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Cool... Like, the World Can't Like Wait

Atlanta IMC is reporting the latest update from the World Can't Wait mob, who (as previously reported) plan to shout loudly enough to literally drown out George W. Bush's Jan 31 State of the Union Address. No doubt, whilst complaining about censorship.
At this moment of urgent necessity, as the Bush program is being locked into place via Alito and Bush-authorized NSA spying, do all you can to stop this now. At this moment of great opportunity, as millions want this President gone, and the "I" word of impeachment is circulating, let’s build a movement powerful enough to drive out the Bush Regime.
The "I" word is probably circulating "at this moment" amongst the same crowds as the word Nazi, but how serious are they?

Their current promotion, leads me to suspect they wish to attract kids and other easily influenced, yet politically underdeveloped people to join what is in my opinion, one of the least intelligent political movements or activities of the last few years. It continues:
Get your bus tickets NOW to take our message to the White House on Sat. Feb. 4th!

Here’s the calendar of activities leading up to the Jan. 31st State of the Union protests all over the country (in Atlanta at CNN Center), and the Feb. 4th demonstration in Washington DC at the White House:
1. Great Weekend for WCW
2. Wed. Jan. 25th – Weekly Organizing Meetings at Java Monkey at 7:30 PM
3. Fri. Jan. 27th - WCW and WRFG Movie Night at 7:30 PM - Free!
Sounds fun for kids no? The fun continues...
1. Great Weekend for WCW - We have had a great weekend! On Friday World Can't Wait placed a full page ad in the national New York Times and that night Showbiz Tonight on CNN Headline News featured the celebrities that have signed the World Can't Wait Call.
Wow! Fun, celebrities, and none of that boring "political" stuff anywhere. Where do I sign up? Here's the plan:
We will have a permitted rally at the south end of Centennial Olympic Park, across the street from CNN Center to Bring the Noise and Drown Out Bush's Lies: In large cities and town squares across the country we will rally one hour before Bush's address. At 9:00 PM let the world hear us as we symbolically drown out Bush's lies - bring your own noise -- drums, pots and pans, musical instruments -- your voice. Let taxi horns blare and church bells ring, as we bring our own state of the union BUSH STEP DOWN!
I presume use of the term "symbolically", means a total flop can be considered a "symbolic" success.

This is a consistent theme for World Can't Wait. Read my previous report to see how little thought has gone into "what next" after they "Drive out Bush". Nothing much has changed. It seems this is a group organized for kids, however clearly not by kids. Kids would have more of a plan. Enjoy banging your saucepans children. The grown-ups will be trying to listen to the President's speech.

Call me a fanatic, but I believe there is a need for World Can't Wait and it's activities that are due to take place this Tuesday and Saturday in DC. I don't think the call for action is geared towards young people unnecessarily... obviously the older generations are not helping us out! What, should these groups cater to the Boomers who are making all the money and sitting tight through Bush's escalating rise to fascism? World Can't Wait is talking to young people, because young people listen to direct marketing messages, and young people are pissed. So maybe it's not enough to get you off the couch on Tuesday night, but not everyone wants to sit around an listen to another two hours of Presidential lies.
Lauren, perhaps you could entice dubya out of the whitehouse with the promise of a lapdance?

Lauren's blog
not everyone wants to sit around an listen to another two hours of Presidential lies


Nobody is forcing you to listen.
However, there are plenty of people who would like to listen, without having to try and listen over the top of some "young people" banging saucepan lids and tooting car horns as their contribution to political debate.

Some of the commentary on your blog give an insight into your opinions. I don't believe you are a fanatic. However, comments which appear in your blog such as:

"Fuck you George Bush. I seriously hate you and your masters (Rove, Daddy Bush and Money)."
tend to give one an 'insight' into your political views.

Regardless, none of your claims of "direct marketing messages" address my earlier point, which is that World Can't Wait don't seem to have one. They haven't thought past the "Get rid of Bush" meme. It's very easy running the country from the sidelines isn't it?

Thanks for visiting.
Lauren, the world can and will wait for another few years. Regardless of how many sauce pan lids you bang on. You just annoy the s*** out of people with your juvenile antics and turn'em away from ya.
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