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The End

Indy Media Watch has closed. Here's why.

Finding examples of rank lunacy, libel, antisemitism, conspiracy theories, support for terrorism, incitement to crime or simple hate speech on various Indymedia sites is not especially challenging.

In general, when in a hurry to post, a quick visit to one of several 'leading' IMC sites will yield such an example usually within thirty seconds.

It's not difficult. However, it's not especially intellectually challenging either nor does it make for diverse reading to blog visitors. Oh look, here's more antisemitism on UK Indymedia. Check this out: More anti-American stupidity. And so on.

When Indymedia started, there were not many avenues for 'citizen journalists'. Today, that is simply no longer the case. Many who supported Indymedia in the beginning have long since moved onto other projects or started their own websites. Are these perfect? Of course not, however focusing on Indymedia distracts from problems elsewhere.

Frankly, we do not believe there are many people today, who take Indymedia seriously. However, here we are, week by week forcing ourselves to wade through the muck, to satisfy our readers. It's exhausting. So, we've decided to call it a day and end the project.

In the two and a half years since Indy Media Watch started, in over 1000 posts, we have repeatedly documented easily verified problems with Indymedia. This has not been acknowledged by many involved with Indymedia as fair criticism but rather completely denied or otherwise ignored.

Our masthead states:
Indymedia was set up to fill a void in the corporate media. An idea I thought long overdue. Unfortunately, as a largely unmoderated, unrestricted medium it was promptly over-run by bigots, trolls and Nazis confusing free-speech with hate-speech. I believe the Indy Media experiment has failed.
Has anything changed? Has there been any improvement? Has there been any responsibility, accountability or quality? No, no, no.

The masthead was written in the first-person as the blog started off with one person but now has a few contributors. I would like to thank them all immensely, from those who composed entries over the years, to those who provided tips and of course other bloggers (and even book authors) who have linked to, or referenced this site.

Long term readers will recall my annual suggestion Indymedia commit seppuku. As Indymedia has not substantially improved, this call remains unchanged.

I think we have made our point.

We will leave comments open indefinitely.
It is so sad when a blog ends. Especially since I will have to take you out of my blogroll. Will you continue writing in other blogs?

Congratulations to the The Watcher and all those who did so much work to make this blog a success.

The days when Indymedia sites can expect their constant diet of anti Semitism and Jew hating to go unchallenged are over. The community in the UK who helped to establish the original British site are now well advanced in the establishment of a new Indymedia operation due in no small part to the work done here.

Thanks for all work - free independant journalism is growing and thriving

ex IMC'er
ex IMC'er:

Keep us updated here.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

I'm gonna miss you. I understand.

Thanks, and I'll check in every now and then.

A meeting was held at the weekend concerning the new Indymedia GB site. Generally positive although the inevitable gripes over who is paying for what, policies, etc etc.

The official application to the Indymedia 'Mother Site', has been sent although no notification has yet been received.
What was wonderful to see and hear was the level of enthusiasm from so many, I guess about 25 people attended the meeting but we had emails from many more than that wishing us success and making practical suggestions.
We now have three servers, a place to keep them, a guarantee of at least four years electricity to run it all and of course the all important software to enable the publishing. My guess is end of April the site will be live with a couple of articles concerning an interview that was done with the head of EasyJet (nice one Julian !) while he was at a conference in London.

So far we have kept everything low key and semi secret because there have been those from the Indymedia UK site trying to screw things up but later in the month we will be having a full launch with site details on about 400 blogs worldwide. In addition we have agreement from the BBC to do a piece on us which will be entitled,
"New Media Journalism"

More details to follow.


ex IMC'er
dear watchers,
please do not end your project. I'll be missing indywatch
They're buffoons and jew haters. What else is new?

I'm sad you're not here, but can't you do a post every once in a while?
You will be pleased to know that Melbourne Indy has closed down.

Another one bites the dust!
I've occasionally read your commentary on your blog, and occasionally agreed with some of the criticisms of the Indymedia network.

Latest news is that Melbourne IMC is to suspend open publishing.
Read it on the front page or in this posting:

As I am the author of the posting (which was leaked to the newswire),
you can take it as true.

Our collective has tried to provide a useful activist media service,
and I think we mostly succeeded. But the conflicts with irate users
and spammers, the rise of group moderated blogs, and not upgrading to a more conducive software environment has really taken its toll.

So rather than let the site degenerate we are pulling the plug. And then we will assess what we want to do in terms of media activism.

I personally still believe there is an important role for grass roots
citizen journalism, but we need to reassess the advantages and limitations to open publishing and work with those, and fine tune the
software and our media processes for producing accurate reporting, or opinion pieces, of a reasonable standard.

Editor of Melbourne IMC
Today, an ugly tradition continues at Univ. of MD. with the release of the Terrapin Times. This "paper" would probably make Bill White proud. Sadly, I must admit I knew Bill White at UMD. He agreed to help me bring Pam and Ramona Africa to the campus when the bureaucrats at the BSU wouldn't or couldn't. It is disheartening to hear of his current activities. I am Black so I know in my heart that he is not racist, but that was a lifetime ago. Chris Belcher also happens to be an old associate of mine. He was a teacher and active in the ISO's D.C. chapter at the time. Indy Media Watch is a vital and necessary countermeasure to those who would promote chaos and instability. Common sense should be our guide through revolutionary development, in our relations with each other as well as the police(government). I pray this blog is not in vain and I hope to see Indy Media Watch active again soon. Peace.
Awww. Please come back. IMC uk is especially sucky - run by Stalinist loons, Jordan Thornton and Latuff, half the articles are about Israel and the rest are just pure bullshit with almost nothing that's even relevant to any kind of grass roots protest at all.

They're a bunch of knee jerk assholes and no mistake - please come back and put it out of its misery!
24 January 2009
My attention was drawn to Indymedia by emails circulating from the "Friends of Palestine". I took a look at the postings, and added a few comments challenging their mindless ant-Semitic blather. I even posted a few news articles questioning the credibility of the Hamas propaganda they are posting.

Within a few hours, most of my comments and postings were removed. bullshit
...may thay rot in their own bigoted stew ...
UK residents missing their hit of Indymediawatch take note! The fun continues, on...
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