Monday, June 12, 2006


Why is it called Nazimedia?

Supporters of Indymedia hate it when the sites are referred to as "Nazimedia".

It is however undeniable that such material frequently appears on the newswire and moderators allow it. Let's have a look at two easy examples.

The first, on Bay Area Indymedia - Israel and Palestine: By way of deception recycles a tired theme - that the Mossad and AIPAC is pulling the strings of US Government.
Irrespective of who is in power, Washington has always been a conquered territory for Israel, which now takes America's unquestioned backing for granted.
The second, an article on UK Indymedia - Zionist Architects of Iraq Crime Wanted Civil War All Along has an introduction which argues:
As if the leaked documents detailing PNAC's US/UK's plans for "Divide & Rule" weren't enough, we now find that the Zionist Extremists behind this agenda of Fascism and Aggression designed the plan.

It's time to start talking about who the real Terrorists are, who poses the credible Threat to us all ...
Now compare the sentiments of the above Indymedia articles with those raised in this scary as hell video, which was sent to me today.

Skip the first 45 seconds (if anyone can translate please email me) Full translation in comments.
"The Cancer that will be shown now was filmed two days before Holocaust Day in the city Lensing in the state of Michigan - USA."

Similar don't you think? However only one group is up front about it.

This should be a chilling wake up call for some people on the Left and is part of the background to the Euston Manifesto. Will they wake up? Or continue down the same path.


"The Cancer that will be shown now was filmed two days before Holocaust Day in the city Lensing in the state of Michigan - USA."

"In the USA exists an extremist movement called NSM - National Socialist Movement."

"The base of the movement is located in the state of Minessota - Minneapolis, and is composed of 180 activists. Over the internet - exist hundreds of extra members that take part in the parades of hate in the streets of the USA."

"The movement acts under the exploitation of freedom of expression in a democratic country and organizes legal demonstrations with complete coordination with the authorities."

"The movement was founded in 1974 under the profound influence of the German nazi leader Adolf Hitler. And sees itself as following its steps and beliefs"

"The movement has nazi uniforms and symbols and a chain of command that waits the Third Reich."

"The leader of the movement is a young called Jeff Shukf (?). The movement has an important webpage called www..... 88 equal Heil Hit..."
Indymedia may as well change its name to "Nazimedia"
I found on virtually every Indymedia site (including is that these sites are virtually overrun by people who hate jews.

No matter the reason, imc and its affiliates are completely dominated by the worst sort of vitriol imaginable.

The accusations, lies and profanity are unbelievable.

Facts are completely useless here.
So, this site should change its name to "" It would actually be an accurate name
The person who posted "Zionist Architects of Iraq Crime Wanted Civil War All Along" is a useful idiot for antisemite conspialoons. His name is Jordan Thornton; lives in Regina, Canada; claims to be a jobbing journalist and seems to think that anything remotely Jewish is Mossad. He regularly spams Alex Jones/ Jeff Rense shite all over indymedia.

I do my best (as do others) to expose him for the bigotted paranoid idiot he is every time he posts. We all get branded "spooks" or "plants" hahahahahaha!
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