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9/11 Conspiracy Theorists to March on Ground Zero

UK Indymedia is reporting on March For Truth NYC '06 which is, to put it bluntly, a disgrace.
On February 20th 2006, 9/11 Truth activists will convene at “Ground Zero” former site of the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan New York City to march against the U.S. Government’s mass murder of 2,986 Americans on September 11th 2001
Tell the organizers what you think.
Contact: Greg Nixon:
Greg Nixon won a "9/11 "truthseeker" Oscar last year on a list which is the who's who of whackos. Also, Greg Nixon on Kos.

Despite this, the organizers seem to have some support, judging by comments in a promotion on and Portland Indymedia.

Interestingly, NYC Indymedia doesn't seem to have much on it. I wonder why.

Update: Is it taken seriously? Read the comments on this post... Good grief!

Update 2: Mayor Giuliani.... Sounds like Joooooliani!! Aha! More proof!

Update 3: UK Indymedia are censoring dissenting views...Again.

It's a pitty I am in the UK or I would definetly join the peacefull march.
NYC "Indy"media does not have much on it BECAUSE THEY CENSORED IT! NY is the scene of the crime and the Fascist police state has to be sure the sheeple don't get out of line.

The only ridiculous "conspiracy theory" is the bogeyman on dialysis in a cave and Al CIAda operatives flying loopty loops in junbo jets nearly two hours into an "attack" over the Pentagon with no defense at all.
Now I've heard it all - NY indymedia's comment was controlled by the US govt to limit dissent.

That's the problem with conspiracy theories: their total lack of proof requires them to keep getting bigger to avoid being denied by the obvious (eg. that the US govt doesn't give a crap what indymedia punters say)

and the problem with conspiracy theorists: they're freakin idiots.
I love how loudmouths shoot their trap off without knowing anything about which they are talking about.
It is so typical from the right wing dittoheads, their sheer stupidity allows them to speak with such certainy.

btw Isn't a tad ridiculous that grown adults can actually believe tales of bogeymen in caves coming to get us? The official story of 9/11 would be comical if it wasn't the pretext for just about every act of evil committed by the Bush?Cheney Junta.
This is defiitely a case for Protest Warrior.

I took on Greg Nixon here:

and got this e-mail in reply from him:



"STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Another day, another nutcase....
I can't be convinced of anything just because someone says something isn't good, I need to see the information they have used to reach their conclusion that something else is the right conclusion.

I watched 2 TV sets from 8 minutes after the first plane hit. I saw the colonel in charge of the AFB interviewed, I heard reporters state that Bush was aware of the attack and was going to a press opportunity at an elementary BEFORE he read my pet goat and was caught on film being told the second plane hit another tower.

I have about a dozen questions that the government won’t answer or their answers suspend the laws of physics, the only answers I have is that Bush and his cronies have dodged an investigation, downright said that 9/11 will never be investigated, then when it was investigated, those I saw live on TV were on the ‘hand off’ list for National Security and the list goes on.

If you have ever raised a mess of teens, going through puberty, you know when something is up. You’d think these boys were able to lie to us better than a bunch of 6th/7th graders, after all, the are OUR REPRESENTATIVES, not the Big Corporations, which they act like.
Let's assume elements within the gov't did plant expolsives in the WTC buildings, how would they try to get away with it? They wouldn't test the steel for signs of explosives, would destroy the evidence (in violation of their own laws) and they wouldn't question eyewitnesses who might have spoken of bombs.

That's funny, that's exactly what happened.
Take your theories elsewhere. None of them, have anything to do with the quite appalling decision to hold a protest at the site where thousands of innocents died - irrespective of how you believe they died.

Your failure to recognize this suggests what motivates you to find 'the answers'.
Watcher, I agree. They are an embarrassment. I have pointed out to them that the bowing of the exterior steel was an indication of the imminent collapse of the World Trade Center Buildings and thus disproves the "Controlled Demolition Theory" and boy do they resent it. I pointed out that the World Trade Center towers showed telltale signs they were about to collapse several minutes before each crumbled to the ground, scientists probing the Sept. 11, 2001, said. There would not be telltale signs if it was explosives (Controlled Demolition) that caused the buildings to collapse! They don't want to hear it.
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