Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Springtime for Osama

Seattle Indymedia has completely lost it and is promoting a "volunteer project for a musical play about 911 and proved conspiracies".

"Steal this Play"
A public domain, volunteer project to create a musical play about 911 and other proved conspiracies. These include VoteScam, Chemtrails, 911 and Prescott Bush's finacing of Hitler.

Contributed material and web support is needed to complete the project. That includes a musical score. The project may succeed in creating large scale public awareness. The project is in the tradition of "Hair", which fostered widespread VietNam anti-war awareness.
Present song ideas include: "Cooking the Vote", "Divest My Best Investment (Prescott Bush and Hitler)" "Towers Down, Stocks Up". "Mohamed Atta Lap Dances Song."

There is no shortage of material to complete the project. The "magic bullet" logic of the official 911 Commission Report is virtual comedy. The popular David Ray Griffith Ann Arbor video provides inspiration for more material.

Can't wait for the reviews...

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