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Tired of Waiting?

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Today's the Day!

The World Can't Wait protests begin after months of...Well....Waiting!

Some reports are already in.

World Can't Wait Flop - Image hosted by

According to the organizer's web page (no permanent link):
Some students from Clemente High School made it to the protest! Somehow the fire alarm went off, and students had to leave the school. Several came to the protest despite the heavy repression at their school. Just in time for the announcement from Word Can't Wait, they helped energize the crowd and lead chants as the march started.
How hard is it to convince kids to leave school? Despite that, I can only assume that "some" and "several" are euphemisms for "not very many" and that setting off fire alarms is the only way they can attract attention to a protest I'm sure they are nevertheless convinced is popular.

Maybe not...

In Los Angeles, 20-25 kids walked out of school. As a percentage of the school population, what does that say about the impact of this protest? Here's a a picture of the LA protest.

Image Hosted by

The organizers are reporting "thousands" of protesters in NYC. There are no reports as yet to confirm this. Interestingly, NYC Indymedia is extremely quiet about the whole thing with only one article at this point. A comment therein says this:
In case you haven't figured it out, the World Can't Wait is the latest front group by the Revolutionary Communist Party.

If you follow Indymedia websites for your city, or are in touch with your local activist network, you may have seen promotional materials about a national set of protests scheduled on November against the George Bush regime. These protests are being organized by what looks like a new group called The World Can't Wait. In reality this "coalition" is just the latest front group initiated by a marginal communist group called the Revolutionary Communist Party.

The "World Can't Wait" demonstrations are not about driving Bush from power, rather recruiting new people to the RCP and increasing the visibility of the RCP. Like the other remaining authoritarian left sects, the RCP understands that most people would never jojn or support an organization that hold the odious views of the RCP. The only way they can gain new members or influence is to create front groups such as the World Can't Wait or Not In Our Name. Very few people who know a few things about history are going to join or support a group such as the RCP which supported communist tyrants such as Chairman Mao, who some estimate was responsible for 70 million deaths of his countrymen.

Some anarchists and activists have gotten fooled into supporting the November 2 protests. The RCP is capitalizing on anger that many people have towards the Bush administration. Please don't waste your time supporting these protests which are designed to give crebility to the RCP.
As I have said in the past, the one thing Indymedia is very good at, is front-line reporting from protests. On this occasion the silence is interesting. I'm sure we'll hear more in the next few days.

DC Indymedia only has one advance notice of protest activity, without actual reports. Comments are amusing:
I'm writing from Brooklyn and just checking around to see what's happening in other cities. Let's hope this worked!
Sure did. Bushie resigned at 11:01 a.m. At 11:04 he immolated himself on the front lawn of the White House. Nice work.
“The Bush Administration is the most dangerous force that has ever existed. It is more dangerous than Nazi Germany" -Harold Pinter
Does anyone have an address for Harold Pinter, I think I know what to get him for christmas - history books.
Don't bother. His mind's been closed for years, like most of the people on this site. Sorry, but it look like the World CAN Wait. You'll have Bush to love and cherish for another three years! And Republican government for the forseeable future. Don't you just LOVE it? Advice to the Professional Protesters: put down the bong, take a shower, cut the ponytail, get a job, and move along. You have become stale and irrelevant. Second choice: found a commune with Mother Sheehan and move to the woods. Just as long as you're out of sight. God, I hate hippies.
Update:NYC is now hosting some pictures of the rally. They maintain "thousands" attended (although there are claims some were trapped by cunningly evil Police) however most photos are close-cropped, so we'll have to take their word for it. Have a look at some of those who showed up.
Ghostbusters Against Bush - Image Hosted by
Ghostbusters Against Bush

No School - Image Hosted by
No school. Hooray! Umm..What are we protesting?

Image Hosted by
How much do you love Jesus?

Update: Via KCBS, one of the San Francisco protests was extra non-violent:
KCBS's Tim Ryan reports that someone through (sic) a Molotov cocktail at the building. The flaming bottle struck a police officer, according to police spokeswoman Maria Oropeza, who did not indicate that the officer's injuries were serious.
And in other news, KCBS can't spell.

Update:With friends like these... is throwing its support behind World Can't Wait echoing the organizers 'comments that:
People look at all this and think of Hitler — and they are right to do so. The Bush regime is setting out to radically remake society very quickly, in a fascist way, and for generations to come. We must act now; the future is in the balance. also says
It’s possible that the turnout will be underwhelming. It is possible that these events will make no difference at all. Many former activists find themselves discouraged by the prospects of direct expression, or are just too busy—or too comfortable.

But then again, the world has copious examples, from Argentina to Ukraine, where crowds gathered, and chanted or banged pots, and began to change history. Perhaps this will be the beginning of a return to the honored tradition of democracy speaking directly.
This from one of the most pro-Saddam Hussein websites on the Internet.

The Ohio University Post Online has a different opinion
Although WCW claims that the Bush "regime" is illegitimate, a quick glance of its Web site,, reveals no hard evidence; it merely cites that Bush stole the last election to support its claims. Nor does it offer anything except fear-mongering doubletalk. WCW labels Bush (and all the politicians that have failed to challenge him) as fascist. Yet, in its FAQ section WCW admits that the president is not really a fascist, but rhetorically asks, "Why does it matter?!"

WCW also claims that their movement will remove Bush, Dick Cheney and all the other "fascists" from the U.S. government faster than you can say FEMA. It is ironic that WCW's demonstration calls for students to walk out of their classes when the organizers clearly need a history lesson. The line of succession, should the president and vice president resign, goes through the speaker of the house (who is also a member of the GOP) and on down the list of the those so-called fascists. So, for all the chest-thumping about what WCW can do, they offer no concrete plan of what they will do - should their scheme pay off.
I have said this as well.

More photos and criticism of Communist agenda here. More photos student flops and the angriest monobrow and chin-fuzz I have seen in some time here. Umm dude, shave or die.

It's over. Move along (or should that be Move On?).

I will be marching on Sat to the Pentagon with Veterans for Peace even though I believe ANSWER is another front group having the same strategic goals at WCW/RCP....i want to fix our government not replace it....Caveat Empter to all who believe they are just marching against the Iraq war....


Sent: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 8:18 PM

WCW,NY(national office) AND DCWCW,
After much research, discussion and deliberation I have decided to separate myself personally and officially from the World Cant Wait(WCW). I make this decision principally because of my concern that the WCW does not fully disclose the level of participation of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) in WCW or the differences between the stated goals of WCW and what I believe to be the actual goals of the RCP members in WCW. I further believe WCW represents the classic and original definition of a "front group" of the RCP, namely, " a front group is an organization that purports to represent one agenda while in reality it serves some other party or interests whose sponsorship is hidden or rarely mentioned". I also have fundmental differences on things like there being only one way(i.e. WCW) to stop the Bush regime and that the electoral process and the Democratic party is not an answer.

I joined WCW ten months ago because I thought it was building a coalition of people and organizations to express our collective view that the Bush Regime is taking our country in a dangerous direction. I learned over time that the initiators of WCW were from the RCP and that as one RCP member explained to me "the WCW wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the RCP". I was okay with the fact that WCW activists/supporters is composed of anarchists, communists, greens, independents, democrats etc., because I thought we were all working for the same cause of stopping the Bush regime. However, based on numerous observations,inputs and analysis, I have come to believe that the core leadership of WCW at the national office level and in many chapters across the country is dominated by veteran RCP activists. I am worried that this core group is using WCW to further the RCP strategic goals of revolution and systemic change to our form of government in favor of socialism and communism. I am for fixing the system and not overthrowing it and, furthermore, replacing it with what I consider a very much worse alternative as evidenced by attempts to impose communism all over the world for the last 90 years.

Thus I was presented with an ethical and moral dilemma and I have concluded that I cannot, in good conscience, participate in the activities of WCW such as asking for funding and encouraging people to join a movement that misleads or even deceives the public as to its make-up and real objectives.

Please cancel all of my membership connections to WCW and remove me from all mailing lists at the national and local level. Also I hereby resign from the Board of Directors of DCWCW and the job of liaison with the national office.

Lastly, WCW no longer has my permission to list me as one of its members and should remove my endorsement of "the CALL" on its WEB page or anywhere else.

With sincere regret,

Jerry Olek
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