Thursday, June 29, 2006


Endless Sea of Dumb

Some genius has posted a series of comments on various posts.
here at Indymedia watch we hate Jews.
Not really, however we have a major dislike of those who can't use capital letters correctly. Our friend continues:
look at the Jew hating crap that they have on indymedia watch! shocking Jew hating. why do you host such outragagous (sic) hate speech?

Or would that be to make the schoolboy error of confusing the medium and the message?
I think I undertstand what our capitally challenged friend is trying to say. This is not the first time I have heard this argument. The person is trying to suggest my criticisms of antisemitism (besides other flaws) on Indymedia are unfair as Indymedia is 'merely' the publishing medium and not necessarily the source of the opinions or content.

I have previously referred to this Standard Indymedia Defence and noted it doesn't excuse anything. I have also disagreed with Indymedia moderators who are unwilling to see their role in these problems.

Others have even suggested Indymedia complicity in the activities they claim no responsibility for.

As I write, a front page article on UK Indymedia stands as a shining example of taking zero responsibility and actively perpetrating libel. As invariably hidden comments on that post note:
It was not an Israeli shell and the BBC were forced to apologise for this which they have refuse to do. 6 Israeli shells were sent that day and 6 targets were known. None of these hit the beach concenrned and the shell found is not an Israeli shell. How typical of the media to twist everything and blame the massacres of innocent people on Israel when in fact it is the Arabs themselves.
23 messages deleted since earlier today I see. And this site continues to propagate the BIG LIE about the Gaza beach incident.
Now that this story has been repeatidly shown to be false it asks the question why Indymedia UK continues to have it as a promoted story on its centre section.
Now that this stroy has been shown to be false why is it still here. It fails the "Editorial Guidelines" test. Or do those infamous guidelines only apply to chosen posts ?
Hidden. There's plenty more as well. I raise it noting with interest that our commenter hails from the UK - (

According to our anonymous commenter, we shouldn't blame Indymedia.

Some people never were good at accepting responsibility.

Hey IndyMedia watch folks,

Wanna run a story on this thread? The men on the anti-Israel side can't stand strong women, and start their lesbians not being satisfied and needing men, etc.
Oops, forgot the link...

whilSt it mIght be acceptable tO have hate-speech content in one of the uSer submitted areas I was most disquieted to notice that the moderators of this site have promoted such hate speech to a prominent place on the site.

It is obvious that the moderators would never do this unless they sincerely held the beliefs that were being promoted.

It is inconceivabLe that a webhost might allow content that they did not personally believe on their site.

I want aN immediete explaination of why the hate speech has been promoted to such prominence. i dont want to hear any of that "iTs just there for discussion" or "we don't reAlly hate Jews" stuff i dont beliEve it.

iF you did noT hate jEws theN you would not put such sTateMents on your shite.
The difference is that we directly addressed the fact that someone posted a comment that is both stupid and ridiculous. Unlike Indymedia sites which let anti-Semitic ARTICLES stay on their site, and then remove any dissenting comments that may follow it.
Dear Anonymous,

At first I could have minimally admired your sarcastic take on IndyMedia Watch's posts, and might have thought on how one possibly shouldn't blame Indymedia for their blatant anti-semitism. Your arguement could have been that IndyMedia doesn't exhibit editorial control over comments and their supposedly "open" newswire.
However, based on the fact that they can "hide" comments and articles, they obviously do have editorial control and only choose to utilize it very selectively, most often to "hide" the comments of dissenters, critics, and (apparently) the sane.

Please note that I did say "at first" earlier, as based on your most recent comment and your misuse of capitalization, you have completely wasted any sarcastic commentary points you might have acquired and now read more like a slighted six year old.

Another Israeli soldier kidnapped

In a statement received by AFP in Gaza City, the armed group, loosely affiliated to Fatah Party, called for "the end of the Israeli offensive" and "the lifting of the blockade" in the territories. "If our demands are not met, the Al-Aqsa Brigades will kill the kidnapped soldier," the statement said, without giving any details of the kidnapping....
The group also demanded the release of Hamas ministers and deputies seized by Israeli forces...
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