Wednesday, January 11, 2006


On the Credibility of UK Indymedia

A comment on a UK Indymedia post argues:
There is no place for anti-semitism within the activist community and IM [Indymedia] should be ashamed it continues to allow these posts to remain, perhaps the involvement of the truly appaling Roy Bard (aka FTP) who is still allowed to work as an IM London editor explains the bias over this area.

The credibility of the UK IM site is at an all time low at the moment and for bloody good reasons, if it wants to stop its never ending reduction in readers and contributors it must take a long look at those involved in the editorial decisions and the choices they are making.
as I have said here.

The writer then makes a prediction:
The irony is of course rather than dealing with this issue and hiding the original post the unelected small group who control the editing passwords and therefore the whole site will hide this comment.
Which is precisely what they did as well as hiding several other comments for no good reason, and one very, very bad reason.

UK Indymedia is a joke. I posted a perfectly legitimate story about the impending execution of a rape victim in Iran. Did it appear? Nope. I posted an expose of PETA by Penn and Teller. It lasted a day.

I consider it a victory for free speech if I get one article to stay online for a day!
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