held prisoners to death? Why not?


The 75 detainees have joined three other prisoners, who've been on a hunger strike since last August and who are now being force-fed. “

What's that? They take you prisoner, you have no rights, no trial, no legal representation and if you try to escape this hell via suicide they force feed you to keep you alive?

I want to kill every fucking cunt seppo with my bare hands. Make them pay! Kill a seppo cunt today! Burn them out! Know a seppo cunt? Burn 'em out! Cleanse with fire! Send them back to their rathole.

Okey dokey. A later comment notes:
MIM hates Jews
It's as simple as that.

Yesterday someone posted an article about Muslim attacks on Jews. It was censored.

But today, we have an article attacking Jews, and it's still here.
Another comment, by "just wondering" asks:
Why is this anti-Semitic crap on Indymedia?
The response? typical:
"just wondering" is a well known neo-con stooge who is payed (sic)to troll Indymedias. No surprise this Jewish American Neo-Nazi should find this thread.
So there you have it folks. Australian Indymedia is infested with Jewish American Neo-Nazis. Now they are even getting paid to troll Indymedia.

Time to buy more shares in tinfoil factories...

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