Monday, January 23, 2006


AIDS for Israel

Leigh from the House of Wheels is doing my job for me (can't imagine why) and has pointed me to another wonderfully antisemitic post on Sydney Indymedia.
The zionists, it seems, are infatuated with blood. Tainted blood, that is, which they make to spread among large groups of the population of the world. These children are just the latest victims to be discovered, they are the recipients of this latest poisoned gift of the zionists.
No need to reprint most of it, it's a rehash of the whole Mossad AIDS thing previously reported here though as mentioned in the page's comments, you'll notice it's only "Zionists" who appear to be infatuated with blood. This a long overdue update to the old antisemitic forgeries about Jews being infatuated with blood. Do be sure to update your handbooks accordingly.

The post itself is by someone calling themselves "Wilma". A comment points out the same article was posted by "James" here and "Kathryn" here. It then suggests who is most likely behind all of this:
What's the matter Faruque Ahmed? Confused about your gender as well as your spelling?
Faruque Ahmed or not, the problem is clearly Sydney Indymedia, and the Arab Media who have plenty in common when it comes to Jews.

I thought it was the Palestinians who are obsessed with blood at the moment? Reports were saying that terror groups are looking at packing suicide bombs with the AIDS virus to ensure that those who survive blasts end up dead. Lovely.

But, of course, it is far easier to paint Jews as perverters of blood and as pathological murderers. If less true.
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