Thursday, March 10, 2005


Indymedia and Terrorists

NYC Indymedia features a series of interviews with Hezbollah.

I am trying to work out who is worse, the PR guys for this organization, or the Indymedia Interviewer. Help me decide...

On the one hand, in Part 1 of the series, Sheikh Hassan Ezzedine, Director, Media Relations answers a question thus:
Q: Hezbollah doctrine is vehement about supporting the right of "oppressed peoples." Does that include Jews under the Nazis?

A: The Holocaust is an historic lie. A French
student wrote a paper on the subject saying it was a skewing of facts and so the Jewish Lobby got him expelled. The number of killed were over estimated.
In Part 3 of the series the table seems to turn. Pertaining to recent anti-Syria demonstrations in Lebanon The Indymedia interviewer asks in the best spirit of objective journalism:
Q: Is the Mossad or CIA backing any of it? It smells that way to me...
Hussein Naboulsi, another Director of Hezbollah Media Relations responds:
No- no we cannot know this and we must be objective.
Advice it seems the Indymedia 'journalist' would do well to take on, especially when PR organs of Holocaust-denying listed terrorist organizations come across as more objective than a journalist.

Update: Google Caches are here and here.

There they go again, gloating over Israel's problems:
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