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Indymedia Attacks Own: Zionism the Phantom Menace

It appears all is not well between a few Indymedia websites out there.
here, nessie nessie
by on Her Majesty's Secret Service

Psssst! Hey, nessie! Over here!
C'mere, you mental cripple. All the secret agents of the world are yanking your chain. You cannot resist. You will respond.

And by the way, what were those two words you claimed were spelling errors?

And why did you, nessie of the SF-IMC, also known as the bogus "journalist", keep us in the dark concerning some very significant friends that Harry Hay had?

Hurry back, obsessive mental cripple. A bitchslapping awaits.”
Don’t worry; I have no idea what this individual is getting at either. I am delighted to see them take their feud public however.

Apparently, this little spat has to do with a story Indymedia Utah hosted claiming Nessie defends NAMBLA and pedophiles. In defense of Nessie, one poster declares:
“That it is the work of the Zionist propaganda mill is the most likely explanation, because it is a fairly sophisticated maneuver.... The Zionist propaganda mill knows full well that their grip on the progressive left is slipping fast. They are scrambling desperately to control Indymedia because they realize that it is one of the few places where they can still talk to progressive leftists.”
Yep, a Zionist conspiracy. You all know the drill.

That "defense" is most certainly Nessie himself, who uses the term "Zionist propoganda mill" frequently. Some trademark signs: overuse of asterisks surrounding words because he thinks we care about his emphases (ie *Zionist*), whacked out conspiracy theories, overuse of references to logical fallacies (such as "an ad hominem is not a rebuttal), often used when there is an arguement present that he just can't touch, sometimes there actually is this logical fallacy at the end as an insult to Nessie, clearly not an actual arguement), "no dialogue with racists" (aka Zionists, not Hamas supporters), and a huge ego, exhibited through things like thinking we care what he thinks, admonishing those who disagree with even one little part of his dogma (for example, if you're an environmentalist, he doesn't like you) often by calling them racists, and the NEED to be right all of the time. Which very, very rarely happens. He used to say "I'm outta here" when he was clearly losing and got frustrated, often to come back (yes, it was so pathetic it was hilarious, much like his existence), though I'm not sure he does it anymore now that he's thought of "no dialogue with racists."

Oooh, and look for Gehrig's attacks on Nessie. They majorly pwn.
I'm often one of the first people to defend Indymedia, pointing out that the vast bulk of racist and anti-semetic crap you might find on the newswires is simply the result of extremist hate groups abusing an open publishing resource, not the work of Indymedia (whose editors usually remove the junk as the get to it).

But Nessie is the exception. He really is the (thankfully minority) example of an Indymedia editor who actively espouses anti-semitic rhetoric and uses that twisted view in his editing decisions.
There are many indy sites that nessie cannot even go to now because of his insanity, which may be an answer as to why he doesn't use the "nessie" name any more. Still, wherever he shows up, he thinks most people won't recognize him even though he hasn't said *any*thing new for years.

Besides his untouchable status concerning child predators, he's persona non grata in leftist circles because of his talk of guns, his feelings about PETA and ALF and ELF, his stance on the environment, etc.

I don't think nessie operates from any semblance of a stable "core", except when it comes to NAMBLA and just being a power mad troublemaker and spammer. If he's not happy, then the whole collective's gotta pay.
an Indymedia editor who actively espouses anti-semitic rhetoric:
Try as they might to make it sound politically correct, a Jew hater is a Jew hater is a Jew hater.

Zionists love to sign other people's names. False flag ops are their specialty. We cannot help but wonder how many atrocities they have signed Osama bin Laden's name to, or Hamas' or the PLO's.
Jew hater:
I never go to the SF dump anymore, for more reasons than one. You can't believe anything on the SF site, because nessie will change it if he's called on the carpet. He'll also try to use Google cache's as a defense, but he fools nobody, and the Google cache has nailed his ass in a lie besides (though he will claim the Ziiiiiiiiiiiionist Conspiiiiiiiiracy did it).

This comment, for example, might be seen by the blog owner and changed in an hour, and Google might not see this thread and cache for another 12 hours, meaning of course the erased comment won't show in the cache. nessie thinks we're not smart enough to figure that out, that he can edit and "beat the Google clock".
The Google cache has nailed his ass in a lie where?
The Google cache has nailed his ass in a lie where?
Once again, we see that the rabid supporters of Israel will do their best to bash anyone with the courage to speak truth to power and criticize the racist-terrorist policies of Israel.
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