Sunday, January 22, 2006


First There Were Neo-cons

Via BC Indymedia, first there were "Neo-Cons" which on Indymedia, was essentially a euphemism for "Jew".

Then, according to comments, there were Zio-neocons. This was followed by "Zio-hasbarian" and finally, there was the zio-neo-fascist-PNAC-zio-hasbarian-neocon-ziocon-crypto-neo-zio-hasbarian-zio-zio-zio-quadruple masonic-neo-totalitarian-zio-neo-zippady-doo-dah-zio-rotarians.
It seems that the mind controlled drones of the global totalitarian elite are uniting into a vast Zombie Army or Army of Satan, broken down into three main divisions, the neo-Zio-Christians (Christian mind-controlled "fundamentalist" crusaders), the Jewish Fanatics (fanatical paranoid ultra-militant brainwashed Jewish Zionists), and the Neo-Ziocons (permanent war economy neo-liberal industrial managerial drones).
Wouldn't it be far simpler if they just said Jew, the way Stormfront do?

Quite aptly, the BC Indymedia article is entitled "Lunacy Alert in Canada" however perhaps doesn't make the point the author was intending.

"the zio-neo-fascist-PNAC-zio-hasbarian-neocon-ziocon-crypto-neo-zio-hasbarian-zio-zio-zio-quadruple masonic-neo-totalitarian-zio-neo-zippady-doo-dah-zio-rotarians."

Okay, who talked? Own up.
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