Sunday, December 26, 2004


America responsible for Earthquake in South-East Asia

Moments ago, I pondered whether Joe Vialls would shortly be proposing that the tragic earthquake in South-East Asia was actually Israel's fault.

Evidently someone has already had a similar idea.

One comment on Al Jazeera's webpage points the finger:
thanks to yankees the schools and universities are not funded very well in indonesia, and therefore thanks to yankees the civil engineers there are not able to get the best education, and therefore thanks to yankees buildings collapse and s r resulted due to earthquakes, thus it is ok to conclude yankees r responsible for the caused by this earthquake.... may the victims rest in peace...


Errm... I think you'll find it's actually the Ring of Fire and not Yankees who caused the earthquake, but then Al Jazeera readers will also recall how they felt when an earthquake occurred in Bam, Iran. The Iranian leaders clearly preferred that their children suffocated to death rather than accept an offer of assistance from Israel.

I weep for the future when the content of a 'corporate' news service (even an Arab one) starts to resemble Indy Media.

Just stumbled on to your blog. I think its a good idea to hound the media even if its the media hounding media that your hounding.... I thought it made sense. Now I will have to set up a blog to monitor you? Just kidding, ive bookmarked you keep it up.
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