Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Tony Blair Ordered Bombings

Just thought you should know.

I am amazed at the speed with which antisemitic and lunatic conspiracy theorists can fabricate source material and references to back their theory that Israel was behind London terrorist attack. The first half of it reads like a (badly written) Bond novel, however the references at the end and much of Indymedia would treat it as undeniable truth.

The facts never were all that relevant. AP has a lot of explaining to do.

Variations on this stuff have been posted around Indymedia at warp speed. Apparently the conspiracy theorists want to make up for the hopelessly unsuccessful efforts after 9/11 to convince us it was actually Bush and the Jews' fault.

From BC Indymedia:
Attentive journalists have already uncovered solid evidence that the London bombings were an "inside job," orchestrated--or at least "allowed" to happen--by industry and government insiders (US, UK, and/or others). Just like last year's Madrid train bombings, and just like 9/11

Attentive? Evidently not to reality.


Oh god.

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Yes, what's wrong with them indeed.
Doesn't everybody know you're supposed to ignore the evidence that's right in front of you, like the inexplicable lowering of the "terror alert level" or whatever that hogwash is called, this being a month before they knew the G-8 summit was soon approaching, or the "anti-terror exercise" non-coincidentally scheduled for the morning of 7 July that just HAPPENED to feature "simulated" bombings in the same locations as they took place in "ral time", so if anyone was caught beforehand by the city police they could say they were part of the training exercise. Or the fact that the four dead patsies were all cricket-playing girl-chasing non-extremist individuals some with family commitments, one having a baby out of wedlock with another on the way, and another with a baby of his own and a wife. Don't worry about why the two of the "accused suicide bombers" who took a trip to their ancestral home Pakistan left after only two months because they "didn't like the people there" instead of staying for the nine months they originally planned. Don't bother to ask how the "suicide bombers"' identification all managed to survive the explosions, as this obviously planted "evidence" is meant for you to accept at face value. Like the "cache of explosives" they "found" in the rental car that the police conveniently blew up instead of taking in for evidence. Or why they would use bombs with sophisticated timing devices when it's intended to be a "suicide bombing". Or why the website of the "unheard of terrorist group" called the "Secret Organization of Al Qaeda in Europe" that initially claimed responsibility for the bombings tracks back to Maryland in America. Or why it contained obvious factual errors in Koran quotes that no real Muslim would have made, appearing to be a phony "group" to take "responsibility" for MI5's handiwork. Or how Netanyahu was warned in advance. Or how the "official story" has changed drastically in about every important detail since 7 July. You're just not supposed to think about things like that, just keep reading garbage like "Indymediawatch" and believe what your murderous government spoon-feeds you.
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