Friday, June 24, 2005


Police Officer Dies at Protest

The Environmental Republican has very kindly linked to an earlier post of mine discussing protester violence.

Indirectly, this has now become fatal.

Philadelphia Police Officer Paris Williams suffered a fatal heart attack during a police skirmish with protesters. Williams collapsed near the end of a brawl between protesters and police that lasted for several minutes near 12th and Arch Streets.

NBC's report suggests he was not directly involved in the scuffle however the Environmental Republican makes this interesting point:
Whether or not the protesters intended for a cop to die, the fact is that he did indeed die as a result of breaking up a scuffle that the protesters started and the police were forced to attempt to break up.

These are not college kids protesting the Dean because he decided to shut down a frat house. These are trained protesters who travel to every event and they have the goal of creating anarchy. They are worldwide as was evident in Genoa, Italy.

By inciting violence, they had a direct impact on a police officer's death regardless if the man was pumping sludge through his arteries and needed a quadruple bypass. It is not murder and [Philadelphia District Attorney] Lynne Abraham is not prosecuting for murder, but they were criminally responsible.

Keep in mind that these "professional" protesters have a goal of forcing the police to act so that they can hurt cops
And over on Philly Indymedia, some contributors are dancing on his grave...
i don't really appreciate people discussing allegations against one of our comrades who is still locked up, or using words like "melee" (which sounds like an actual fight) to describe a bunch of testosterone charged maniacs indiscriminately assaulting a bunch of peaceful protestors. i saw volunteer legal observers getting kicked in the face and helped a middleaged woman escape from a bike cop who was repeatedly bashing his wheels on her over and over again while she was trying to back onto the sidewalk.

bet you we aren't going to get any fucking letters of condolence from the philly cops about any of that!
Apparently you can't talk about a matter to go before the courts, or use certain words. I'm sure "war criminal" (and Nazi) George W. Bush will be thrilled to learn of this new set of standards for Indymedia.

Protesters are having a jail support vigil for their arrested comrades. I wonder if any of them sent flowers to the policeman's family?

According the Philly Indymedia Legal Situation Update Page,
As of 5:48 on Thursday afternoon, June 23rd there were still at least 7 activists known to be in jail in Philly. It is unclear who exactly is still in jail at this time, as several individuals are practicing jail solidarity.
What the heck is jail solidarity? It continues taking the high ground:
Keep in mind that there well over a million in American prisons, these are simply some of the most recent signs that the American Justice system is hardly just.
...or just a sign that over a million people did something bad.
Later this evening the arrestees are due to be transferred to a Philadelphia city or county jail(unclear at time of writing). If you have ever been in jail you are well aware that there is a world of difference between a few hours or a night at the precinct and being held in a general population prison.
Sorry, I can happily say I have never been in jail, for an hour or a night. I hope I haven't disappointed you.

I have said it before. Some people are asking for trouble.

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