Sunday, June 12, 2005


Violence towards Police

NYC Indymedia is promoting Cop Watch under the pretense of defending the Puerto Rican Day Parade.

Against what? Evil NYC Cops of Doom of course...
The Puerto Rican Day Parade has faced illegal brutality and repression for too many years.
Given it's presence in the most democratic country on earth, where one can protest or celebrate virtually anything, it's unsurprising the article doesn't specify what exactly this "illegal brutality and repression" by the police actually was all those years. Never fear however,
This year we plan to change things. We have organized in a short time a mass grouping of community activists and concerned individuals around a structure of education and video documentation.
And who are these "concerned indiduals"?
In collaboration with The League of Pissed Off Voters, The Interests of Justice, and The National Hip-Hop Political Convention, we bring the problem of police brutality and misconduct into the public eye.
Riiiiiiiight.... The "education", according to "The Organization" (its name) will include:
self defense training.
No doubt useful for all those occasions when New York's Finest start 'randomly' beating people walking down 5th Avenue...

The only violence I have ever seen connected with this parade is that of people takeing part against random women some years ago.
Perhaps the self defence is to fight off the drunken morons?
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