Tuesday, March 28, 2006


UK Indymedia... Bad.

An anti-Israeli cartoon has been posted on UK Indymedia. The cartoonist, Latuff has frequently been called an anti-Semite for his more offensive work, although this one is relatively mild.

Further to a recent record breaking attempt, several of the later comments were immediately hidden by UK Indymedia. (Note: Above link forces showing of hidden comments). Some may have deserved it, though not all of them.

This behaviour is summed up beautifully by one response:
Offensive anti-Jewish cartoon - allowed to stay on Indymedia UK
Picture of dead Jew, killled by Palestinian Terrorism - Hidden by Indymedia UK - says it all about this site
If it doesn't, surely that this subsequent comment:
Now that's out of they way the sensible people can admire yet another brilliant piece, highlighting the horrid atrocites committed by the Israeli goverment.
which in contrast was not hidden, does.

As one of my readers emails:
So much for the neutrality of Indymedia. Anything which does not comply with their world view, ie. Palestinians good, Israel bad, is censored and hidden.
There is of course nothing to say media outlets (including Indymedia) need to be summarily neutral. However, censorship of opposing views, a frequent occurence on UK Indymedia, despite their frequent insistence this is wrong, as well as allowing bias to interfere with journalistic integrity (where reporting and op-ed become impossible to distinguish) is a problem.

UK Indymedia, is a problem.

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