Monday, June 12, 2006


Islamic Anarchisms

UK Indymedia is hosting a positively baffling piece: Islams & Anarchisms.
Dimensions-The Epimenides paradox:
Towards the creation of Islamic
Poststructuralist Anarchist

Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon. This is a mad pornographic confession of a proposed real. An infinite conversation coupled with silence, dispersed and reserved, very much alive in an infinite curvature of space, and intertwined, with the paradoxical limit of a realistic exacerbation of a frenzied virtual temporary autonomous zone. Confined in a simulacrum, frenzied, institutionalized and absurd diabolic racist structure, transpiring visa a vie the portal of a delinquent and schizophrenic mind, with a pure intention at heart attaining all the while a calculable “Weberian” notion of a charismatic leader, yet attempting at abstaining from vanity and its lured genealogy through a forced de-ejaculation of desire.
Get it? Good.

Oh, one more thing...

Peace movement blindly walking towards cliff at the bottom of which are militant Islamist Jihadis carrying machine-guns. Image Hosted by

thanx, very good picture :-(
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