Monday, June 12, 2006


Oklahoma Pedophiles Support Bush!?!

Over at Oklahoma Indymedia:

“The lone Bush supporter at Oklahoma State University's commencement last Saturday has been discovered as a multiple offence felon for pedophilia and giving minors drugs. George W. Bush gave the commencement address, which was protested by 1,000 concerned citizens critizing the state of the nation. It was his first and probably last visit to the state as president. This is damn near hilarious to me, but also very sad for the Bush crowd--79% of Oklahoma voted for Shrub in 2004, but the only person willing to support him at his first visit to the State is a horrible 'man.”

Lord knows leftist organizations would never have a pedophile in their ranks!

[Editors note: Please welcome Roland Dodds to Indy Media Watch. Roland joins us from his own blog and will be a regular contributor. - The Watcher]

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