Friday, December 31, 2004


Proof BBC is The Devil!

While watching BBC World, I was referred to their online site at I clicked on it and was redirected to this URL.

I have pasted a screenshot below. Notice the last section of the URL.

This is Clearly proof that BBC is..... The Devil.
Sorry, I've been hanging around Indy Media for too long, and this is as much proof as is required.

BBC is The Devil - Image Hosted by

Happy New Year from Indy Media Watch.

Thursday, December 30, 2004


More definitive proof that Bush = Hitler

This article, from exotic Ambazonia Indy Media proves (as if you didn't already know) that "Hitler & Bush -- Birds Of A Feather"

It starts with a graphic suggesting Auschwitz 1943 = Guantanemo Bay 2003.
This is of course in spite of minor details such as a lack of due process at the former, a lack of genocide at the latter and prisoners of only one having been combatants. Still, wildly inaccurate comparisons are marginally better than outright Holocaust denial.

The article then goes on to offend Christians, Americans and democracies in such an outrageous fashion it doesn't warrant a response from me. Whilst I'm always surprised that there are actually people in the world stupid enough to believe this garbage, I'm more worried that Indy Media continues to allow them to publicize it for the 'benefit' of anyone who actually doesn't know any better..

What exactly is the point again? Oh yeah... Free speech or something right? Thanks again Indy Media for providing such worthwhile independent reporting.


Can we please just try to get along?

In the play/film "Fiddler on the Roof" Tevye, the lead character, is listening to two people arguing loudly. When they look to him, Tevye says to the one, “You know, you’re right!” The other starts shouting, completely contradicting the first, and Tevye says to him in turn, “You know, you’re right!” Then the first speaker, with some frustration, says: “I’m right! He’s right! How can we both be right?” To which, Tevye, after pondering for a moment, replies: “You know, you’re right!”

Nearly two months past the presidential election and there are still people perpetuating the divisiveness of this country. AND, they're doing it at the hands of one of the worst natural disasters of all time, and certainly the worst in my lifetime.

Auterrific is absolutely right.


More on Sri Lanka

This image (not shown here for copyright) is of rescuers carrying a dead body in Sri Lanka.

Notice however the tee-shirt of the onlooker behind.

I have previously reported on Sri Lanka's attitude to assistance from Israel but I just feel sorry for this guy.

As he's so gosh darned popular though, I must wonder how much money billionaire Osama Bin Laden gave. (Hint: It's a round figure).


The many Modes of Indy Media

This fellow has written of his experience when an Indy Media elder spoke to his university class:

In my last political science class a leader in the Indy media community was invited to speak on the “worlds greatest media outlet for the people”.... Independent media. He stood in front of me for 2.5 hours preaching nothing but anti-American, anti-globalization, anti-Semitic, anti-capitalism..etc.. I was almost violently sick in hearing such tripe. It was a realization that a hyper left extremist version of a liberal existed and was active...VERY active…and there are thousands just like him. They hide and entrench themselves inside this world of Indy media feeding off their own lies, deceit and hatred for anything and everything.

He reasoned that:

"my idea is not to try and convince them they need to be intention is to start pulling them out of the depths of ultra liberalism and see ANYTHING and EVERYTHING from the opposite side wheatear they may agree or not…they need to see an opposite and reasonable view based on facts and reality. They need to understand that there is an argument and debate for everything. Truth comes through a reasonable debate on issues and thought."

He subsequently blogged of his experiences posting to Indy Media.Lordy these lefties the light.

Whilst his original article isn't shown, (Update: here it is, geez I can see why he got them heated up) the responses from Indy Media types are interesting. They vary from:

get bent
to Charming:
Fuck off already.
To well constructed:
We don't need you assholes on yet another one of our media outlets
and various derivatives of the above.

Seriously though, some of the replies were well-intentioned and I wholly agree with a point made by one of them:
Healthy conversation between the Left and the Right is a healthy aspiration and I, for one, appreciate having a diversity of opinions on the threads, as long as no one is using them to blow off steam when they come home from work, get drunk, or your team loses.
Fair enough too. I'm concerned though that other large sections of the freedom-of-speech crowd seemed determined to totally shut this guy up. It does tend to suggest a double standard where freedom of speech is encouraged (provided they agree with you). It's such a shame though as to some of the stuff they apparently seem to so often agree on...

Healthy conversation yes! And that's what I 've said all along...

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


More useful Indy Media Contributions to the Tsunami Victims

Before the bodies were even cold, whilst America had given millions of dollars to a tragedy they were ultimately not directly affected by, callous slime were already complaining about America's stinginess or even going so far as blaming America for the earthquake itself.

Over on IndyMedia whilst they completely failed to report on the tsunami in the first place they have now dragged themselves away from constant anti-America, anti-Semitic and anti-Western condemnation to report on the tsunami cleanup.

How? How else...By anti-America, anti-Semitic and anti-Western condemnation.

Highlights from Sydney IndyMedia (please hold your nose):
Saudi is a puppet dictator you imbecile, so is Egypt and Jordan and the rest of the rag heads are currently under occupation or attack. so what is your point pinhead maybe that the ussa offered up pocket change amounting to less than it spends in an hour trying to concur Iraq? Or maybe the only money the ussa is going to spend will go to beef up it bases in the area...

The only help they need is to haul off all those fat dead tourist-jewish perverts whos corpes are litering the beaches
Melbourne Indymedia:

George Bush and the facist, capitalist, imperialist Americans are responsible for this disaster!
Darwin IndyMedia:
Amerika's Obscene "Humanity"
Manila IndyMedia
Tsunami Relief as a Subterfuge?
Is the tsunami aftermath a "window of opportunity" for bolstering the Pentagon's presence in Southeast Asia?
And on it goes. Thanks for your help guys, the earthquake victims really appreciate it. No really!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


UN being helpful

A UN spokesman has said that the United States and other Western nations were being "stingy" with relief funds.

As the article mentions:
The United States is "the largest contributor to international relief and aid efforts, not only through the government, but through charitable organizations."
This of course includes giving money, $2.4 billion dollars of it, to the UN. Perhaps the UN, instead of holding press conferences to complain about generosity, should shut the hell up and start helping the earthquake victims instead. Or have they frittered away the $15 million already?

Given the UN's track record, I for one wouldn't be the least bit surprised judging by its achievements in Iraq:

Of the $5.2 billion in promised aid—including a pledged U.S. increase from $928 million in 2002 to $1.2 billion in 2004—as little as 20 to 30 percent of it reaches villages, observers say. The rest is absorbed by administration and personnel. Rory Stewart—now serving for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq as deputy governor of Maysan province—returned to Kabul this year and was shocked to find that friends of his were earning $800 a day working for the UN. "The cost of keeping a single expat on the ground is between 300,000 and half a million U.S. dollars a year," he says of the UN staff, "if you take into account the cost of salary, all the allowances, the per diems, the white Land Cruisers they ride around in, the equipment in their offices."
All talk, hates the US, Israel and the West and nothing productive is achieved. The UN and Indy Media seem to have a lot in common.

If it seems like I am being particularly hard on Indy Media at the moment, it is because I am appalled by the crap (there I said it) they are talking about at the moment while all of this is going on. What a waste of a good idea.

Here is someone who is being helpful.

Update: The UN are now backpedalling furiously.
The United Nations' emergency relief coordinator said Tuesday that the international response to the tsunami catastrophe in southern Asia has been "very generous" despite earlier comments in which he called some nations "stingy."
And I believe the UN has had a lot of productive achievements, despite earlier comments where I said "nothing productive is achieved" by them...

Here's someone else who shares my opinion and offers an interesting solution.

Thanks and greetings to all the intelligent blogs who have linked to me because of this, use trackback if you can, I'd like to stay in touch!


Is Wiki the new Indy?

WikiPedia - the free online encyclopedia is reporting (albeit in a rather encyclopedic style) about the earthquake and doing a damned finer job than that other indy news source.

They have plenty of up to date coverage of other current events also.


Tsunami Generosity (or lack thereof)

I will digress from my usual analysis of Indy Media in this post to look instead at what I regard as one of the biggest cases of global hypocricy to date.

I have been looking at numerous sites which detail the amount of aid being offered by countries to areas affected by the tragic tsunami of a couple of days ago. Needless to say, as previously discussed, little of this information was yielded from Indy Media who had far more important things to talk about.

At this stage it is being reported that :
America's initial response is valued at around US$15 million, with the prospect of more to come.
The 25-country EU will deliver US$4 million in emergency aid as a start.
The EU, so critical of America's role in the world and so confident of its own, is apparently unable to put its money where its mouth is right from the start

Hell, even Australia gave over US$7.5 million right from the word go.

It's even more interesting to note that (only) Eight US citizens are known to have died in the tragedy. That's eight, despite which America is donating all that money. Not because they will see a return on it, but because it's the right thing to do. It is also part of ongoing policy:

The United States gives out $13.3 billion tax dollars in direct Foreign Aid annually according to this article which has a whole lot more to say on the matter.

Let's see who else is contributing to the solution:

Israel is flying three aircraft with doctors, nurses and medical supplies to Sri Lanka, which suffered thousands of fatalities from a weekend earthquake.

The army spokesman said the delegation comprises 150 rescue and medical personnel -- specialist doctors, nurses and paramedics.

It plans to assemble a medical facility comprising of emergency, internal medicine and pediatric departments as well as a laboratory and X-ray facilities.

It also brings water, food, tents, blankets, mattresses and generators, the army spokesman said.

I doubt the victim countries will say no unlike Iran who preferred their babies suffocate to death after an earthquake rather than accept Israel's offer of assistance.

Update: I may have spoken too soon...

Sri Lanka refused to accept Israeli relief team of 150 doctors, nurses, medicines and equipment ready early Tuesday to fly complete field hospital to stricken country. Colombo which has no diplomatic relations with Israel would only accept supplies. Israeli planes took off with medical equipment, tents and other supplies - without desperately needed medical personnel

Evidently Sri Lanka's leaders needs to love their children more than they hate Israel.

Update #2: The Vatican is now blaming Israel for not helping Sri-Lanka. Can you believe it?

Update to Update #2: The Catholic World News (cited in Update #2) has issued a retraction as " a crucial error in translation caused a serious misinterpretation of the news". The Vatican are now off the hook, Sri-Lanka most definitely is not.

I'm not suprised by any of these selfless offers of assistance, but I doubt any thanks will be expressed on Indy Media who will continue to hate, while remaining part of the problem instead of solution.

Indy Media whose members seem to believe they are saving the world, could be raising money, passing the hat around or organizing fundraisers instead of condemning the US, Israel, Australia. I have already given. Are they? Of course not, but they're organizing plenty of other stuff instead. I'm sure the families in Sri Lanka, Thailand, India... Will thank them for their worthwhile contribution to humanity.

I'm unimpressed.


Indy Media Watch Implicated in Broader Belgian Conspiracy

In between waffles and anti-Semitism, the Belgians are now fighting over who owns

Whilst personally, I would be fighting against anyone who claimed I was part of the group responsible for this it seems:
"People from new IMC projects in Belgium keep on claiming that they are the “one and only real IMC” and therefore should be entitled the use of the url ...They now even officialized their campaign with a wiki page :"
The last link reads like a political thriller. Money stolen, political backstabbing and fraud. Absent from all of this of course is quality journalism.

The response however was even more interesting:
We think that most of the information in the text is based on rumors and sometimes there are also plain lies. We feel it is necessary to reply to those rumors and lies. We will not answer all the “intentions” as they can not be verified, we will stick as much as possible to facts and will as less as possible judge the work done by the local IMC's in Belgium.
They then go on to list a series of "facts" such as:
"We can only notice that most of accusations can also be found on zionist and richtwing websites. Frontpagemag has an artickle on (the mother of all IMC's) with the same logic claiming inydmedia is a front organisation of the Communist Party (USA)"
They are of course referring to this interesting Frontpage Magazine article. However, apparently:
Other website were you can prose that has a lot in common with turlututu's literature and frontpagemag are:

Woohoo! I'm involved in the conspiracy! Never mind the fact that I've never heard of turlututu, made only a couple of passing references in my Blog to Belgian Indymedia and don't visit their site often simply because I don't speak enough French or Dutch to understand any of it (except ubiquitous anti-US and anti-Israel crosspostings). But thanks for the recognition guys, I'm touched. Really!

What can I say? I don't know/understand their grievances, but if turlututu and friends are against the conspiracy theorist nutbags, racists, trolls and morons that have driven people like me away from other Indymedia sites, then more power to them. If not, whatever man...

And it's nice to know that I am a richtwing site as well. And to think, I had just recovered from being labelled a Zionists extremists.

Whilst one side of me tends to randomly support whichever side of this foreign argument doesn't call me names, I think I'll continue to just stay out of this one.

N.B Conspiracist theorists - note the word "continue" in the preceding statement.

Monday, December 27, 2004


Is this as good as it gets?

Via the Global Indymedia Page comes this.
Monster Quake and Tsunami Devastates South Asia. It's from Victoria Indymedia where it appears half an inch up from other 'breaking news' - "Israel and US Moves in the Middle East: Pimps and Whores".
C.B.C. Television News is now reporting the after-effects of a massive earthquake centred in the Indian Ocean. The estimated 8.5 Richter Scale quake hit early this morning local time.
The global page syndicates what one must assume to be the highlights from the 'worldwide independent media consortium'. A couple of paragraphs, lifted in entirety from the (evil scumsucking) corporate media. Is this really the best they can do? If it were a 'corporate' (evil scumsucking) media outlet, half of them would have been sacked in the last 24 hours for such an oversight.

Of course, Indy Media isn't the same as the corporate media is it? They're much better right?

Update: I just remembered, this is not the first time a major tragedy has barely registered on Indy Media's richter scale been noticed by Indy Media.

Sunday, December 26, 2004


Indy Media continues to be relevant

A major earthquake has caused tsunamis across South-East Asia and killed tens of thousands of people.

This is a humanitarian disaster.

What's the Independent Media reporting on? What do you think?

I visited numerous IMC websites and picked articles which were timestamped with a local-time after the disaster.
In the interests of brevity, I shall not bother list more of the Israeli Slaughter article which appeared on nearly every site I visited. The spammer was obviously too busy to notice that thousands of people had been killed and this time, it wasn't Israel's fault (unless perhaps you ask Joe Vialls).
Pregnant female dog was found in forest Graberje in Kustosija (Zagreb). Dog was chained to a tree and left to die of cold, hunger and thirst. Luckily, reporter of Croatian radio found the dog and is now looking for a new home for the dog and her puppies that will be born very soon. This is only the beginning of this pre-holiday black chronicle.
So. Once again, we can see that Indy Media is totally useless as a source of 'news', preferring to concentrate on pregnant female dogs or biased tellings of incidents over 20 years ago (don't get me started) to vilify Israel. What the hell does everything have to do with Israel anyway?

So, how would Indy Media management defend itself? Let's guess:

"It's a volunteer effort, we don't have the resources of CNN" - That didn't stop your volunteers reporting on other stuff (cough Israel) in a very timely fashion did it?

"You keep arguing that sites aren't localised, why should South Africa report on news in Asia?" - I don't know. Why did South Africa report on pregnant dogs in Croatia though?

"We are being diverse. Corporate news sources also report on other material besides the disaster" - Yes they do. But they also make considerable mention of it. Many Indymedia websites did not make any mention of it, or where they did, it was well and truly buried beneath other anti-US, anti-Israel or anti-Western propaganda.

Hell, even the Melbourne Socialists were more worried about banal garbage than the deaths of thousands in third-world areas. Unbelievable!

But I've saved the best for last.

I visited Oceania Indy Media figuring it was about as local to the quake as I'd get. It linked to Tokelau Indy Media who had only this to say:

Everything is very fine
and ultimately peaceful here
and we are 100% happy!
We have nothing to complain about,
we are not even bored! No really!

And we thank everybody else on the planet
for creating a greater surf every year
Faka fetai!
This post on Sydney Indymedia claimed quite accurately: "Oceania Indymedia mock the death of thousands of people".

Update: They are now fighting about this issue here. Note the "Indymediawatch" poster is someone else of no relation to this blog. I see variations of the (obvious really) posting handle from time to time but tend to confine my own thoughts to this blog rather than buying into arguments about whether or not Bush = Hitler". Anyway...

Someone else said:
i reckon it should stay there... indymedia still has room for fun
Well I reckon Indymedia still has room for a lot else. Try intelligent news...


America responsible for Earthquake in South-East Asia

Moments ago, I pondered whether Joe Vialls would shortly be proposing that the tragic earthquake in South-East Asia was actually Israel's fault.

Evidently someone has already had a similar idea.

One comment on Al Jazeera's webpage points the finger:
thanks to yankees the schools and universities are not funded very well in indonesia, and therefore thanks to yankees the civil engineers there are not able to get the best education, and therefore thanks to yankees buildings collapse and s r resulted due to earthquakes, thus it is ok to conclude yankees r responsible for the caused by this earthquake.... may the victims rest in peace...


Errm... I think you'll find it's actually the Ring of Fire and not Yankees who caused the earthquake, but then Al Jazeera readers will also recall how they felt when an earthquake occurred in Bam, Iran. The Iranian leaders clearly preferred that their children suffocated to death rather than accept an offer of assistance from Israel.

I weep for the future when the content of a 'corporate' news service (even an Arab one) starts to resemble Indy Media.


Invest in Oklahoma Tinfoil

This post on Oklahoma Indy Media is another one of those that the 'corporate media' just refuse to run. I wonder why?

The author, Joe Vialls has been summed right up more than once at Whacking Day. Short summary: He's completely insane.

- The Sari Club bombing in bali was a "mini nuke" planted by the Israelis.
- The Australian embassy in Jakarta was "nuked".
- The massacre at the school in Beslan was done by "Zionists from Wall Street".
- A fearsome alliance between Iran & Iraq is going to "destroy Israel and the USA" with their fearsome array of "attack jets".
- The guy they caught in Iraq last December wasn't Saddam Hussein.
- Seoul is arranging a nuclear attack on Hawaii.
- The Nicholas Berg murder on video was committed by Jews.
- The train accident in Ryongchong, North Korea was in fact a nuclear strike by "Zionists".
- Jews are planning to turn Miami into a fortress city of Zion.
- The Madrid train bombings were committed by Israel.
- Israel is going to invade America.
- Vladamir Putin is going to nuke Israel.
- "Arab attack jets" are going to destroy Israel.
- The Port Arthur massacre was organised by Israel.
- Cyclone Zoe was in fact a new-age "Weather Warfare" weapon. Invented by Jews of course.
- the USA and Israel are conducting mass mind-control via satellite.
- Israel is conducting "subliminal warfare" by using TV images in the USA.

Thank heavens he's got Indy Media. I look forward to his forthcoming expose on the (ahem) real reason behind the tragic earthquake in South East Asia.
Something occurred to me. Several bloggers who have linked to me have made comments along the lines of: "Indy Media Watch saves you having to read the filth on Indy Media". And therein lies the problem. Many intelligent rational people want nothing to do with Indy Media having migrated en masse to other political blogs (irrespective of their political orientation, left right or center). As such, now that the more intelligent ones have fled, there has been a continuing distillation of stupidity on Indy Media.

The stupid ones convince each other that there is broad acceptance of their insane view of the world, simply because very often no one argues with them.

So what do we do?


Roasted double-stuffed disgrace a la Indy Media

Little Green Footballs readers noticed this San Diego Indy Media piece, ROASTED DOUBLE-STUFFED PIG A LA FALLUJAH before I did.

The LGF headline: Indymedia Hits Bottom, Digs pretty much says it all.

The subsequent arguments on the Indy Media page between visiting LGF readers and defensive Indy Media types may be one of the signals of the apocalypse.

Saturday, December 25, 2004


Rock Bottom

This article on Melbourne Indymedia is Holocaust denial, disgraceful and not isolated.

Nothing could sum it up more clearly than one of the comments the last time this happened.
Racist to the core, IndyMedia Melbourne is like a toilet bowl into which neo-Nazis empty their bowels on a daily basis.
Like so many others, both articles were never removed by Melbourne Indy Media administrators who one must assume are quite comfortable with it.

There are plenty who wouldn't be.

Let me guess... Indy Media Melbourne is 'brave' enough to run the articles the 'corporate media' refuse to right?



State of the media in 2014

One of my readers in the year 2014 has sent this Flash movie back in time to me.

It presents an interesting persepective on how online information companies like Blogger, Google,, Microsoft and so forth really screwed up the way we will receive news in the year 2014. They did this by putting the goals of distribution and dissemination ahead of politics, ethics or journalistic integrity.

Indy Media is doing this right now.

It's long, but interesting viewing. Let me know your thoughts!


Merry Freakin' Christmas

This morning, Christmas Day, I was browsing the global Independent Media Center website which is often a good starting point for my adventures. I was looking for a Christmassy article I could critique.

I found none. I figured they could talk about people who are denied the right to celebrate Christmas in their country for fear of being executed. Perhaps they could talk about people who cannot afford Christmas or even a typical article about US soldiers who are missing Christmas because of "Bushitler". All I could see was an anti-US article about 19 soldiers killed "a week before Christmas".

For a religious festival which affects an awful lot of people worldwide, it evidently doesn't rate a single mention on a so-called relevant news source.

Bah-Humbug from Indy Media, Merry Christmas from Indy Media Watch. May 2005 bring you peace and happiness.

Friday, December 24, 2004


Kansas is Back!

Oh look, Kansas City IMC is back!
thanks to from many different people we're ready to resume reporting the news deemed unworthy by corporate media.
You know... News deemed unworthy by corporate media such as this:
Remember when the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini used to call the United States the Great Satan? Sure you probubly laughed at this crazy bearded madman with his impassioned anti-American rhetoric. [ed: I am still laughing at your English] Many comedians back in the 70's made quite a living assailing him. Politicians past and present still bring up his oratory pertaing to America being the Great Satan. News media airheads parrot these Washington insiders.

Well, I got very sad news for you and for all of the world, The Ayatollah hit the nail right on its head...the United States of America is The Great Satan!
If you, like me, saw the movie "The Omen", than you were probubly scared out of your panthose months after seeing it. Well as they say, Art minics reality.
And this article (ahem) minics galloping stupidity. Such a shame the "corporate media" don't print stuff like this isn't it? And check out the accompanying graphics which prove (as always) that America really does equal Satan:

I also cringed at this new form of protest, the die-in.

To their credit, KC Indymedia have hidden (Indy Media's impotent answer to filth-deletion) numerous articles which are still proudly displayed on other Indy Media websites as previously reported here. There is still a long way to go before they can credibly believe they are an alternative to the mainstream media, rather than merely an alternative to commonsense.

Err... Welcome back KC Indymedia.


Summed up nicely

This article and the comments which follow on Portland Indymedia sums up the problem beautifully.

Nazi skinheads plan to vandalize the city with fliers dedicated to their cause in the "Flier Outreach Contest" at Gabriel Park, SW 45 & Vermont, Portland Oregon, Jan 8, 2005 at 1:00PM. Please join us to stop the hate. A bunch of musical bands and some other random people such as myself and a group of my friends will be there to protest their actions, rip off their fliers, and hand out anarchist pamphlets in response to this horrible event.

This is then followed by a heated debate between those who agree they should tear down the Nazi posters and those who don't want to because that would be censorship man!

I am glad to see that the people of Portland are organizing to oppose the ideas espoused by these facists. However, I don't agree with the idea of vandelizing their efforts to promote their ideals. Eventhough I find their ideas without value and completely disgusting I do respect their right to have and promote their values. Don't rip down their flyers, that's what an oppressive regime does when it is afraid of free speech. Let the Nazis post their flyers for everyone to see. Disagree with what they say, post your own flyers, but don't repress anothers ideas just becaue you don't agree with them, that is what Nazis do.

In other words, if you tear down a swastika poster, you are as intolerant as the person who put it up there. That is, if a Nazi puts up a poster and you tear it down, you are..... A Nazi.

And therein seems to be a recurring argument on Indymedia sites worldwide against limiting the obvious Nazi content which plagues them. Let me say this slowly:

Harrasment and hate-speech aren't the same as free-speech. Preventing hate doesn't make you a sellout.

How to deal with Illinois Nazis
How Jake and Elwood dealt with Nazis

The argument that we should merely expose fascists/Nazis/whatever and then debate them is also flawed for it's far easier (as I have seen repeatedly) for someone to rapid-fire post 50 hate-filled spews on 100+ Indy Media websites than it is to post a single well put counterargument. You will always be fighting a losing battle.

And one more thing, if you are going to offer a counterpoint, are anarchist flyers really the best you can come up with?

Thursday, December 23, 2004


Illegal and immoral consumption of oxygen

This morning's Sesame Street was brought to me by the letter V.
With that in mind, I chose Canada's Victoria Indymedia for my browsing pleasure. It was bad...

Evil Pundit suggested my site was "keeping an eye on the loony left so you don't have to". He's only half-right. The far-right seem to have found their home on Victoria Indymedia as well, with bona fide Nazis posting as freely as the anti-Bush, anti-America comrades and a few apolitical lunatics in between for good measure. I always wondered when the extreme right and the extreme left would kiss and make up. Apparently, it's already happening on one website.

Anyway, as Evil Pundit said: "so you don't have to" I have compiled a list of 'what's news in Victoria".

Local Victoria News - Israel's Battle in Fallujah

It has become clear that Israel played a major role in the battle for Fallujah, despite the American concern to conceal this fact
...oh, and the teeny fact that there is no hard eh-vee-dence provided by the article to support it either (wooops, except for the link to a an Arab News source who are no doubt even-handed in these matters).

Waaaait a minute, that link is the source of the Indy Media piece, copied and pasted directly. I'm crushed, so much for "locally" produced independent media, let's move on.

Here's more (ahem) "local" Victoria News:
Al-Qaeda suspect incarcerated - Therefore, according to Victoria Indy Media, Canada's Zionist lead march towards a police state took one more step on the path of the death of freedom.

Well, it is kinda "local" news isn't it? I mean it had the word Canada in there.

Let's duck over to "Global news" (kindly hold your breath folks)

Hamas vows revenge against Israel

" Al-Zahar says Israeli occupation is the cause of the conflict...Aggression from Israel will be reacted by self-defence ... whether within the occupied territories or outside the Green Line

"Outside the Green Line" of course refers to the rest of Israel as well, so when he refers to "Israeli occupation" he is referring to "occupation" of anywhere on the planet.

As for "self defence"... From this?

The above 4 young Jewish children and their pregnant mother were shot at point blank range in (ahem) "self-defence" by Hamas.

But wait, that entire article was also lifted word for word from Al-Jazeera. Of course it gets better, but like myself, you have probably lost interest in a recurring theme, that is:

a) Constant abuse of Israel on the site to the exlusion of any other country with far worse human rights

b) "Local" (i.e. Victoria news) only really being local to say Jerusalem

c) No original material to be found at all, merely constant reposting of Arab news or other anti-Israel websites.

With respect to this last point, as the Arab news and Nazi groups already have websites, what exactly is the point of Victoria's so-called "local independent media"?

Finally, as it's Xmas, I would have really liked to explore some material on the site that wasn't concerned with vilifying Israel, but I apologize, it simply would have taken too long to find it on Victoria IMC when up to half or more of all the so-called "global" material on the site is about only one country. Blame Sesame Street's sponsors for inspiring me I guess!

Of course so that no one calls me a "Zionists Extremists" again, by daring to suggest I'm trying to censor discussion of Israel, may I make a polite request:

Hey IMC Victoria, if you want to pick on a country, why not share the love and try this one:
A 14 year old boy died on Thursday, November 11th, after having received 85 lashes; according to the ruling of the Mullah judge of the public circuit court in the town of Sanandadj he was guilty of breaking his fast during the month of Ramadan.
You know... Only if you can find the time. Then I won't have to talk about Israel.

Hello?..... Anyone?..... I can't hear you over these crickets....

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Intelligent Debate

Indy Media Watch has been linked to by this article, originally in French and now appearing on a number of other IMC websites (#1, #2 - Quebec Media Centre. Different name, same Indy Media smell).

Here is a reasonable Google translated version.


Since the beginning of the second intifadah, certain Zionists extremists joined the first with the same kind of rhetoric. You can find some their proses on,, ,, ...

So there you have it folks, fair criticism of the filth on Indy Media makes you a Zionists extremists! (sic) I feel so cheap...

Of course those of you who know me will also know why such an accusation of this blogger is ridiculous.
Suffice it to say, no, I am not a (ahem) Zionist extremists. For what it's worth though, I know several passionate Zionists (non-Jewish and Jewish) who as much as idiots like the above would like, don't actually regard "Zionist" as an insult, rather a badge of honour.


Insert head here...

AUTerrific very kindly linked to Indy Media Watch and allowed me to discover the fantastic bit of art now displayed on New Hampshire IMC:

To fully savour the artistic talent, you need to first remember that (in Indy Media Land anyway) 9/11 was not the work of militant Islamic terrorists, but in fact all the work of Mssrs Ariel Sharon and George W. Bush. Trust me, it's a lot easier to believe if you overlook the fact the hijackers were Saudis and Israel (Sharon) is the sworn enemy of Saudi Arabia. Apart from that (oh, and that whole Islamist terrorism genre) it's really quite easy to swallow. Anyway, here's the image in question.

Ostrich with head in the sand

So once again, we are reminded (in case we had forgotten) that 9/11 was in fact entirely the work of Ariel Sharon and George W. Bush. Thanks Indy Media!

I have previously mentioned how stupid this theory is, even for the most insane card-carrying conspiracist theory nutbags. Therefore, in rebuttal to the above image and surrounding text, I have merely this to say:

Indy Media Heads up their own ass

Any questions?

Sunday, December 19, 2004


San Francisco Keeps Trying...

San Francisco Indy Media still wants to "kickstart a shift towards maturing into a real media network that can compete with any of the best wire services in the world."

I thought I'd see how they were doing so far in their noble quest.

Not... so... good...

Executive Summary: 1) George W. Bush "stole" another election (fer sher, yesiree) all "Amerikans" are Nazis. 2) former US President Lincoln was actually gay (but somehow didn't seem to upset aforesaid Amerikan Nazis) and my favourite: 3) Freeway Bloggers(who back in the day were just called vandals).

Of course SF IMC could do something about it, or they could write another editorial condemning the mainstream press (who didn't run any of those pieces for some amazing reason) and continue motivating themselves.

Still, their content is better than some of the rubbish polluting the Internet courtesy of other Indy Media Sites I've visited today...

(Spelling unchanged - you can't write comedy this good)
Seattle use to have some many active people what happen up there? Is it all the coffee? or maybe people just had too much heroin? Hell, Portland is equally bad (if not worse) for heroin and coffee. So my brother/sister Seattlites its time to wake up and change this formate and your subdued actions. Be the people we have always been proud to call sisters and brothers. Make this indymedia the place people go to to become aware of the hideousness of the "Man" and the fact that the fascist boot is coming down on us. Rise up and post and make this indymedia a place to call home!

Yeah man!

Sunday, December 12, 2004


Pesky Zionists, Hotel Rooms and Taxi-Drivers

Not content with merely subverting video stores those pesky Zionists are now stealing bibles from hotel rooms according to a piece aired on Melbourne Indy Media.

Of course you won't actually find any evidence to support the accusation, but come on! It's got Jew written all over it (according to Melbourne Indy Media anyway).

Following the links in the article allowed me to discover the wonderfully deranged Faruque Ahmed, an Australian taxi driver who doubles as the "Moderator" of a blog advertised in his spews all over the IMC network. For a "Moderator" he appears about as moderate as Osama bin Laden on a Sunny Tuesday. He has taken on Australian talkback radio and print journalists by accusing them of being everything from "Zio-Nazis" to Israelites and offering "definitive evidence" including pictures which "prove" Israel is worse than Hitler. Despite his in-depth research into the accused journalists, somehow he still manages to spell their name wrong. I am touched by how the intelligent, cogent and well thought out response by his victims (before they wrote him off and probably took out restraining orders) didn't end with "and that sir is why we are well known media identities, and you will always be driving a cab".

I do not want to offend hard working taxi drivers however but must wonder whether they all know this fool represents them. If he does, I think I'm catching a bus next time I visit Australia!

Normally I would dismiss such a person simply as an idiot. We have all learned though that idiots can still be dangerous. It seems Indy Media continues to provide at least one idiot with a platform for his bile.

Thursday, December 09, 2004


Yes My Liege...

Looking through my referrer logs, I came across this discussion on Liege IMC. Google will translate it (really badly) from French here

I last reported on Belgian Indymedia here and looking around their site, not a lot appears to have changed.

Regrettably, in the page linking back to my site, I really couldn't understand a whole lot of it. Curiously, some of the replies were in English and one was critical of my blog, hence the link. Referring to massive criticism of Indy Media, another said:

if such attacks didn't exist, Indymedia wouldn't be doing its job

I see. In other words, unless people complain, you just aren't doing your job properly. Uh, what exactly is your job again?

Commenting on my blog one poster said:
Other anti-indymediasites:

If you read the texts you will see that the same tactics are used over and over again.

Apparently legitimate and deserved criticism is a "tactic". Silly me just thought I was trying to point out how totally perverted Indy Media had become. Now I know I'm actually part of a conspiracy. Gee I wish someone had told me earlier!

Once again for the record: This is not an anti-Indymedia site. It is however highly critical of the wholesale abuse of the Indy Media platform which has turned it into a garbage dump. The Indy Media stakeholders, rather than doing something about it, continue to insist it's not their fault, it's someone else's fault and now, apparently it's my fault as well.

I've said it before. At some point, Indy Media will need to grow up and accept responsibility. If not, pack up and go home but you can't have it each way and expect to be taken seriously.

Sunday, December 05, 2004


There's that word again.

Today's word of the week:

The systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group. *

Apparently that's exactly what's happening to African Americans in LA -
Homelessness in LA and Genocide of African Americans.

Unfortunately, not everyone has been exterminated yet.

Look, I know there is underprivilege of African Americans. I know they can suffer discrimination. I know there is poverty, health and educational problems in their neighbourhoods. But do we really need to use the word genocide?

I suspect there's millions of Russians, Chinese, Cambodians, Jews, Armenians, Hutus, Turks, Kurds amongst others who might think someone's being a little quick to throw that word around and showing remarkable disrespect to victims of real genocide.

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