Sunday, June 25, 2006


Poor Faruque

Antisemitic attention seeker Faruque Ahmed (previously mentioned
here) is having a hard time.

Faruque has the annoying habit of providing links - by the dozen usually, to every other barely readable rant he has recently posted. Each article then links to each other and the antisemitism, stupidity and repetition grows exponentially.


Indymedia usually runs his material, because... Well, it's Indymedia. Sydney Indymedia even made a special point of running it as a regular feature after he threatened to spam their newswire should they refuse. In other words - he blackmailed them, they buckled and the antisemitism floweth in abundance.

Non-Indymedia sites have a much better record of consigning crap like his to where it belongs. This is why they are often respected and Indymedia isn't (but is terribly self-righteous about it).

Faruque has also been complaining about this treatement on one of his other haunts, a Bangladeshi forum which he linked to within the previously mentioned link-o-rama.:
Here is a sample of Muslim-Jew dialogue! They refuse to listen to you. They will drive Zionised tank over you as they are doing to Palestinian children.

Manager MSN Bulletin Board

Dear sir/madam

Socrates, Giovanni Bruno, Gandhi, Mandela … were all
condemned by ignorant so called "judges" of their time. Today, these "condemned" are revered and the so called "judges" are denounced and vilified. [ed - Faruque thinks he is Gandhi]

You too, will be denounced and condemned for your Zionised judgements and action!

After visiting your Bulletin Board I gained the impression that the board is run by Zionists or Zionist bootlickers for Zionists and their brainwashed, illegitimate “love” children. The "Board", overseen by you was and is full of anti-Muslim, anti-Arab slurs and slanders in many

When I started to post a few items on a number of occasions they were deleted and interfered with. A few rabid Zionists immediately and compulsively started to bark and bite. However, overall I did not mind all of those barkings and bitings. I was expecting debates, logical discussions based on facts and figures. However I was not expecting a pro Zionist, Nazi like henchman such as yourself masquarading as a so called unbiased manager/judge.

For your kind information, I have participated on many more Bulletin Boards and my postings on the very same subject are attracting more contributors, comments and viewers then many other subjects.

Initially like on your board, I faced a degree of barking and biting but I most certainly did not encounter the prejudiced, undemocratic, pro Zionist bulldozer prominent on the bulletin board overseen by yourself! In fact on one Board, the pro Zionist moderator attempted to drive his “tank” over me but the administration and the overwhelming majority of contributors, rightfully objected to his fascist proposal. Not only this, his second exchange with me completely contradicted his first exchange and exposed his Neo-Nazi, biased mind.

To you Sir/Madam, I wish to point out I refuse to swallow the mainstream, nitrogenous wastes dished up by the "tabloid trash" and demonstrated by "Pro Zionist 30 second grabs". Do not try to force me to lower my standards to your level.

For now, I am asking you to post this item on the board and reinstate my membership, with an apology.
A moderator of the Bangladeshi forum responded immediately:

Why are you sending the letter to us?
Poor guy... Nobody loves him.

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