Thursday, July 07, 2005


Indymedia Worldwide on Bombing

Indymedia Ireland's Statement following London bombings
The British government cannot avoid its responsibility for these terrible attacks, which are a consequence of its support for war and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan. The best way to ensure that there are no more such terrible attacks is for British troops to be withdrawn from there immediately.

As a mark of respect for the dead we have cancelled the opening day of our Marxism 2005 event.
A touching gesture. No really.
A chilling tribute from Indymedia Scotland:
The Sterling campsite in Edinburgh is tonight holding a candle lit vigil in support of the people who have died today in London as well as around the world. Earlier today police and protesters took part in a moments silence while in a large circle just outside the Sterling camp. The sombre atmosphere was defused by a spontaionus chorus of the Hokey Kokay and dancing to samba music.
And elsewhere, they know who's really behind this.

Idiot Protesters

Meanwhile, in Melbourne, Australia:
People are being urged NOT to call emergency services for the meantime - unless they maybe think that Tony Blair should perhaps reap exactly what he has sown.
If this shocking new means of waging war is succesful then Tony Blair may well soon be heading for a permanent retirement from politics and the UK will be out of SW Asia.
This is the good that came from the midnight black train attacks in Spain.
Now we know - terrorist attacks have a silver lining. This is followed by a threat against the British and Australian Prime Ministers:
Tony Blair could put a revolver in his mouth and pull the trigger...and that would be right on.

John Howard just came back from holidays so perhaps he's taking notes?

Your next Johnnie. (sic)
Finally, on a page lacking a whole lot of intelligence comes this ray of light:
Over on the UK indymedia site, they're already coming out of the woodwork with a million and one theories as to who really did it. They're all there, from Mossad to the Freemasons... everyone it would seem bar Al-Qaieda.

You have to wonder why....

I mean what's so lovely about Al-Qaieda that they can't even be held responsible for a crime they admit to having done?

When that Nazi ran amok killing gays and bombing Brick Lane in London where where Mossad and the freemasons then?
The discussion rapidly returns to blaming the Jews.

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