Friday, June 09, 2006


Michigan Commits Seppuku

Michigan Indymedia has been shut down.
The editors of the Michigan IMC have decided to shut down the Michigan Independent Media Center . All archives of content published to the website will remain available for browsing, but article publishing, calendar posting and commenting have been turned off.

Launched in 2002, the Michigan IMC featured hundreds of articles on the work of social movements in Michigan and beyond. The decision to shut down the site had several reasons:

* Technical problems that impeded the usefulness of the website.
* Lacking a strong editorial collective capable of regularly administering the website and producing content

A conscious decision to focus on other independent media and related projects
It must have been a tough decision, but they had the responsbility to make it. Kudos.

More on Indymedia Seppuku here.

One can only hope many more Nazimedias will go dark in the weeks ahead.
This happened months and months ago. Way to keep current.
This happened months and months ago. Way to keep current.

A fair comment. I hope you can forgive my inability to scan every single IMC site daily on an unpaid basis. My doctor advised against it.
Here, Here to that!
nazism? bigotry? wow, I've been watching a them on and off for years and not seen this, if I do though rest assured I will chime in.
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