Friday, July 08, 2005


Protests Against Terror

One thing Indymedia is very good at, is organizing protests.

A protest against the terrorists who perpetrated the London bombing would be a wonderful initiative. It is already being discussed by several London bloggers such as Europhobia.
Discussions are underway for a "Fuck you, terrorist dicks" protest/show of solidarity, Madrid style, this weekend. I'll let you know more when we've finalised something.
Update:It has been organized.

Indymedia, protest organizer headquarters, has better things to do. According to the latest posts on their newswire, in addition to yet more poorly spelled conspiracies, Indymedia seems preoccupied with other protests, including tormenting cows and pushing trees and rocks onto a freeway. Watch the video and see the sheer stupidity of the 'protesters' (no doubt doing "an action") which results in at least one of them learning not to pick a fight with a cow. Finally, the farmer tells them to get off his land. All, under the watchful eye of the well marked "legal observer" who obviously didn't observe trespass, cruelty to animals or placement of potentially fatal obstacles on a freeway.

Offensive and irrelevant.

If anybody knows of any anti-terror protests, send me an email. It would be my pleasure to advertise it.

Update: Evil Pundit writes:
Video camera: $300
Ticket to Scotland: $40
Balaclava: $1
Video of G8 protesters getting run down by a herd of angry cows: Priceless.
Update: Welcome to visitors referred here by Michelle Malkin. If you need a laugh right now, feel free to read this and have a look around.

Had they invaded a farm in Texas, the farmer wouldn't have just grabbed a hammer. He would have grabbed the 12 gauge shotgun and started firing warning shots in the air. The little bastards would have moved much quicker!
'poorly spelled' should be hyphenated.
The point of a legal observer is to observe not to intervene, hence 'observer'.
Nevertheless, thanks for this, it is a truly hilarious bit of fotage.

Thank you for pointing that out. I stand corrected. In response however, I would respectfully argue that comments should start with a capital letter. Don't get me started on the spelling of 'footage'.

Thanks for the compliment :-)
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