Saturday, July 09, 2005


Kos Managed, why Can't Indymedia?

Markos Zuniga runs a predominantly left-wing blog populated by many readers who would share a a similar ideology to Indymedia regulars. However, the similarities stop there. A posting from Kos reads:
Today I did something I've never done before (not even during the Fraudster mess), and wish I'd never had to do.

I made a mass banning of people perpetuating a series of bizarre, off-the-wall, unsupported and frankly embarassing conspiracy theories.

I have a high tolerance level for material I deem appropriate for this site, but one thing I REFUSE to allow is bullshit conspiracy theories. You know the ones -- Bush and Blair conspired to bomb London in order to take the heat off their respective political problems. I can't imagine what fucking world these people live in, but it sure ain't the Reality Based Community.

So I banned these people, and those that have been recommending diaries like it. And I will continue to do so until the purge is complete, and make no mistake -- this is a purge.

This is a reality-based community. Those who wish to live outside it should find a new home. This isn't it.
No doubt Indymedia's readership spiked. They have no problem hosting such material. Kos did a partial backflip shortly after
Update: I've been reinstating some of the banned accounts as they email me. Some people wondered why there wasn't any warning. There have been warnings from others -- repeated pleadings for people to ground themselves in reality.
I would have thought Indymedia was subject to the same pleadings and could clean up its nest? Evidently not. This appeared today:
Wile the owners of the world are in peacefull security in theyr casttles, the innocents are diying in Bagdag, Madrid and London.

Tony Bliar is responsible of hundreds of civils deaths in Irak, now is also responsible or over than 50 civils in London.

They put the wars, and we put the deaths.

While some are counting the money comming from the oil, others are diging for theyr sons.


Bush, Blair, Aznar, Arab Sheiks, Bin Laden Family, Soldiers, FMI, Mondial Bank, Oil Multinationals, Oil Oligarchy Familyes... ....EXECUTTION!!!!!

revolution or death.

Te stuf noospapers refuuze to print cos of censashup! Meanwhile, here's another conspiracy theory which demonstrates how stupid the conspiracy theories are.
The regulars at the Institute for Autonomy, where most of the Indymedia UK inner circle hang out, are almost certainly unharmed, as they were engaging in recreational public disorder hundreds of miles away in Scotland and successfully diverting police resources from the capital.
How convenient. It must have been Indymedia!

(See my point?)

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