Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Are you going to San Fransisco?

A poster on Bay Area Indymedia asks:
Why do you feel it necessary to dress up like some kind of fucking circus clown to honor yourselves?
The response came shortly after:
This is what San Francisco is all about.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone in San Fransisco who can confirm or deny the above statement.

Well, San Francisco almost does require you to dress up like a circus clown.

If you don't, people look at you weird.

"Who's the weirdo in the shirt and tie with the short haircut? Must be one of them 'Conservatives' I've been hearin' 'bout. I'm all for freedom of expression, but I don't know what I think about this."

Twenty minutes and two iced mochalattechinos later

"He is representative of the oppressor state! His actions are masoginystic and hurtful to Gaia! By cutting his hair he has distrurbed the delicate balance of the world and is causing Global WARMING! Lynch 'im!"

Luckily by this time the outsider has retreated to his place of business. These places confuse the San Franciscan who can not understand how someone could go to "work" for the "oppressor" so willingly.

[The above parody is in no way reflective of the real beliefs of most San Franciscans...most San Franciscan's wouldn't bother with the introspection first (although they would have still had the iced mochalattechinos]
No, you only dress up like that if you're running for office.
Don't believe all you read about San Francisco in the likes of the San Francisco Gay Buardian. It's not as progessive as it likes to think.

In fact, some of the most progressive causes are the worst Nazis of all:

"They are among the most maligned groups in society, but when it comes to discrimination, many say, gays can give as good as they get."

Read on:
ha ha ha!!!

that was my post! Thanks for putting it up! I hit on this nutfest on my blog a little bit ago.

Indybay is a bunch of loons

indybay has since deleted my post about the circus clowns.
I demand reperations for having to see that picture.
At least the Feds have sense. Good.


Vic Germany thought registering a federal trademark for San Francisco's iconic Dykes on Bikes organization would be no problem.

Instead, the group has spent a humiliating two years slogging through the swampland of trademark law, with no end in sight..

Twice, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has rejected the Dykes' application, on the grounds that "dyke" is vulgar, offensive and "scandalous."
More SF Madness:

"Washington -- Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a former mayor of San Francisco, blasted the city's Board of Supervisors for its 8-3 vote against a resolution supporting a bid to move the historic battleship Iowa to the city as a floating museum"

And where else would this story be headline news?

"(07-15) 12:00 PDT Daly City (SF Chronicle) -- The “Macho Man” who co-wrote “In the Navy” did some time in the clink this week after police reportedly found drugs and a pistol in his car, authorities said today.

Victor Edward Willis, the original policeman and lead singer in the over-the-top disco group the Village People, was arrested late Monday after Daly City police found the loaded weapon and what they believed was crack cocaine in his vehicle, said police Lt. Matt Bushong. "
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