Monday, February 20, 2006


Nazi Roundup

Holocaust Denier David Irving, has been convicted by an Austrian court and sentenced to 3 years in prison.


UK Indymedia discusses the case with arguably one of the finest comments I've seen on that site:
Well done to the Austrian courts for putting Nazi-friendly intellectual David Irving behind bars. Now, if only they would set their sights a little higher, they might find that there are some right wing extremists at home who would also benefit from the same treatment.

Those who are howling that Irving's "free speech" has been violated really are barking at the moon. The suppression of fascism is a purely democratic act. Denying racists and fascists--those whose aim and activity is to negate democracy--the freedom to speak and organise is an essential condition of democracy. Those who shelter and nurture racists and fascists under the guise of "free speech"--whether Irving or Danish newspapers set on splitting communities--are not democrats but apologists.
Meanwhile, up the road in Scotland, rank antisemitism is alive and kicking.
New Deadly viruses infect humans at rate never seen before With the Help of the zionazis and there (sic) stolen loot
I ask again. What is it with antisemites and spelling?
The class of pathogen most responsible for new human infections is the RNA viruses, which include HIV and influenza. These particularly easy to insert genetic code that enables them to jump species because they have small genomes that easily decoded, allowing these zionazis to insert new sequences that allow these germs to infect humans.
the u.s. and the zionazis are spreading these new diseases we must defeat the plagues they are spreading around the world
David Irving would be proud...

Interestingly, the same article appeared at nearly the same time on Sydney Indymedia. Faruque Ahmed's European tour perhaps?

Cam on Sydney Indymedia has hidden the article and quickly too.

I think this is a good result.

I think that David Irving is a disgusting excuse for a human being, and I'm not going to pretend that the thought of him going to jail for three years gives me no pleasure at all. However, I find the idea of a law that that makes publicly stating an unpopular belief a crime nauseating.

Irving should not be in jail, indeed he should not have been charged with any crime, let alone convicted. You deal with people like him by using the same freedom of speech that allows him to spread his garbage to denounce that same garbage.

Irving should be ashamed, but so should Austria.
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