Thursday, July 06, 2006


Powerful Symbols

Indybay reports the huge turnout to their Flag Burn (links to past reports here).
The celebration was a B.Y.O.F. event. Before the burning and melting of more than a dozen American flags, people gathered around the fire pit to share their personal feelings and beliefs about burning American flags. It is legal to burn American flags, however the burning of US currency is illegal. Dollar bills, powerful symbols of global capitalism, were also burned, despite the illegality of the act.
Cowards! I bet they didn't have the guts to burn hundred dollar bills...

The dollar bills were a new touch, but why is it always the flag, destined to offend the exact same group of people every time? Why not burn copies of the constitution, or a cross?
Bookburning... Yeah, real inventive guys. Maybe, as they burn books, just like the Nazis, they can sing how Bush is Hitler. As for burning a cross, I think the Ku Klux Klan may want royalties. You'd think in trying to offend people, these 'activists' would at least try and burn something original instead of emulating the far right... Comments are open. Any suggestions?

Why not the Koran?

Burning that would be a "statement"...if they had the guts.
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