Monday, January 24, 2005


Indy Roundup

I have two theories about Indymedia contributors.

The first, is that constant bigotry, lies, deception, fraud and poor quality will drive all intelligent people away from the site for good.

The second, is that this has already happened.

To help you make up your own mind, I present a random assortment of 'highlights' from various Indy Media sites this week. Brought to you by the letters N, F and I.

UN completely exonerated from responsibility for Oil for Food scandal. Turns out it's all the US fault after all.

Journalist "brutally arrested" in Israel for breaking the law. Getting deported, activists outraged. Palestinian Authority would have simply shot her and saved the flight ticket.

Debate over the ethics of smashing stuff.
Some spray painted messages as they walked. Many that marched were angry with some fellow protestors for vandalizing a beat up neighborhood car. "Who ever owns that car does not deserve to pay for that, it's obviously not a 'Porsche' y'know? Who knows it they can even afford it? We have to keep our anger centralized on the source.” said one protestor.
a DC IMC reader writes: "As much as I hate the state and its oppressive security apparatus, those so-called “anarchists” are going to make me like the police.
Gay people kill neighbourhood. In response, George W. Bush kills gay people.

True-Blue Bonza Nazis Downunder!

Milwaukee Protestors Take to the Streets!
In what was the largest direct-action in recent Milwaukee history, nearly 40 protestors took to the streets after a rally on Thursday, January 20th.
In what was a far better attended "action", well over 40 drinkers took to the streets and loudly went home after a local bar closed for the night. Expect repeat every weekend forever.

New York Times journalist dies. Journalism suffers big hit.
American journalism lost one of its finest practitioners.
He never cared much for Indymedia.

Protest at Parry Center. 13 arrested, now have criminal record.
Organizer: "Thirteen people were arrested, Parry Center Rally was great!"
Organizer's Mother: Seriously unimpressed.
Most popular protest chants. Clear winner: English, grammar go to Hell, Indymedia no can spell.

You really do deserve a metal for the amount of time you slog about in the Indy-media trenches. After all, some one needs to keep an eye on the life forms down there.

Keep up the good work.

At your service
Sister Geoff
Thanks Geoff,

I'll settle for some hot water and a bit of disinfectant.

The problem with sites like Indymedia (according to my theory above) is that smart people don't want to know about it. As such, they don't appreciate what less-smart people are being subjected to.

It's not good enough sitting around other political blogs of various persuasions 'preaching to the converted' and being blissfully ignorant of the sheer hatred and lunacy that exists elsewhere.

Thanks for your support.

I'm amazed you have the patience to respond to the Indymedites' juvenile ravings at all, let alone with this much humour and effort.
Keep up the good work.
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