Wednesday, November 23, 2005


No Censorship!!! Ummm....Except for Bush.

Still suffering from delusions of relevance, the World Can't Wait have organized their next big 'protest':
Bring the Noise! Drown Out Bush's Lies at the State of the Union Message
When? - TBA - probably late January
Where? - Everywhere in the US
State of the Union? - NO - State of Emergency!

BUSH: Step down, and take your whole program with you!

Call Toll-Free 1-866-973-4463 or E-Mail to contact World Can't Wait | Drive Out the Bush Regime
I'm sure George Bush is still shitting himself.

Besides the small details of when and where, it looks like they have thought of everything. It's almost as well planned as last time, but hey...Any excuse to skip school...

I wonder if they'll be inviting terrorist supporters this time.

Returning to the Indymedia article, it appears their aim is to "drown out Bush". That wouldn't be censorship now would it? I mean, if I tried to remove the pointless posting from an Indymedia newswire, that would be exactly what some would argue.

Surely there's no double standards... I mean "bringing the noise"? It's not really "censorship" it's "activism" right? Right?


No, this is not a joke. According to the World Can't Wait website:
Join this serious effort as an organizer. Volunteers needed to work in Washington DC and across the country. Spread the word. We are raising $200,000 now to start this now!
Value for money? Let's see... The World is still waiting..

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