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More on (get it?) Faruque Ahmed

Following the links in my previous post, led me through a wonderful web of Faruque's stupidity along a common thread:

1) Post repetitive antisemitic and badly written rants about Jews to a variety of sites.

2) Append links in each article to numerous other articles creating a circular web of stupidity.

3) Perform all of the above under a variety of posting handles and pseudonyms, despite all having the same material and frequently referring to the same author by email address or his Yahoo Group (Free America Now).

4) Alienate the members of various sites, not limited to Indymedia.

5) Become convinced of grand conspiracy when said members take steps to remove Faruque from their midst.

I found this post on South Africa Indymedia. Notwithstanding that Faruque Ahmed is based in Sydney, Australia, he feels justified in spreading his special love all over the IMC network.

In this particular case, he is haranguing members of "Mukto Mona" which is described as a secular group of Bengali humanists.
I can produce tons of similar articles from our Mukto-Mona archive that extensively express our stand, but I am sure these will no way be sufficient to convince a taxi-revolutionary fanatic Islamic mind who chooses to hide himself under a weird pseudonym and associated with a hate-group “freeamericanow”. This pseudonymous guy has taken an onus in his shoulder to send and publish tons of article criticizing Zionised media and RACIST USA administration in that group (which is OK for me though), but he had not spent a single line on Islamic fundamentalism, Islamic violence or minority oppression in muslim-dominated countries so far in his group or in other forums. This typical mindset of defending his own dogma and spreading hateful comment towards others especially to the freethinkers and human rights activists eventually has revealed his own hypocritical mind, and nothing else.

I normally do not react to these silly non-senses, however our moderator Mehul Kamdar has personally requested me look at the issue, as he also did not find any meaning in taxi’s “revolutionary” post. Hence I had to do little research to write the above rebuttal.

Calling Mukto-Mona members “gay, lesbians, child molesters or even Paedophilias” for no reason shows his another typical religious and illogical mindset. This is what Laurence Harry, one of our members responded quite correctly :
"What is your problem if someone is a gay or lesbian, buddy? Your statement is a proof of your fanatic and zealot mind. And by the way, will you be able to prove your accusation on child molestation and pedophilias if I take you in the court? Would you kindly reveal your name and identity please?" [Read his posts here]

The pseudonymous guy quite expectedly remained numbed. The less we talk about it the better for the hatemonger taxi-wala. I would like to request the moderators to read his posts carefully before approving his holy trash. MM probably has not been meant for this poppycock.
[P.S. The pseudonymous guy later was revealed as a fanatic Muslim named, Faruque Ahmed who has created similar yahoogroups, nemed mukto_mona (look at the underscore especially, this is the only originality he could produce; mind it our forum has a hyphen in the middle. What a deceitful copycat this Taxi is! ) ]
They make a valid point:
The member who calls himself Taxi Revolution was told very clearly on the Mukto Mona forums that we censor posts when they abuse another member or group. He accused Mukto Mona of not daring to post his messages - this came from someone who chose the anonymity of a ridiculous ID behind which to hide. It was made clear to him that while we had no problem with posts that differed with what the moderators and membership of Mukto Mona post, the no abuse norms were, in a manner of speaking, carved in stone. If he could not be civil in posting on the forums, the post would NOT be approved. There is also a matter of quality. Our forums receive a very large number of posts everyday. We need to make sure that only well written, relevant posts are sent to our members, many of whom participated in a poll some time ago telling us that they did not want an unlimited number of posts cluttering up their inboxes. If this so called Taxi Revolution has any post that makes sense, it would be approved. If he sends in drivel, as he seems to enjoy doing, it would be rejected.
At least Indymedia will permit his crap.

Wala Wala Bing Bang!

No doubt this will fuel another 20 articles, in which Faruque will reprint and repost the same material for everyone else to 'enjoy'. For example, excerpts of the above article from South Africa Indymedia have ended up on Hamilton Indymedia. Like they care!

What a dumbass. Seriously!

Meanwhile Indymedia need to ask themselves the question, why would an insane bigot attention seeker like Faruque Ahmed, constantly use and praise Indymedia so highly?

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