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A Few of my Favourite Posts

Nazis and Commies and far right-wing looneys
Pinkos and Greenies and far left-wing mooneys
Serving up hatred on IMC hosts
These are a few of my favorite posts....

Welcome old and new readers to an entry I shall update from time to time listing my favorite posts. They are my favourites either because they were (IMHO) particularly well written, widely linked to or just amusing/interesting/disturbing to read. They are in no particular order but will give you a useful tour of this blog and of many of the problems I have identified with Indy Media since starting in mid-2004.

I will leave a permanent link to this page on the left-hand sidebar.


Burning Symbols - The Far Left and Far Right seem to have some things in common.

Open Letter to Muslim Terrorists (Seditious posting on Indymedia literally begging the terrorists to attack America.

Accusations and Hard Evidence of censorship on UK Indymedia with a decidedly unsavory bias.


Saddam Hussein to Lead UN Tsunami Effort
(One of my funniest posts ever, if somewhat unfunny at the same time)

First Annual Call for Indy Media Seppuku. Second annual call here.

Tinfoil Stocks up Ten Points (quite a nicely written article about the manner in which conspiracy theorists ignore the scientific method in order to back up their ludicrous claims).

Indy Roundup
(the first of a series)

Indy Roundup II

Indymedia Hypocrisy(about the lack of Middle Eastern IMC sites)

Intimidation at the UN (Widely linked to, my own theory about intimidation at the UN leading to later versions of the Arab Human Rights Development report blaming the US and Israel unlike the earlier versions which called for Arab introspection)

Hijabs, ass-kissing and death
(I just like the title)

(my early excitement at finding another 'watch' site - Arab Media Watch turns to disappointment in its content)

eBay: Is there anything they won't sell? (Nothing to do with Indymedia, just something I noticed)

Cheap Source of Foods (where I discovered "Freeganism")

What makes an activist?

What do Forbes and Indymedia have in common?

Neocons (Oogedy Boogedy Boogedy)

Support Free Speech (Jews need not apply)
- Widely linked to

Who's Responsible (where I question Indymedia's responsibility or desire to prevent rabid hate speech)

Indymedia and Terrorists
(support by one of the other)

Incitement to Criminal Vandalism is at the time of writing, the most widely linked to article ever.

Burn the Flag Day - Idiots.

Religion of Baking? - Fear the terrorists' awesome new tactic - Cake Throwing.

Exclusive Indy Media Watch Interview with Osama bin Laden after London bombings - a satirical look at the conspiracy theorists blaming everyone else (read: Jews and local Government) for terrorist activity. Tongue firmly in cheek because I know my few English readers have a good sense of humour, particularly during hard times.

Pictorial response to the London terrorist bombing.

Video camera: $300. Ticket to Scotland: $40. Balaclava: $1,
Video of G8 protesters getting run down by a herd of angry cows - Priceless.

More of Indymedia consorting with terrorists.

Activists Prefer to Eat Trash.


Indy Activists Unite

Fear the Awesome Power of George W Bush

A Trinity of Stupidity studies the bizarre ability of conspiracy theorists to use two diametrically opposed conspiracy theories to support each other.

BBC Bad, Indymedia Real Bad

New Zealand, Passports and Terror
where I discovered there were far scarier passport frauds in New Zealand that received far less attention than a couple of Israelis who got busted for it very publicly.

Sense of Maturity

Fuck the US (But try to keep a straight face) - includes interesting comments by an Indy Media Elder.

Bias without Borders discusses a questionable statistics exercise by Reporters Sans Frontieres

Those Pesky Zionists again exposes the evil Zionist plot to control your local video store.

There's that word again (when I explored the total abuse of the term "genocide" and managed to inadvertently piss of a number of sitcom viewers)

Summed up Nicely (where I explored ongoing soul-searching about when freedom of speech goes to far, in this case by Nazi skinheads).

Rock Bottom (or so I thought when I discovered this Holocaust denial. I subsequently discovered it gets a whole lot worse)

America responsible for earthquake (post-Tsunami, I found Al-Jazeera closely resembled Indymedia)

Proof BBC is The Devil (yet to be disproved)


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