Sunday, February 19, 2006


Nothing Ever Changes

Sydney Indymedia appears to have had a major software upgrade. Unfortunately, the disgraceful content remains unchanged.

Exhibit A

Tony Blair Ordered London Bombings

Rested after a good night's sleep in the Gleneagles Hotel, Tony Blair glanced nervously at his watch and wondered if the bombing of the London transport system would take place on schedule. London's Chief of Police, Sir Ian Blair, and MI5 boss, Eliza Manningham-Buller, had promised to keep him firmly in the loop; and Jack Straw had advised him that the Israelis had been placated.

Don't forget the Jews!
The intelligence services had been caught off balance by Mossad's unwelcome intrusion into matters they considered a strictly British affair. Having the headline "Israel Warned Blair Two Days Before Attack" splashed across the front pages of an otherwise complicit print media was something to be avoided at all costs. Binyamin Netanyahu would go ahead with preparations for his press conference and allow himself to be "advised" by Scotland Yard shortly after the first blast. If MI5 were to dally in their attacks on commuters, he would have no choice but to claim that Scotland Yard had warned him prior to the event, and the Blair government would have to hope that the British people would not notice the obvious irregularity.

Back in London, Netanyahu dropped security protocol and looked cautiously out of his hotel window. Reflecting on his long years of experience in helping to finance and organise terror attacks on Israeli citizens to provoke world outrage against the rightful inhabitants of his stolen country, he knew that errors would be made and officials would let their tongues slip when the heat was on.

Browsing around the All New Sydney Indymedia, I can see discussion about some of these problems.

Here's a better idea...

Should there be an indymedia rule?

No matter what the initial post, the Jews will be blamed within 6 comments.

On certain Indymedias that rule wouldn't apply. On others, like Sydney, it would be "if 6 comments are reached, the Jews have already been blamed".
On others, like Sydney, it would be "if 6 comments are reached, the Jews have already been blamed".

Should not the rule for Sydney be: "if there are comments, the Jews have already been blamed"?
heh heh

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