Thursday, May 26, 2005


Peaceful Violence

Another non-violent protest in LA.
The protest was peaceful and non-violent until the police rushed the crowd and arrested people for no reason.
Read that again... "non-violent until".

Until...It became violent. Like so many other "non-violent" protests.

A later article reveals:
One protestor who received among the highest charges was arrested for "assaulting a police officer with a deadly weapon" (felony count), and is stil in detainment. The deadly weapon the charges are presumably accusing him / them of are flying water bottles that came randomly out of a crowd, and certain individual(s) were profiled based on where they were standing or who knows what criteria as being the potneital "water bottle throwers", even though the accused(s) did not have any possession of any bottles thru-out the night.
Here's a hint, part of being "non-violent" includes not throwing things at anyone, including police.

In other shocking developments,
ONE OF THE ARRESTEES WAS IN A WHEEL CHAIR. (NO, It wasn't even a power-motor'ed chair). Clearly, a chicano in a wheel chair with a heart full of passion is far too great a threat for the pinche policia to allow to roll free on our streets.
You mean people in wheelchairs are incapable of being criminals?
Criminals in wheelchairs - Image Hosted by

Such discrimination on Indymedia...

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