Monday, April 18, 2005


Faruque Ahmed - Idiot Savant (Without the Savant)

Faruque Ahmed of Australia, previously written about here has been Googling for his name again and posted more of his crap on my (yes, read it again) my blog.
Should you bother to visit the link above you may discover the Zio-Nazi nature. They will attack and insult you based on false and unsubstantiated materials.(sic) They will not provide you a (sic) right of reply.
The link was in fact to the very same page on which his comment appeared. Genius!

It was simultanously written about in his own Yahoo Group (visit at own risk, contains Holocaust Denial and assorted other Faruque Ahmed filth).
Most of the Israelites of our time are either Holocaust survivor
(LOL) or children of survivors (LOL x LOL)! "A Palestinian prison-
state" and other true stories tell me, holocaust NEVER HAPPEND.
That's some real nice content that Yahoo is hosting! Please let Yahoo know!

In a utterly typical anti-Semitic conspiracist manner, Ahmed fears he is part of a global conspiracy to stifle his "right of reply". So how does he enunciate this? By replying of course.

In this case, adding his comments on my blog to his messages on his aforementioned personal Yahoo Group and his endless spamming of Indy Media sites as previously referenced.

Faruque, let me offer you some friendly advice:

1) You are not welcome here. Let me be perfectly clear about that. I respect differences of opinion. I do not, and cannot however respect you. I can have no respect for someone who has written in the manner you have (as previously documented).

You have your own site, you have Indymedia. Please do not come into my house and pee on my rug.

2) For what it's worth, I haven't deleted Faruque's initial message. I have however deleted three which followed in quick succession (from the same IP address) under different names (echoing accusations of his modus operandi on Indymedia) , all wholly irrelevant to this blog and its content and some quite offensive as well. More of the same will be cheerfully deleted.

I note that my complaints here are in response only to your posting on my Blog Faruque. You cannot possibly claim I started this or am part of some great conspiracy to attack you. I am not, you brought this ridicule on yourself.

3) ( is the IP address Faruque Ahmed was using (at approximately 19:50 East Australian time GMT +10hrs) in case anyone happens to be interested.

But if Faruque said it never happened, obviously it didn't! He was right about everything else!

*starts up the moonbat list*

1. You are a Zio-Nazi, because you don't believe Israel should be nuked.
2. He's not allowed to reply at all. And even though he replied ... Bush=Sharon=Hitler!
3. It's obviously a conspiracy, since the only people that support Israel are NeoCoNaZionist's who are all obviously in a group with the stated aim of destroying the world so that Jews can be even richer. So you're in on out, you NeoCoNaZionist...

Erm, yes.
That should read "in on IT".
nyc indymedia back on google news
Thanks for the tip. I've just blogged this here.
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