Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Indymedia UK - London Wins !

London has won the 2012 Olympics.

On UK Indymedia they are already bitching about it.
Yes we know. That's all we've heard on TV and radio since the announcement was made. That and airings of "je ne regret rien" etc just to rub the french nose in it. Disgusting, small minded, jingoistic..

So what do we have to look forward to? -

7 long, painful years of the evil Murdoch and The Sun whipping it up

At the next election "don't vote Tory if you want a great Olympics" ('cept Coe is Tory ho ho!)

C division pundits giggling their way through eons of radio, TV and Internet broadcasts

Blair, Blair and more Blair.. and his hideous, ugly rictus grin

Oh God, why now for my life?
There is also suggestion that discussions of G8 protester violence have been removed from Indymedia:
I too saw the idiots rampage through the residential streets of Stirling wrecking cars, pulling up kerb stones, ripping peoples garden fences down and the like.

Yet other threads on this site, any mention of the street siege has been wiped from discussion.

Maybe these working class council housing schemes, housing some of the countries poor and deprived people were mistaken for millionaires mansions?

Oh and no I'm not some corporate media reporting events. I had first hand knowledge of it all as I live in this housing scheme!

Now have a pleasant day chaps as I'm off out to rebuild my garden fence, remove the kerb stone from a disabled elderly gentlemans car windscreen and help clear up my neighbours livingroom which is full of broken glass and debris.
Censorship on Indymedia? Tsk tsk...

Typical meanspirited, infantile response from the indymedia shower. On a more positive note, by 2012, most of them will hopefully be old enough to vote in elections, so maybe they'll have copped on to reality by then.
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