Sunday, January 30, 2011


Good News

No, Indymediwatch isn't returning. There's no point.

However we've just learned that Faruque Ahmed, is dead. His obituary at that link makes only passing reference to his bigotry:
Apart from his taxi driver activism Faruque Ahmed was known throughout Sydney for his provocative stands on Middle East politics (Iraq War and Palestine) and the media coverage of Muslim and Arabic affairs.
"Provocative stands" would have to rank as one of the greatest bits of whitewash ever seen. Any reader of this site would know he was a massive Jew hater, a stalker and a liar.

Another eulogy notes:
Faruque Ahmed had no time during the last twenty seven years to get married, settle down and have a family.
As another obituary said "a selfless person, he died poor"
Pass the bucket. What actually happened, was he was an awful person, who, as a barely literate Jew-hating timewaster, would have struggled to get a job and keep it for more than a day or so. I bet the girls were just lineing up...

Major newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald even had an obituary which would make you think he was simply a hardworking cabbie. He was hard working alright: Against Jews and democracy.

Faruque is probably in Hell right now, swapping notes with other Jew-haters on how it's all the Jews' fault he ended up there.

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