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Indymedia UK - London Bombing is Covert Government Operation...

Literally minutes after the awful terrorist bombings in London, many, many comments on UK Indymedia are already suggesting it's an inside job. Whilst the rest of the world has no idea what happened (though can probably guess it wasn't the IRA or some pissed off nuns) here's what UK Indymedia is reporting:
Its an inside Job...

Become aware to defend yourselves

get these NAZIS out of power NOW!!!!

i'm sorry if you think this is innapropriate


seen it all b4
well they finally attacked london...the timing is alsmost too perfect it almost seems surreal...attempting to wipe the smile off the smug war criminal political liar blair's face...just one day after london got the olympics...its as if the IOC decision and now this terror attack will take the minds of the G8 leaders focus away from africa and climate change(or give them an excuse to).i for one did not want london to get the olympics...these events only end up being a burden to ordinary tax payers for years to come.they wasted money billions on the "dome" now they will do the same on an even bigger scale with the 2012 olympics...and one day afer the IOC granted the games to the capital city they show they cannot prevent a major terror attack...and would id cards have stopped this....NO.these terror attacks are as sensless as they are despicable...but once again we will see our political leaders use them to control us and restrict our freedom.
Without a shadow of a doubt, the work of MI operatives
Problem reaction solution scam so obvious, and on a 7/7/7 (2+5) date only of interest to the masonic bastards who run the intelligence services, and the knights of Eulogia and Malta (Bush and Bliar), and those other grotesque thieves,mass murderers and satanists meeting in Gleneagles
The last time Blair, Bush and Her Majesty met on UK soil, there were bomb blasts against British interests in Turkey

Blair and those controlling him will now feel they can do whatever they want, and some of the public will now start demanding their ID cards, in the mistaken belief they will shelter them from these attacks, which are indeed, AN INSIDE JOB
London's 9-11

Like September 11th, this reeks of an inside job, right after Bush and Blair appeared before the media making trivial small talk and jokes. I'm afraid it's all so predictable.

As I predicted some time ago, if the Establishment conducted a "terrorist" outrage in Britain, the target would be London Underground. Sadly, today on the seventh day of the seventh month, I am in a position to say. "I told you so!"
Dangerous idiots and their website of choice.

Meanwhile, via Tim Blair, as it becomes apparent that Al-Quaeda are responsible, I bet Australian newspaper The Age wishes it hadn't run this piece early this morning:
Locals tire of security overkill
Almost 11,000 police are on duty, up to half from England, and 3000 to 4000 will be on duty in the Auchterarder area [Scotland] today.

But the saturation policing has not gone down well with all Auchterarder residents or protesters. "There's far too many bloody police," said Allan, a retired builder. "There's enough for one person each, yet you'll never find one when you want them usually."

"You would think that the whole of al-Qaeda was coming" his friend James said.
Update: Indymedia never disappoints, now it's obviously the fault of the Jews.
Insofar as Al Quaida doesnt actually exist as anything other than a construct of the CIA/Mossad to frighten folk and advance a geopolitical agenda, its nothing short of juvenile to accept media cartels authoritative blame-tagging.
Got that? It's juvenile. Trust Indymedia...

Some nutter posted that.

ll the comments call him an idiot so dont make up a lie and alot are calling someone to be banned so don't say this is IndyMedia you fool
If you are going to call me a fool, may I suggest you check your spelling first.

I quoted multiple comments from multiple people which appeared on the Indymedia UK page. It was certainly not a rant from a single deranged nut as you dishonestly suggest.

Bye now.
And they're out in force on Indymedia Ireland too: London Attacked
"Some nutter posted that"

Wouldn't that beall of Indymedia posters.

Good job with getting this out quickly.
If you have any editorial honor whatsoever you wil immediately post the statement from Indymedia UK to this blog, rather than attempting to smear the outlet by linking to random comments.
Ask WHO BENEFITS, you brainless sheep. Three days BEFORE, the MoD announced it intends to reduce its force in Iraq to a skeleton force. This was in the open media, not a secret. Don't you think the "terrorists" would have had at least one guy reading the press for new developments? Why give Blair & company a gift like this NOW?? Now, when Blair's credibility is at an all-time low, when his Iraq policy is thoroughly discredited, when he needs a "rally 'round the flag" moment more than ever, the "terrorists" give him this. This benefitted NO GENUINE TERRORISTS. Why was the "terror alert" level mysteriously lowered a month prior when they KNEW the G-8 summit was coming??? Why be at top alert status a month ago but choose to be less concerned during a well-known summit of top industrialized countries' leaders?? Why has there been NO CREDIBLE CLAIM of responsibility even now?? Just two phony "claims", one by an unheard-of group that obviously knows nothing about Islam, the other by another fake "group" that has repeatedly claimed it caused things everyone knows it could not have, like the electricity blackout in the eastern U.S. last year. Netanyahu was warned in advance, otherwise he would have been running IMPOSSIBLY late by the time the "official" story claims he was warned. The explosives on the bus were determined to be RDX (British-made explosives) on day one, yet now the police are saying they don't know what kind they were. Only Blair and company benefit from this, at a time when they most sorely needed it. Now he has leverage to force through his national ID card plan as well as the rest of the draconian Nazi measures to make Britain even more of a police state. This was MI5 or MI6, one of the two. Look at all the facts before you blindly gobble down the lying government's "official" story.
To the anonymous poster of the above rant:

Do you speak like you write? If so, I suspect people cross the road when they see you coming.

Most of your argument rebukes itself. Certainly, there's little point trying to argue as you were convinced it was a Government plot even before the investigation has completed to your dissatisfaction.

Having said that, in the interests of frustrating you further, you claim 'The explosives on the bus were determined to be RDX (British-made explosives) on day one, yet now the police are saying they don't know what kind they were." . Here is a report which suggests the explosives were similar to those used in a previous terrorist attack. Evidently there is more knowledge than you claim.

Here however is a more recent argument by Israeli officials that is was not.

Obviously a giant cover up.


By the way, RDX is manufactured in the US and not exclusively Britain. Just thought you should know. Or have I blindly gobbled that down as well?
Theschwartz says:

I find it quite amusing that a bunch of teenagers who are still in puberty can pull off such an elaborate, skilled and professionally executed plan. Not only that, but able to go unnoticed wearing a huge back packs in a city where big brother is watching your every move!

Plus the ability to detonate the device in such precision and the know how to built such a device and acquire the explosives in these day and age!

These kids must be geniuses! Probably a member of mensa...

I can't work out if you are trying to be funny or not. It's not really funny, so I'll assume you are serious.

What makes you think it was that elaborate? Look at the nearly daily suicide bomb attempts in Israel, or do some Googling and you'll find it's not as hard as you suspect. Moreover, as for walking around with a backpack, there are thousands of people doing that daily in London. I have been one of them. No one would even notice.

You are clutching at straws to dismiss this one so easily. At least you aren't pointing the finger as easily.
First of all I deplore all forms of violent on innocent people...

2nd I find it quite amusing that they have decided to use kids as the scape goat...!

There are just too many inconsistencies and not so logical reasons about this whole incident, I smell coverup....
The only reason you would suspect inconsistencies is if you have spent too much time reading UK Indymedia, where the conspiracy theories about Bush and Israel were all ready - all that was missing was a date and time of the attack.

What's inconsistent about what happened in London, and scores of Islamist suicide attacks worldwide?

What's inconsistent about the admission by a responsible group? What's inconsistent about the fact certain Pakistanis from Leeds are now dead? Were their parents part of the conspiracy and told to pretend they didn't know?

What's inconsistent about violent preaching of Jihad at the Finsbury Park mosque and other venues in London or bin-Laden's statements in the past about London?

Sorry, you are looking for answers that simply don't exist and it's time to come back into the real world before you lose sleep over government mind-rays.
1.) Why would a teacher with a good job, family and kid go off on some useless crusade at the cost of his own life and others? Islam, Jews and Christian all share the same commandments...Thou shall not kill...

2.) When you're 19 you have so much to live for, so much to look forward too, why would you give up all those things just to kill yourself? not only that...How did they acquire the explosives? We are living in a post S11 days here...

3.) The war on terrorist was waning

4.) Those involved has a lot to gain

5.) They can impose more stricter control on citizens using fear to promote it...

6.) Hitler reborn
Why would a teacher with a good job, family and kid go off on some useless crusade at the cost of his own life and others?

An EXCELLENT question. The same one which may be asked of the university educated and qutie well off hijackers on 9/11.

It is NOT however evidence of some conspiracy.

As for how to obtain explosives? For starters, teenagers have been making them in their kitchens for decades. Google made it a bit easier. However, the fact that terrorists (via their mentors in some cases) have access to explosives shouldn't come as a surprise.

You and others like you can keep coming up with all sorts of interesting questions to try and fill in the gaps between "there was a bombing" and "it was a cover up". Unfortunately, reality is a lot less complicated.

Read this post. I think I shall close comments now.

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