Thursday, June 15, 2006


UK Indymedia - What Gets Hidden

Further to my previous report on UK Indymedia's article - The Gaza Sea Weeps Blood I am wholly unsurprised the article hasn't been revised or updated to note the new facts concerning this incident. Particularly considering the article is on the front page of the site.

One comment questioned a date mentioned in the article - Friday 11 June 2006, noting there is no such date.

This was duly amended. Nothing else was.

This comment, which appears on the page sums it up:
What Gets Hidden?

So now this story has been shown to be a pack of lies it will be interesting to see what gets hidden by the IMC Editors, will it be the story which of course breaks the Editorial Guidelines or will it be those comments (including this one) that point out the inconsistenties and lies in the story ?

I'm prepared to bet this pile of tosh will be allowed to stay as a promoted item because it provides yet another opportunity for a bit of IMC Jew knocking under the excuse of Israel.

Until such time as the blatant anti-semitism displayed on Indymedia in the UK is eliminated once and for all it can have no place in the activist community. Turning a blind eye to the Far Right involvement in the M&$ protest for example. An issue which has been hushed up for some time.
No to Indymedia UK anti-semitism - No to all racism
And no to that comment, which was hidden by the UK Indymedia moderators as predicted.

The post correcting the "June 11" date has also been hidden now. Earlier today there were "officially" 33 comments of which 6 I think were hidden. Just now there are only "11" comments, but when you add ?c=all to the URL you can see there are 28 - yes, TWENTY EIGHT! - hidden comments. Must be a world record, twice as many comments hidden as those shown.

Talk about paranoid and having an agenda. Even completely neutral comments have been hidden. Their only problem is that they defend Israel's position. These include links to such "pro-Israel" (LOL!) sites as CNN, BBC and Gulf News.
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