Friday, October 13, 2006


Guilty as Charged

Jeremy Sears, previously reported here has, according to Chicago Indymedia in the case regarding the ProtestWarrior website break-in.

Far from closing ranks as is common after protest arrests, it would appear that Hammond has been ostracised by other activists:
Jeremy hammond has turned in evidence that has incriminated other activists and anarchists and has been removed for the community. He should not be worked with and should be regarded as a snitch. Indymedia should remove this posting.
Censorship! This issue may explain why really, really doesn't look like the activist site it did previously. Get your Free Jeremy!

Sorry, your #s are wrong. There is only a single count, of unauthorized access, and even the prosecution grants that no personel shit was taken. After a complete search of jeremys and all his friends computers the FBI found NOT ONE item of personel info. At worst, Jeremy faces a max of five years, and maybe as little as 0-6 mnths, depending on how the judge reads the guidelines. And if sentanced, he will be sent to a camp, not a prison. since he DID NOT STEAL ANY INFO! Trust me, I've been at every court date. And are we all forgetting the people who hacked indymedia? Or is only leftwing hacking illegal.
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