Saturday, June 17, 2006


Faruque The Sook

Famous Indymedia antisemite and morons' ambassador, Sydney taxi-driver Faruque Ahmed has posted this article on South Africa Indymedia.
Nazi Zionist Criminals, I have been writing average (sic) 20 articles a day about various issues. I am not a saint and it is not impossible to have a spelling mistake or typo. You lot have been trying to crucify me for a typo or two.
Criticisms of Faruque Ahmed have extended far beyond his spelling, though do raise a question I have asked for a long time - what is it with antisemites and spelling? Sadly for Faruque though, third-grade spelling isn't the issue. He has totally ignored the real beef people have with him - his bigoted spam and rampant antisemitism. Why? Read on:
However, you are not honest enough to look at your own lot. They have been standing in the wrong place, arguing with insanity, insulting others like rabid dogs, falsifying evidences, (sic) creating false stories to attack innocent people etc. etc. You lot are an insult to human species.
Sure Faruque. Whatever you say pal.

Faruque is of course convinced, that despite being a vicious Jew hating thug, he cannot possibly be an antisemite.
most Muslims and Arabs are Semites and therefore Muslims and Arabs can not (sic) be accused as (sic) “anti-Semites”. Nonetheless, you people have been doing so for a long time without any valid reason and ground. (sic) The so called Israelis and their supporters are only 25% Semites and therefore the false defence shield called “anti-Semitism” is totally absurd and idiotic.
Faruque Ahmed of course redefines "absurd and idiotic" everytime he approaches the keyboard - apparently a minimum of twenty times a day.
By the way, Nazi Zionist Criminals have been campaigning against the proletariat “Wikipedea” (sic) for a long time.
This is in addition to all the other crimes Faruque has accused them of, including my personal favorite - stealing bibles from hotel rooms. He babbles on:
However, to-day, (sic) unsuccessfully, one of them too, made an attempt to use the Wikipedea (sic) materials for their lust and greed! Trust me, a free debate or discussion will blow up Nazi Zionist Empires!!
Yup. He's spread his disease all over Wikipedia. Looking at the entry for "Semite" which he linked to, I can see it's been 'adjusted' and reverted numerous times recently. Specifically, to try and remove suggestions that "anti-Semitism" possibly refers to Jews. The Wikipedia entry correctly states:
The negative form of the adjective, anti-Semitic, is almost always used as a misnomer to mean "anti-Jewish" specifically.
Faruque can't stand this of course. A Wikipedia correspondent notes:
To suggest that "anti-Semitic" does not refer to Jews is a childish cavil.
I guess Faruque will be upset at them as well now. Perhaps they too, are secret Zionist agents...

Faruque has the answer:
That’s why new proletariat media outlets like “INDYMEDIA” have gained enormous popularity and zionised media outlets are very much concerned about it.
Somehow I doubt it.

I really don't have the intestinal fortitude to scan all of Indymedia looking to see where else Faruque has spammed the same crap but can be assured of it. More on seagull spammers here.

It was of course entirely predictable that I would find it on Sydney Indymedia however, as that site continues to entertain this excremental human being.

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